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Middle Class Mumblings : Vrrrooooom

ME: Dad… Check this ad.

DAD: What’s it about?

ME: New Bike... Suzuki Slingshot! It gives mileage about 70Km and check the price, its 46000 only.

DAD: But I already have a one right? Bajaj Platina and its good.

ME: Dad… Bike is for me.

DAD: Bike? For you? But why?

ME: I am finding it difficult to travel in bus.

DAD: Get a 600 rupee pass monthly. You can get in and out of any bus at any time.

ME: But all the buses are overcrowded. The drivers aren’t stopping too… Even if they do, I can find only my right foot in and my entire mass hangs like a bob in a pendulum.

DAD: You footboard in bus uh? That’s bad. 

ME: Yes Dad.

DAD: I can understand. Why can’t you start earlier to your office then? Your office timing is 10-6.30, the reason why buses are crowded. So you start earlier and depart earlier. That would solve the problem. 

ME: I wish you start your own IT Company. Your proposed idea is as good as suggested by Top-Level management Dad. 

Few weeks later,

DAD: Hey check this.

ME: What?

DAD: Mahindra has launched new bike- Stallio. It looks great na?

ME: As if you are goanna get for me.

DAD: Now you started earning, I think you can get a bike.

ME: Wow. Dad… That’s awesome

DAD: But the model is left to my choice.

ME: Stallio?

DAD: No… Honda...

ME: Unicorn… I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

DAD: Let me complete… Honda Activa

ME: Activa?

DAD: Yes... Active guys like you should drive Activa...

(mind-voice) I am bowled by your logic. You should have named me Stalin if I have to get Stallio.

ME: But why? See, Activa and Stallio cost the same.

DAD: Activa is gear-less and good for Chennai traffic

ME: But guys don’t drive it Dad.

DAD: Few of my colleagues sold their Splendor and got Activa and they don't regret for it

(mind-voice) I never knew your colleagues are in twenties. 

ME: Activa don’t give you a bike feel dad. It’s similar to driving scooty pep, pleasure- more of girls’ kinda.

DAD: It will be difficult to shift gears in the bikes you have said. Two days back I witnessed a guy in Pulsar skidding badly and last week near Mount Road a guy in Hunk hit the back of another bike and they had a big scuffle.

(mind-voice) No Diva with Activa. How can I make him to understand?

ME: So what?

DAD: I don’t want you to be one among them.  

ME: Dad, I will drive safely. I make sure I don’t over speed

DAD: But Activa is good for you. I will see how you drive in Activa, based on which I will think of getting you Unicorn or any other model you wish.

ME: You have so much of money?

DAD: No, I am planning to get a second-hand Activa for you. It will be less than 20K and

ME: After testing my driving skills, you will get a second-hand Unicorn, right?

DAD: Yes

ME: Amazing plan dad. For the cost of one bike, you are getting me two bikes.  Let my PM take a cue from you for cost reduction and cost control techniques.

DAD: For my satisfaction, I get you Activa and for your satisfaction, I might get a Unicorn, note ‘might’ and not ‘will’

ME: So this is your final answer Dad?

DAD: Yes. So when can we go to get Activa?

ME: I don’t need bike dad

DAD: That’s a good decision, late realization though. And hey, don’t forget to renew your bus pass.

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5 Droplets:

kanagu said...

Your Dad rocks Karthik.. :) :) so no to bike.. :( atleast you should have got Activa...

He will make a good PM during Appraisals :D :D

Karthik said...

I'm saying a big repeataay to thala kanagu's comment. :D

R-ambam said...

boys should ask for favour from moms and this thing with your dad wud have worked out well if you are a girl :)

Devil Incarnate... said...

Hahaha Rock on.. Ur dad knws it all, way too well..
1st time here n loved it.. :)

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