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Vishwaroopam Mini-Review

Vishwaroopam is a lesson for few filmmakers in Tamil Cinema who get the attention for their stunning visuals sans vision in their script. This is an alluring and intense experience, showing an unexplored world with close to detailing. Kamal's script is ably supported by believable casting and intelligent, humor-laced dialogs. The script has few compromises to appeal the commercial fanbase but there is no overdose to the most. The non-linear screenplay works brilliantly at places and at few, the editing could have been better. Another noteworthy mentioning is on elaborating few scenes in visual medium and not through lengthy dialogs - Maama going a swing, cut after Maama's *spoiler*, we see another kid playing swing. The second half lacks clarity and ending is abrupt, the debate is set to on, whether Kamal missed to address open segments, which could have made a preeminent difference in providing a soul to this movie. So a detailed dissection is possible only on viewing the Part II rather than jumping the gun to dismiss it as a weak movie.  


Aaranya Kaandam - Animal Kingdom

Sing to the tune – ‘It’s a small world. It’s a woman’s world after all…’ Pasupathy (Sampathy) has to rescue his wife Kasthuri from Singaperumal, Kodukkaapuli has to find his lost father, Kaalaiyan and Sappa (Ravi Krishna) too plans to take away his one-day love interest Subbu from the same old man. This sum up the Aaranyam Kandam in Ramayanam – Hero-like has to save heroine-like. So who is Ram, Raavan, Sita, Laksman here? No clear answers as each character changes its trait as the movie unfolds.

The three sappais in this movie have to prove they are not a one, but unfortunately they end as losers. Singamperumal (Sappai 2) couldn’t sexually satisfy his wife and there is a scene where he sees ‘Adults only’ movie poster desperately. Jameendar (Sappai 3) is forced to move out of his hometown, accompanied by his son Kodukkaapuli. Does this episode strike a bell with Ram and Lakshman exile part? One of the brilliant scenes in the movie is Sappai after having sex with Subbu, to be frightened by the calling bell, who later finds it to be water-can. And there Subbu says ‘Nee epdi polachanne ennala namba mudiyala da’ Cut to back and Jameendar is covered by blood, who opens his eyes to realise he is still alive (Epdi polachanne namba mudiyala da) and cut to forth, Puli says to his dad ‘Nee wasteu pa’ (Sappa). Exceptional correlation, I must admit.

Subbu toys with Sappai, gains his trust and trap him to her plan. Here, this scene the camera moves like a spider spinning circular trails around the radials to shut in its prey. You do not need more than this to speak about cinematography section -Enough is as good as a feast. Most of the male character names cover an animal’s name – Singamperumal (smiles like a lion) Gajendra (bear a resemblance to a wild elephant), Puli, Kaalaiyan etc. whereas the heroine hold an animal inside her, so she doesn’t need a name explicitly.

If the dark humor dialogs like ‘un pondaatiye kaapatha mudiyala, nee ellam epdi da en appava kaapathuva?’ , ‘yosanakabal’ , ‘prapoo, kuspoo’ are the biggest plus for this movie, some gravity defying stunts, Pasupathy single-handedly slaying five to 10 men with a palm-sized knife in slow-mo’s makes you smile, but for other reasons. BGM is good at places, noteworthy mentioning are the scenes where Puli baths his father, Sappa-Subbu scenes but why a romantic one for fight scenes?

As the saying, too many cooks spoil the stew, movie gives you load of moments to ravish, unfortunately the more you speak, and the more are the spoilers. My kind advice is stop reading reviews, because the twists and turns are to be enjoyed in visuals, not in words. This is truly a commercial cinema written over every frame.

Aaranya Kandam – SAPPAI(s) padam

Mr. Critic 5-Star: 4

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Nadunisi Naaygal - Gautham gets his Ted Bundy wrong this time

Nadunisi Naaygal proves Gautham movies are like assorted sweets you get from a B Grade sweet shop. Looks attractive, trying to conjure too many things into one packet, the end product is unhygienic and lacks taste.

Nadunisi Naaygal proves Gautham movies are like Sarvana Bhavan meals. Less content/quantity and more pricey, at the end you have an unsatisfactory feeling.

Nadunisi Naaygal proves Gautham movies are like Dairy Milk Temptations. Candy floss at first sight but candy-flaws on dissection.
By now, audiences are aware of pluses and minuses of this movie - Sameera, Veera, Cinematography, Sound etc.

Enough said, what could have worked for this movie?
  • Gautham, its time you rethink your screen writing. Your movies have interesting scenes and moments, but your movie as a whole seems like you have 10-12 scenes running in your mind, and trying to put it together without a proper screenplay. Its like a designer who have attractive beads of different colors, crafting them onto a thread, lacking a proper idea of designing

  • You have a Psycho and trying to tell the story from his POV. But his story is neither gripping nor hard hitting. Your Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu worked because the story moves in the investigator's eye and the audience were able to connect to it. Who want to fill into a psycho's shoes? Not all are sexually abused or raping/murdering girls :P So you got yourself out in hit-wicket fashion. It failed to hold our interest.

  • Why in the world all psychos have a flashback in childhood stage. Cant the writers shift this to their adolescent stage? An Orgy/Pedophile father does sound new, but again the episodes have amateurish writing so you don't feel pity for the protagonist and the further unfoldings  when you unravel from a molested kid's mind.

  • And the biggest drawback, Veera lacks the charm of a psychopath. You loved Ted Bundy, You admired Hannibal Lecter, but there is something missing in Veera. I can attribute this to poor characterization too..

Just because something is bold, daring, new attempt, out of box thinking, stylish there is no rule that it has to be appreciated. All the best Gautham for your next venture :)

Nadunisi Naaygal- Nightmare 

Mr. Critic 5-Star: *.5

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Pune Potter and Two Kidney Stones - 1

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;

This is the lyrics from the famous ‘Home! Sweet Home’ song. Whenever your parents restrict you with their rules, you feel like leaving from home and sometime say ‘I will go somewhere instead of your tortures’ But whatever we say, away from home is like living hell after few days. (Honeymoon is an exception: P). My parents are no exception from this. “You want us to spoon fed you uh? When will you learn responsibilities? Are you still a kid? Playing in computer? See others. One girl has achieved blahs and blahs in science. Her age is indeed lesser than you. But you, eating, sleeping, playing etc etc” and the sermon goes on till they get tired: D The one film that showed how my life was outside home- Wake Up Sid. I even reviewed it in my blog, it is the one that depicts transformation of a boy to a man (But I am already physically, If you know what I mean :D) and I did learn a little of life and responsibility during this phase.

The company I was placed called me to Pune for training. When all my classmates were put up in Chennai, Bangalore, I was tad unlucky to be put up there. My Dad enquired all details about Pune (He was ignorant where Pune is :P :D) and I found Mr G through my Company’s social networking community (Technology advancement :D), he even hunted the rooms. I obediently joined him and after a day’s journey in train, my family successfully met his and we booked our living room the same day. It’s a big house that had a common kitchen/bathroom/restroom/hall and five big bedrooms. The house owner must be genius and he rented the bedrooms. The guy was reluctant to allow two of us in same room (Two in a room is lose for him na) but thanks to Mr G’s hindi gyan, he agreed to, duly inflating the rent to 500 bucks (Bleddy buggar) 

Language is not at all a problem because even if you speak in Hindi, they reply in Marathi only. The thing is not I don’t know both. I know Hindi and Marathi but the problem is people there don’t understand the Hindi and Marathi I speak :D Thanks to a Hindi song, Ek Dho Teen, I knew numbers in Hindi (but that too till Tara) So whenever I go for shopping or lunch/dinner, I manage as “Bhaiyya Dho roti, Bhaiyya Ek Dooth” But the problem I faced is sometimes there won’t be price written in few items and the overall bill in few hotels is recited. So I have to ask ‘Kya, Kya, Kya’ and pitying me he will tell in English. The hotel boy and the shopkeeper (I call his shop as bhaiyya shop) got used to me that whenever I visit them; they will laugh at me and say ‘Two Roti, One Milk’ when I say ‘Dho roti, Bhaiyya Ek Dooth’ (Mission succeeded to make people learn English for me) The other words I learnt are Mujhe Hindi Nehi Maalum, garam, Thandaa, bindass, thoda thoda maalum, Kuch Kuch Hotha (spell carefully because in Tamizh this word denotes a beautiful meaning :D) Hai and few more hindi movies. I even used Engli (English + Hindi) in few places especially saloon like this – ‘Side ke short karo, front ke thoda kam karo’

For the first time I learnt how to prepare Coffee, Tea, Dosai (ready-made mix was available) Here are dosa photos :P If you think bachelor rooms are disorganized and messy, then you could be proved wrong by visiting our room. The geeks of Pril, Scotch Brite and Lizol felt blessed once I started using them :P  and I was loving it too. But the biggest headache was washing clothes. Thanks to my sister, she helped me in the quantity of detergent I should put, how long I should let the clothes soak, how to brush, how many changes of water needed, how to rinse and how to drain and dry. I used to call her after every step during the first time :D My roommate by the meantime was ready for his lunch (I started washing after our breakfast at 10 and the clock struck 1 once I am done with :D ) From the next attempt, the time gradually reduced and my clothes got brighter and brighter. I even learnt how to Iron clothes (thanks to G this time) Soon we found out a dry cleaner and whenever we feel lazy to wash or light colored clothes piled up, we knocked theirs. 

How Pune without thought for food and thought for girls? I will share them in the next post :)

PS: For those wondering what is the relation between title and content, I am sorry for disappointing you :P May be you need to catch up the next one to find it. :D


Middle Class Mumblings : Vrrrooooom

ME: Dad… Check this ad.

DAD: What’s it about?

ME: New Bike... Suzuki Slingshot! It gives mileage about 70Km and check the price, its 46000 only.

DAD: But I already have a one right? Bajaj Platina and its good.

ME: Dad… Bike is for me.

DAD: Bike? For you? But why?

ME: I am finding it difficult to travel in bus.

DAD: Get a 600 rupee pass monthly. You can get in and out of any bus at any time.

ME: But all the buses are overcrowded. The drivers aren’t stopping too… Even if they do, I can find only my right foot in and my entire mass hangs like a bob in a pendulum.

DAD: You footboard in bus uh? That’s bad. 

ME: Yes Dad.

DAD: I can understand. Why can’t you start earlier to your office then? Your office timing is 10-6.30, the reason why buses are crowded. So you start earlier and depart earlier. That would solve the problem. 

ME: I wish you start your own IT Company. Your proposed idea is as good as suggested by Top-Level management Dad. 

Few weeks later,

DAD: Hey check this.

ME: What?

DAD: Mahindra has launched new bike- Stallio. It looks great na?

ME: As if you are goanna get for me.

DAD: Now you started earning, I think you can get a bike.

ME: Wow. Dad… That’s awesome

DAD: But the model is left to my choice.

ME: Stallio?

DAD: No… Honda...

ME: Unicorn… I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

DAD: Let me complete… Honda Activa

ME: Activa?

DAD: Yes... Active guys like you should drive Activa...

(mind-voice) I am bowled by your logic. You should have named me Stalin if I have to get Stallio.

ME: But why? See, Activa and Stallio cost the same.

DAD: Activa is gear-less and good for Chennai traffic

ME: But guys don’t drive it Dad.

DAD: Few of my colleagues sold their Splendor and got Activa and they don't regret for it

(mind-voice) I never knew your colleagues are in twenties. 

ME: Activa don’t give you a bike feel dad. It’s similar to driving scooty pep, pleasure- more of girls’ kinda.

DAD: It will be difficult to shift gears in the bikes you have said. Two days back I witnessed a guy in Pulsar skidding badly and last week near Mount Road a guy in Hunk hit the back of another bike and they had a big scuffle.

(mind-voice) No Diva with Activa. How can I make him to understand?

ME: So what?

DAD: I don’t want you to be one among them.  

ME: Dad, I will drive safely. I make sure I don’t over speed

DAD: But Activa is good for you. I will see how you drive in Activa, based on which I will think of getting you Unicorn or any other model you wish.

ME: You have so much of money?

DAD: No, I am planning to get a second-hand Activa for you. It will be less than 20K and

ME: After testing my driving skills, you will get a second-hand Unicorn, right?

DAD: Yes

ME: Amazing plan dad. For the cost of one bike, you are getting me two bikes.  Let my PM take a cue from you for cost reduction and cost control techniques.

DAD: For my satisfaction, I get you Activa and for your satisfaction, I might get a Unicorn, note ‘might’ and not ‘will’

ME: So this is your final answer Dad?

DAD: Yes. So when can we go to get Activa?

ME: I don’t need bike dad

DAD: That’s a good decision, late realization though. And hey, don’t forget to renew your bus pass.

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