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Vishwaroopam Mini-Review

Vishwaroopam is a lesson for few filmmakers in Tamil Cinema who get the attention for their stunning visuals sans vision in their script. This is an alluring and intense experience, showing an unexplored world with close to detailing. Kamal's script is ably supported by believable casting and intelligent, humor-laced dialogs. The script has few compromises to appeal the commercial fanbase but there is no overdose to the most. The non-linear screenplay works brilliantly at places and at few, the editing could have been better. Another noteworthy mentioning is on elaborating few scenes in visual medium and not through lengthy dialogs - Maama going a swing, cut after Maama's *spoiler*, we see another kid playing swing. The second half lacks clarity and ending is abrupt, the debate is set to on, whether Kamal missed to address open segments, which could have made a preeminent difference in providing a soul to this movie. So a detailed dissection is possible only on viewing the Part II rather than jumping the gun to dismiss it as a weak movie.