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Federer- Er Er Erred: Part-2

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CAN ROGER BOUNCE BACK FROM THIS SLUMP TO HIS PREVIOUS DOMINATION? FEDERER ON A SLIDE, IS HE POSSIBLY GONE? Federer tends to bristle when this subject is raised. Tennis is all about concentration, if you lost it for a microsecond, you lose the ball, and I guess this is what is happening to Federer, he is not focusing on the game, and so his results were really disappointing in 2008, but the good part is that he still got it, he still has his magic, he still shoots great shots, but he can’t focus, and so he isn’t able to win.


One can tell that his skills, his mind and his amazing attitude are the reason that he ruled tennis for more than 4 years that no one could achieve more than half of it. Out of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments, Federer failed just like Sampras to win the Roland Garros, my personal favorite championship. Asked by one of his more obtuse inquisitors to imagine that a "little fairy" would come up to him next season offering only a single grand slam and asking which, of Roland Garros and Wimbledon, he would like to win, Federer snapped: 

"I don't want to answer these stupid questions any more. I want to win everything, I have no preference."

"After a loss like this you don't want to play Rafa again tomorrow that's for sure," he said. "You hope to be here again next year, and you probably assume that Rafa is going to be here, too. I was hoping for a better outcome, no doubt. But Rafa made it hard for me and was better. It was a tough loss."


Federer, for the first time in his career, looked almost broken. Not that he would admit it. "I didn't come close here, so it's disappointing, because I really thought I was playing well the last few weeks." It’s not really the strategy that he is lacking; it’s the execution of it that’s not good enough for Nadal.

But the reality is this. Roger is an exceptional player who is able to beat anyone on any surface when he is on his game. Every player eventually drops from the #1 ranking, but that doesn’t mean that he / she is not capable of winning against anyone or winning more titles. I believe there's an extra bit of confidence that shows up when you win, win, win, win, win. But pressures and keep on losing have shifted the momentum of confidence towards his opponents who now win, win, win against him. Attacking and in control, if patchily, at the start, Federer will hit a flat spot mid-match before trying to bluff his way through. The low in confidence will pull him through the crisis; a younger, more powerful opponent comes over the top with a knockout punch.


Another danger for Federer is this the media, players and people will fall into this pattern of repeating the story that Federer is done, that he is not the player he was, and so on bullshits. He must not listen to them because if he starts believing that his abilities have somehow changed, he won’t fight to the end, and he won’t go for his shots when needed – thus he won’t be the supreme player he can continue to be.

His motivation has changed. Before, he wanted to become #1 in the world, he wanted to win every tournament he played in, and he wanted to prove every time that he is the best player in the world. His goal has now narrowed down to almost just two things: beating the Grand Slam record of 14 titles held by Pete Sampras and winning the French Open, the only Grand Slam title he hasn’t won yet. I think if Roger really (to the power n) wants to beat Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slams, he will have to start working really hard on taking his game to the next level.

Now he has lost the number one ranking, which he kept for 4 years in row, to the player that I really hate, Nadal, I don’t know why but I really hate him, he plays a lot of mind games, and what is worse is that he kills the game, the more the ball remains in play the better. The best part in a tennis match is the rally but Nadal never plays it so often. It's a sickening sight to watch him running the court like a SPANISH BULL in corrida de toros

At the end, Federer will remain the best, even if he lost, and I don’t think I will enjoy tennis knowing that Nadal is number one, I just can’t. I don't see a whole lot of weaknesses with Roger Federer. I'm sure, going to want to get his No. 1 back and I'm sure he's going to try and regain his Wimbledon trophy. At 27, Federer has already outlined plans to play until the 2012 London Olympics.

When Federer enters the court, half the match is won; If you are to pick up a GRAND SLAM FINALIST (if exaggerating; SEMI FINALS) Fedex will be in the list. 2007 was tired of reading Fedex won, watching Fedex demoralizing his opponents but 2008 backfired and I’m tired of reading FEDEX lost, FEDEX stunned and now I flip to the SPORTS column of newspapers, not to see the Scorecard by which Fedex have won; but to confirm has he won? 


In the past four seasons, Federer would have ducked, grinned and survived and now we’re in for a very interesting Australian Open on January this year. It’s obvious that Federer is not at his best at the moment.  Perhaps more importantly, he enters the tournament without the aura of invincibility. Federer has 5 days before the January 19 start of the Australian Open to heal his body and mind. If the remedial process works, he will start as favorite and probably win a record-equaling 14th major. But if his mind continues to protest, he is in big trouble.

2009 didn't start in Federer's favor as he lost 2 matches to ANDY MURRAY, where he looked like shrugging off the old Demons but stumbled soon. The ball is in Federer’s court. The question is will he hit it a winner or an unforced error? I like millions of fans waiting for Federer’s resurrection in AUSTRALIAN OPEN 09.


PS: A Bad news with this post. My toils on you have aggravated to the limits of infinity that making it so worse, this is my 25th Post. I thank all my Friends who have endured the ache and hope you'll extend the support. I'm really happy. it was not planned, but my 25th post on Federer is something memorable

PS 2 PS: Wish You all a HAPPY PONGAL!!!  

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Lancelot said...

Me the first...

congrats on your 25th thalai...

btw ennapa nee oru glamour matteraae illama tennis pathi eluthuraaa...ithai kandithu innaikum naan ta kudikiren....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 25th post... And well written.. The above blogger s not a fan of Fedex i guess... to satisfy him write a post on SHARAPOVA :P and coming back to post, each point stands to the top and explained with perfection.. You put out all the thoughts that Fedex fans are having... I still believe he cn win AUSTRALIAN OPEN despite losing to MURRAY early this yr.. I want him to win AUSTRALIAN OPEn-record equalling 14th and FRENCH OPEN- record breaking 15th with a performance making NADAL to bite the dust!!

Ajai said...

Good post from you and since I've learnt tennis, i hope can comment on this topic... So my entire rply for two posts here...

//the player that I really hate, Nadal, I don’t know why but I really hate him, he plays a lot of mind games, and what is worse is that he kills the game,//

Man you can say whatever you want about his attitude, and I might understand if you don't like it

Nadal is a competitor, a great one. Saying his on court displays of emotion are a sign of disrespect is a groundless accusation in my opinion. You merely don't like his style. And his top spin is unplayable evn by federer

I'm not a federer hater (which you know it) and I rate Federer his best because

reached all the Grand Slam Finals

Nadal yet to in Australian and US Open

But Nadal comes better player than Federer because he has beat him in GRASS, CLAY, RUBBER more times... You are being frustrated with federer losing the matches against NADAL....

Good natured as ever, obviously enjoying himself, Nadal is tickled to have just obtained his first driver's license.

Look out, Roger, Raffy may not know how to use the brakes.

Ajai said...

Congrats for your 25th post... Waiting for Australian open.... :)

Aparnaa said...

You on 25th?? :o How cum u've survived long? Me, taking the lines of AJAY, is commenting all my views in 2nd series...

Good post, as usual i say.. Explored correctly on whats wrong with federer... They'll talk about the 2008 Wimbledon men's final for years. Or at least until Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal can produce something even more spectacular.

@Ajay: As Karthik told, its sickening to watch NADAl being No-1.. I Don't like his tennis. Very primitive tennis based mainly on physical condition of the player, on his youth. Despite so many words about his bright future I tend to consider that with every year his position will worsen because his tennis is based on running, trying to get every , even impossible balls, on youth.

The advantage is NADAL is FIT and NADAL s Powerful.. is it all what tennis about? Elegance.. Federer's are text books shots man... Nadal.. naah... He exudes class on and off the court, has one of the most beautiful games of all time, and has been on one of the best runs in the sport ever. He's been nothing but good for the sport you love.

Vinnie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on ur 25th !!!

Wish u a happy pongal too:):)

eat some chakara pongal on my behalf too, i simply love that!!

as usual...well written post...professional...great flow n execution...u r shining in 2009 big time da !!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for your 25th post :)
In Australian open there are no clear favourite.. somebody who is on their top of their for 7 matches only going to win this one..everybody is vulnerable.. and this is the kind of competition I am expecting in men's tennis for over 3 years.. I am a great fan of Pete Sampras forever. Still I will consider he is the best.

Pongal nalvazhtukkal :)

Chriz said...

doesnt matter if federer doesnt come back to his best.. atleast he has shown to the world what kinda misture he is made up of..

congrats on the 25th post.. keep up the good work bro...

Kartz said...

Well, as I had said earlier, he does have it in him to go one better than Pete. But this time, it's not gonna be easy.

What does surprise me is that he has been able to deal with Novak, but not Murray! Anyway, we shall soon find out.

One thing is for certain! Fedex is running out of time... The way I see it, RG and SW19 are his *only* hope. 'Cos on hard courts, Novak and Murray will find it more comfortable. But come what may, I don't see anyone surpassing him on grass. (Yes, I still blame mono for his last years Wimbledon loss. Pathetic, yes. :P )

Federer at full throttle oozes class and confidence. Nadal, well, he is rampant. (You must have read that post...)

Let's see. The year has just begun. Only Murray has shown huge strides. The top 3 have been humbled in one way or the other.

Quite frankly, this is the time to see if he can really step up and prove his critics wrong. It's only too obvious.

Congratulations on your quarter-century. Keep 'em rolling... Pongal nalvazhthukkal to you and all your family too.

Replied to your comment too. ;)


Senorita said...

@ Karthik...congratulations on your 25th post :)...

Nav said...

Hey..looks like you and me are twins in so far as our love for federer and hate for nadal are concerned

Anto Paul said...

I hope that Federer plays well in the Australian open..

swati said...

hey congratulations for ur 25th post..ur 10 post elder than me :)
n watever it be whether loosing the number one ranking or loosing few consecutive games..federer will always remain the favourite..his passion for tennis was reflctd in his game..

Karthik said...

@Lancelot: No No! Drink coffee pl.. I wanna shed my glamour image for the bloggers.. :P

@Keke: Same hopes rests with me!

@Ajai: Valid point mate... But for me Fedex is best :P Unnecessary arguments!!

//Raffy may not know how to use the brakes.//

Then cancel his driving license :P

@Aparnaa; he s nt against fedex... He s justifying NADAL s better than Fedex.. U have gt the points what i've to say!!

@Vinnie: Thanks Vinnie!! had Chakara Pongal on ur behalf too

Karthik said...

@Kanagu: Thanks Kanagu.. Even i like Samprass and now am a federer fan... Keep visiting

@ChriZ: Cent % right mate.. keep dropping

@Kartz:I wish the same; federer to prove critics wrong by retaining Australian Open.. Thanks for dropping mate!!

@Seno, Nav, Ando, Swati: thnks for dropping! keep coming friends!!

Karthik said...

Congrats for 25th post.

Fed's game is so neat and clean unlike all-muscle Nadal's. Hope he will win Aus Open and level Pete's record.


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