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Why did I name NxgMobz?- The Beginning


This is NxgMobster speaking- the brain behind the world famous faction (ergg- May be soon it’ll bcum famous. I mean thinking the future) NxgMobz. No prizes for guessing what does Nxg stands for- Next Generation (Nxg). And for mobz, u can think I’ve misspelt it. Mob means disorderly crowd; rabble and blah blah. But in colloq, mob refers to a gang. “We all know it dude! But why did you use it as mobz?” is the question running in your mind. Ok accepted. The readers don’t show any curiosity regarding mob rechristened mobz. But I couldn’t stop the itch to explain the reason to my fellas.

Over 510 million young women and 540 million young men live in the world today according to United Nations (UN) estimates. This means that approximately one person in five is between the ages of 15 and 24 years, or youth comprise almost 18 per cent of the world's population. Although the proportion of youth in the world is dwindling, (by 2025 it is forecast to fall to 16 per cent), their absolute number has increased and will continue to do so well into the twenty-first century. The majority of young people, 85 per cent, live in developing countries, with approximately 60 per cent in Asia alone. By 2020, the number living in developing countries will grow to about 89 per cent.

Stop! Stop! Stop! There is no connection between mobz and UN study, isn’t it?

In a bunch of studies, it’s proposed that Teens live in a ‘tech bubble’. One of the points being made in the piece is that teens seem oblivious to much of the world around them and the social norms of the civilized adult world. There are lot of factors that are concerned, cornered, circling us like a voracious eagle over its prey- Friendship, Love, Education, Parents, The future and Choosing a profession, so on. Despite all these issues, the feature that is pleasant for most of us is is iz izz izzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yes yezzz oh sorry, U r right. SLEEPING! (Sounds (zzz) great). When things get bogged down and life sucks with all kinds of problems, there is probably only one medicine in the world that cures and provides a reprieve. It’s none other than Sleep. “DO SLEEP THOUGH THE SUN SHINES” (With the craps re-mixing the old song, why can’t I re-mix a proverb. Does anyone own a copyright??) So itszzz the sound that comes when we sleep. And so the mob turned to Mobzzzzzzzz and due to the length factor, it shortened to mobz.(Like how Siva rama venkata subhurathnam pillai abridged to Ram) So mobz stands for gang that don’t care about what the world is and who rulezzz(Oh Sorry am making more ZZZ. Even the dictionary hadn’t used Z like I’ve used. But that’s what the mobz are used to; must get used to, if to be outspoken. No other go). They live the life of what they want and leave all the quandary and tribulation beside them.

PAST is a History!

Future is a Mystery!

Present is a(ergg!!! Sorry cudn’t find a rhyming)

So this is mobz. Fun, Humour, Blithe and live the life to the present. So this is where our story ends and hope you all can get through the reason of rechristening mob to mobz.

“Stop the nonsense!” Even my spirit says the same. Ok! Accepted! I typed Nxg in the Blog Address field but it displayed “Sorry, this blog address is not available!” Then I typed Nxgmob in the Blog Address field but again it displayed “Sorry, this blog address is not available!” At last after huff and puff (not an eatable), the id, which we are dealing with, Soon the world famous blog, nxgmobz was available to me and this is the real story behind my blog.

So after putting forth the story behind naming my blog, the further things that might interest the anxious readers (Oh Plz! I called you anxious. Would you at least go by the theory of ‘saving an innocent head’ and accept my blog is litttttttttle exciting) why did I create this blog and what are the things this blog might deal with and so on. So this blog is created for……… erggggggg.. Wait.. Lemme think……….. Ok ok.. Let’s move on to the next one. This blog deals with ergggggggggg.. Again… Lemme Think…. Sorry Mobz!! Still I’d not figured it too! But soon I’ll be here to provide answers to these questions. Check out for next posts. And I’m indebted to you ( Sob! Sob! In tears) for being so patient in reading this (Few would have thought to kill me for my re(a)el story) blog. Thanks!!

P.S: It will give me an immense delight if you present your views on the posts that I write. Also, if you have a blog, please leave the link of your blog as well. Thank you again!

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Anonymous said...

Ur story was worse than a film made by Perarasu + JK Ritheesh together.. But it was quite interesting (Am not going by Saving one's head theory.. Lolz)But from this post, i cud understand that you are not goanna post anything informative!!!

Ajai said...

Ur writing style is good.. U seem lik a dreamer (Obvious from the fact that considering ur blog to be world famous soon).. R u in process of posting a continuation as you'd mentioned?

arun said...

beginning nalla thaan iruku..konjam anga inga mokaia kuda thing obvious from this..u r good in english..

Karthik said...

@ Apu: Am still hadn't finished what am going to post and the genre of the blog.. halfway thru it.. Hope i'll finish it soon and post!!!

@Ajai: Hey am a dreamer dude.. U cud make it frm the z in mobz.. Ya am n process!!!

@Arun: More of mokkais, more you are in the league of nxgmobz!!! Thnks fr ur compliment...

aruna said...

mild ah tears falling frm my eyes.......serious ah saying i hav ever read story for zzzzzzzz in my life time...unn brain la evalavu talents ah....

shobz said...

this was quite interstin sry 2 say konjam mokkiya ur writin style s really awesome...tis shows tat u r pulli n english...gud da...keep t up....xpectin mre frm u :):)
all de best....nd my wishes 2 complete tis blog successfully....

Karthik said...

@ Aruna: Hope its anandha kaneer only! Thanks! And dont worry hav gt stock of more stories lik this!

@Shobz: Thnks fr ur wishes!

Poorna said...

Hey Ur writing style is gud.moreover, ur blog also provides some useful facts , such as"By 2020, the number living in developing countries will grow to about 89 per cent. "Keep up the gud work :)