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Reason for Creating this blog- Confusion and Conclusion


I’m back. Thata thata thata tha  thata thata thata thata(For those who are finding  it greek, watch Ajith’s Billa 2007). So as I mentioned in my previous blog, let me put forth the genre of the blog via this post. (Who cares dumbo!! It’s goanna be a mokkai only- I cud hear the voice in fellow nxgmobz). After my first post, I’d a question running in my mind which led me to into sleep-‘less’ night. The question is ‘In which style I can write my posts? (Regular, Bold, Italic)’ Frankly, I don't fancy writing in first person style. Especially being a blogger (Stop Giggling!!!), there must be an element of imagination added to veracity. It should be in a fraction that gives no clue to the readers which is factual and which is fiction. And writing in first person's style will just provoke moral questions within me about the authenticity of information that I provide. “First Person” and “Personal Experience” might sound like two ways of saying the same thing but first person and personal experience can work in very different ways in your writing.

CASE-1:          I might choose to use "I" but not make any reference to my individual experiences in a particular post.


CASE-2:          I might include a brief description of an experience that could help illustrate a point I'm making without ever using the word "I." 

Enough of Grammar lecturing, isn’t it? Many of us would have zzzzzzzzzzd(Refer to the first post)in the grammar classes. If you are, then give your hands, you’ve fulfilled one of the requirements to be a nxgmobz (As if we are cared to get admitted into it. Lolz) so whether or not I should use first person and personal experience are really two separate questions, both of which still I couldn’t help out with. Though I’ve put into view the reasons why I can’t write as a first person, I’ve no other options. Because trying to avoid the first person can lead to awkward constructions, in many cases, using the first person pronoun can improve your writing, by offering the following benefits:       

  • Assertiveness
  • Clarity
  • Positioning yourself in the essay


And so after working my mind for the whole night putting aside my dreams (LIAR!) and sleeps (LIAR! LIAR!), I’ve decided to work on the first person style of writing along with a little of my personal experiences (There you go!! Have you watched any of TR, JK Ritheesh, Himesh films?? Your mind is not stable). So through this blog, I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew bloggers everywhere would one day acclaim it and……. (Enough of old crap imagination! We’d read Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort’s dialogues) Ok! Ok! So here I’m as NxgMobster. To be apparent, I’m the soul and life and NxgMobster is the body and narrator.

And here comes the end to yet another interesting (wild) story. And so hope I’d given enough justice in answering to your question (ergg… Ok! Ok! The question I’d forced into yourself) Wait a sec (am ready to wait for even hours!), for what question you’d answered and where is the answer? Oh fellas Come on, the question in the previous post ‘Why did I create this blog?’ and have given a big answer atop. Ok! Know you couldn’t still figure out the answer. Let me summarize it.


  • To fancy my name, Nxgmobster through this blog and to enlighten the bloggers about the theory behind NXgmobz (Einstein! Spare him for mistreating the word theory!)

  • To share my views, cite examples, quotes, and poems (Sometimes! Please!! Don’t call Wordsworth, Shelley. Let they rest in peace) on various issues and topics (That’s what blog is meant for! Stop giving the definition) that the present young generations encounter


Over?? Over?? Yes fellas! These are the reasons for creating this blog. (Why didn’t you reveal them at first? Tested our patience!) Then comes the next question, ‘What are the topics the blog is goanna deal with?’ Let me put you into the veil of suspense (Dumbo! Be honest) Ok! I’ve not decided it yet! But soon I’ll come out with answer (Another Question, Another Answer??? Oh I’m to faint) in the next post. Again I’m indebted to you for being so patient in reading this. Like Pepsi Uma (Search in Google the keyword if you are not aware of her) says it’s your support that will keep me going.




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Anonymous said...

U'd sleep-less nite in working out ur writing style?? Damn.. I'd sleepless night after reading this post! Hope u put forth a valuable story n nxt post!! Lolz!! Great going!! Anyhow u brought out the difference between first person and personal experience!!!

arun said...

gud going..come to the main picture soon..

Poorna said...

Hi Karthik! Your blog template looks gud!!Looking forward more interesting entries from you!!

Ajai said...

Sends a chill down my spine!! Reminded me of my English Ma'm for the first few paras!! Awkward!!

Karthik said...

@ apu: Its to u decide whether ma post s valuable or not

@ Arun: Thnks! As u told the main picture wil b soon hitting the blog theatres aftr finalising the script and editing it

@ poorna: thnks Poorna! U r the first admirer of my template(not my post uh?) i'll mail u the theme if u wish

@ Ajai: is it rainin out thr in bangalore??? Ur spine s still chill?? Lolz! By the way wats ur mam's name???

aruna said...

its good...but expecting more for u.....looking towards main concept..wat u r trying to say??? d best....for doing rest part in blog...

aruna said...

wat u r trying to say..try to say short and sweet ah........but very good opening...keep it up..

shobz said...

hi dude...ur blog template looks really nic....nd tis s sumwt diff frm others...really u had done vry gud lookin towards main concept....really vry gud openin....all de best... :):):)

shobz said...

tis really shows tat u r pulli n english.... :):)gud da...keep t up :):)

Karthik said...

@ aruna: Thanks! Ya i'm underway in main concept.. Wil post it soon! And short and sweet?? My xplanations are so short nly! Lolz

@ Shobz: Thanks! If u hav a blog, temme.. i'll send the template! And Puli... Oh thnks.. U r the first to give a name 2 me!!!

preeti said...

hi wat happened to youir other blog? you know who if i remember right...