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Quiz-1 : Elephant and Banana

It's high time to try something different in blog. So lets play a quiz. This is open for all ages. The winner gets my CLAPS as prizes because of Global Meltdown. You have only one Lifeline- Phone to your friend. This quiz is only to sharpen your intelligence and if it gets damaged, then I solemnly swear the author is not responsible for it. Huff!! Ready?? Shall we start?? 

An elephant has 5 bananas and it is hungry, but yet it does not eat the bananas. Why?

Because the bananas are made of plastic.


The 5 bananas are real , but yet the elephant does not eat it. Why?

Because the elephant is made of plastic.

Hahhaa…never give up…one more..


Both the elephant and the bananas are real, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?

Because the bananas are in the TV.

Ooops!!! Cool down…

Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?

Because they are on different channels.

Hohohohoohohoh.... Hehehe

Both the elephant and the bananas are real and in the TV and on the same channel, but yet it cannot eat it. Why?

C'mon think

Becoz the TV is off.

Hehehe............Keep smiling

PS: As my brains have run out of ideas, I apologize for the inconvenience of wasting your time in this post.


18 Droplets:

Lancelot said...

dai mavanae kaila maatunaa neeeeeeeeee...........

G3 said...

Yappa raasa.. ur vootu address plz.... edhukka? award kudukkava keppaanga.. nerla vandhu odhaikka thaan :P

Chriz said...

veetuku auto anupattaa?

Thoorika said...

uyirode iruka pidikilya?!

விஜய் said...

Vijay has a big sword and wants to Kill KArthik, but still he can't why?

Because, Karthik couldn't be seen.

Senorita said...

@Karthik... what happ... suffering from writers ??

Vinnie said...

u r real n i am real...still i cannot beat u..why ??
coz this internet comes in the way:(

Anonymous said...

ROFL.... not at ur post but at the comments.. ellam periya thirukka valoda kaathutu irukkanga pola.. konjam ushara irunga.. :)

LOL.. at the post.. naanum konjam kaduppaiten.. but comments ungala kaapathiduchu

GAYATHRI said...

oh god!!i cant forget this thingy..oru naal endha mavaraasano idha inum nerayaa questions potu anupchu 1/2 hr updatin msg ah ve irundhudhu[:/] ipo blog layum aaramichuteengala!!!!ipove kanna kattudhe[:(]

swati said...

waaaat waaas thiiiis....very unsual n different...keep trying...buddy..ur title caught my attention..n then ur post..caught me...

Scattered Thoughts... said...

happens buddy happens !! better luck next time :))

Ramyah said...

bayangara mokkai!!

Karthik said...

oops, im going bananas here.


//Hehehe............Keep smiling



never ever.


Great mokkai.

Sivaram said...

Enna oru villa thanam

Anonymous said...

Ennachu Karthik.. Romba busy ah? Result enachu? Leave thana one week.. blog pakkam vaanga..

Anonymous said...

shabbaaaaa!!! yen ipdi ellam??? and u've written "i've ran out of ideas"
at the end.. how many kgs of brains did u use for this?:P[as if u have:P]
anyways, u really should b having talent for putting this much of MOKKAI! and guts to face people after having written a thing like this:O:P

kanagu said...

Hi Karthik,

You have been awarded:

Karthik said...

@ all:

Thanks for your wishes and praises... i don't like more... And now i'm back from hiding.. lemme prove who s more powerful now.. Ha aa haaah.. ready??