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After serious threats from my friends who were searching to slay me for the innovative quiz I’ve posted, I went into hiding far away and I’ll not pretend that I didn’t then fear that I might never be excused… and then when I had almost abandoned hope, it happened at last. 

A Lawyer came, who had faked by re-posting his previous ones.  Now see the way that fate favors Mr.NxgMobster. This might be my last hope for resurrection into blogging world. But the lawyer- displaying the presence of mind, I would never have expected of him- convinced me saying “You can come out from hiding, ma boy… The Bloggers desperately needs you; if not they, I in particular. You have been exempted. But never repeat this again! Assure to Vinnie, Chriz, Thoorika, Kaki, Kanagu, Seno, Gayu, ST, Vijay, G3 and all the members!” Alas! The lawyer proved to be a gift beyond my wildest dreams. 


So what am I to now? Now I’m goanna prove my power by posting another ground-breaking post. (Gosh! Oh No! Not again!), here and now, in front of you all. I will give your chances. You will be allowed to fight, and you will be left in no doubt which one of us is stronger and tolerant. After Lancelot had given me goose-bumps with his creepy GHOST cum HORROR story and Thoorika had thrown me into a surprise with her delectable LOVE story (Even Karthik too), the insides of me were suddenly dancing a Conga. Something large erupted into life in my mind. The new born monster; Mr. Tale inside me was roaring and I sat up to write a HORROR story and then the other half of the monster wanted a LOVE story; Wrestling with all this sudden madness, I make-believe you by writing a new format- LORROR genre which has equal ounce of love and horror in it. So now I’m here to give THOORIKA and LANCELOT a run for their money. This is a ‘copy’-writed story and if you try to reproduce it somewhere, I’m not going to sue a case against you, but the people who read this genre might, for damaging their brains beyond repairs. Also if you rope in a lawyer of Lancelot’s caliber, even God can’t save you! :P He boasts himself a famous Criminal-lawyer but in real, his line of work is CRIMINAL and LAW-ER ER ER.


So enough of his stories and now I move on to my LORROR story- WHEN GHOST FALLS IN LOVE!!! Shhhhhhhh…. (Wind Blows) TING (Glass broken) BOUOUTH (Book falls) and SCREEEECHHHHHH (an old steel gate opens with a faint sound) He He!! Build up for the title-card.


Arunkumar (not referring to Lancelot) was doing Final Year Engineering in a renowned college at Chennai. No introduction needed to him and even the Watchman, Peon, Canteen worker knows his name. So famous; students, Juniors and his classmates call him GETHU and MASS (They are Tamil colloquial word means HERO) He don’t give a damn to anything and has a don’t care attitude. You could find lot of Arunkumars in your college at last bench; Very mediocre in studies, Chic and Macho in looks (this confirms I’m not referring to Lancelot) and haughty to the hilt.  So being a hero, no doubts, girls fall for him. The theory is implied here too and his classmates, juniors were mad on him. Even one of his senior proposed to him before she finished her course which made him so embarrassed. Girls from all departments were gaga over him (which is a separate SAGA) and the searing suspense was whom he is goanna love?


Girls from all corners were wooing him, but he booed their love. He remained tight-lipped about his Miss. Dream girl. He was also a normal guy with expectations build around how his girl should be and none filled the shoes of his lady-love Cinderella. Girls were trying to slip around love potion in his drinks; their eyes brimmed over with love when he crosses them; everyday his inboxes will be flooded with love messages. He knows how to remain intact with these girls without hurting their feelings. An expert in studying girl’s mind, he makes out the loopholes in the girl’s mind and sustained his friendship with them. There is a phrase saying “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED” and our Prince Charming found his Princess at last. She entered into his college as a Second Year lateral entry in his Department after her parent got transferred from TRICHY. She is a real Princess to her family; being the only child they poured all love on her and don’t want her to stay in Hostel and pursue the studies. So they got TC for her from the old college, pulled her straightaway along with them.


He enquired about her through his Junior boys who were her classmates. Her name was Archana; very silent and soft-spoken, complete opposite to his characteristics, he found being bigheaded to her like he had been in his life so far won’t help him to win her over. Princess was new to the environment and it didn’t take her soon to get in terms with the college and her class mates. Arunkumar wanted to use this chance and keep the first stone for building his love. The unit tests in his college started within two weeks and for the first time CUPID smiled at him. She was seated next to him and what more he could ask for? He attended all the exams regularly so as to put an attendance in her heart. He won’t bring pen, pencil and eraser; borrowed all the accessories from her. He was very cautious in his approach and spoke to her such a manner that there was a thin line between drooling (flirting) and being friendly. But still they didn’t exchange their numbers. He knows CUPID would help him for the second time and the magic he shared with CUPID worked within few days.


She absented herself for a lab class (Bunked in other terms as her favorite star released on that day) and the lecturer was very reluctant to sign her observation. She was visibly in tears outside the staff room cursing the lecturer in bad words (# %$^^%$^&^&$%^%) and Arunkumar who crossed by the side noticed it in a flash. When heroine cries, how can a hero stand to it? He enquired to her the reason behind the tears hoping that she would tell him with acquaintance that had blossomed a week back. She readily told him about the problem with the lecturer and he consoled her, the lecturer being his friend an added advantage for his move. With in minutes, he persuaded her to sign the observation for Archana, gave her an I DID IT smile, moved out without expecting a THANKS. The same evening, he was chatting with his friends in the canteen and she rushed soon to thank him for the timely help. She was so emotional that she told she would be grateful for him and will get anything for him at canteen if he asks now. He smiled knowing he was safe now and the CUPID in him leading on, he asked “INSTEAD OF GETTING ME a 10Rp DRINK, WHY COULDN’T YOU GIVE ME YOUR 10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER?” There was a silence and she was stunned. She walked back without a word and Arunkumar felt CUPID has turned his back on him. Then in 10 minutes his mobile peeped, LUKA CHUPPI from Rang De Basanthi was playing and he took his mobile to find 1 MESSAGE RECEIVED. 

He opened without zest to find an unknown number messaged him as “HI!! THIS IS ARCHANA AND THIS IS MY NUMBER!! SENIOR AKKA, YOUR CLASS MATE NEENU GAVE THE NUMBER!!”


He was staring his mobile with disbelief. Slowly it got into him that CUPID never stabbed him, forgetting the environment he was still inside the campus, started to yell and jump with enthusiasm, dragging the canteen head and his friends to dance with him. Does the happiness last or long??





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Thoorika said...

Okaaay.. your horror story is starting off with a comedy effect.. !! and who is lancelot.. ? taking revenge on his like this thru your stories!!! Pavam.. !! Finish the story soon.. I shall wait for the second part.. !!

Senorita said...

@ Karthik... glad you came back...was beginning to despair... good come back... looking forward to the next part :)

Vinnie said...

Karthik, thanks for coming back..i started missing ur crazy posts:)

i hope Lancelot has given u permission to reveal abt his love life n his 'True' ghost identity...u better be careful..he is a dangerous 'LIAR' :):)

enjoyed thiso ne..earger to read the sequel:) dont keep us waiting:):)

GAYATHRI said...

adadadada enna oru aarambam!!!karthik anna..lorror nu per vechutu kallori effect ku pogardhe!!:p btw..adhenna ela coll layum ore kadalaya varukaraanga?!kadhaya maathungappa!!!;)

Lancelot said...

@ Kartik

Machi, Lawyer-Lancelot-Arunkumar everything is fine --- but u have left some key stuffs in my gmail- like the semester mark list :P - your Mr India pics- the Mass pics - the Pachai pics--can I use them for my blog post??? *P.S. Veerappa's laugh)

But coming to the story - dai u have posted my college life and love story in ditto so far- where are my copyrights????? and of course i am a criminal and law er er er... (and if someone comes to me i will get them death sentence for sure)....

@ Vin

when he was posting the story itself he told me he has the support of Antara Mali aka Vinnie- you are a great alley of him eh??? wait till my altar Siluvai get u in the copy cats blog...

@ Thoorika

I am the Lawyer/Lancelot/Arunkumar in this story....etho chinna payan eluthitu poraan...

Lancelot said...

@ Kartik

seekiram complete the story...I m eager to know the happily ever afterwards ending (u know u shud have based the story in Spain :P)

G3 said...

Idhu Kadhai alla nijam nu trailer pottirukalaam pola :D

Seri seri.. seekiram meedhi kadhayum sollupa.. lancelotta kalaaika neraya matter irukkum pola :D

Karthik said...

hi karthik, thanks for the link. im glad u liked my story man.

lorror? ha..ha.
nice beginning..waiting for the next part. :)

Anonymous said...

seems to b a really story:P

its really cool man! that girl is kinda lucky to have a frnd like him:P..will he help her again if she makes herself absent again?:P:P:P..anyways goes interesting..waiting for the next part..

Aparnaa said...

You should have given at he header of this post, inspired from a TRUE story.. Why did you change the character name as ARUNKUMAR? Its been added advantage for lancelot to use his name here!! Just like how all the KARUNANIDHIs can be proud like "I'm THE CM of TAMIL NADU"

The flow and continuity was there as usual... Light MINNALE effect.. [:p] and its a black day in blogging world as you returned back... Dark days ahead!!! Expecting for the next post.. hope you'll bring the ghost in it!!

Lancelot said...

@ Aparnaa

even if he used some other name and is writing a completely different story from this I will still claim its my own story enna naanga ellam appadi thaan :P

Ajai said...

I am goanna sue a case against for u for misusing the word Arunkumar in the story... ehmm.. Not the lawyer, its his class mate... the soul s scared of girls and a book-worm, topper how cme u refer him as Mediocre in studies?? To solve this Arunkumar mystery, am goanna ask another arunkumar (false claimed lawyer) to work for me in this case!!

To the story.. beaten to death comment.. nice, Amazing... I know the Part-II also... :P if anybody wanna know mail me!!

Kartz said...

Lol @ Lorror...

Back with a *boo*, eh? Kewl...


Karthik said...

@Thoorika: Lancelot is the famous ehmmm lawyer n Singapore.. It is a three part series!!

@Seno: Thnks Seno!!

@Vinnie: This s nt lancelot's love Vinnie...

@gayathri: Ok sis! As you said.. next story.. new background.. new kadalai

@lance: Definitly u cn use dosth but make sure u crop ma face alone!! Volde don't like revealing his identity

Karthik said...

@G3: Wait till saturday.. for the 2nd part.. this s nt Lance's story!!

@Karthik: thnks dude! keep dropping!!

@Live 2 the fullest: Naa he wont help again :P

@Aparnaa: Ths ghost is in the comment.. No No am nt telling u.. seriously am nt refering you.. :P

@Ajai: This Arunkumar is not that Arunkumar u r thinking.. yur Arunkumar is different from my Arunkumar and they are no way related... hope you won't tell to that Arunkumar and this Arunkumar won't read it as this Arunkumar not having net in his house also that Arunkumar is not having net

@Kartz: Thnks bro!! keep dropping!!

swati said...

i just luvd the title soo much
waiting for part II..
good day..

Anonymous said...

Enanga.. love+horror nu sollitu love+comedy ah irukku.. kidding

Show some horror and prove urself as the terror.. :)

Waiting for 2nd part :)

Anto Paul said...

my grandma freaked out after readin it,,, coz her head fell off laughin, where is the horror??????

Karthik said...

@Swati: Thnks buddy.. keep dropping.. y do u always like ma titles?? Not ma posts ehmm??

@Kanagu: U cud feel the horror soon.. Am a different director.. wont show the ghost and horror in first reel.. wait till the suspense unfold

@Ando:Ha ha.. made ma day man!! Wait for the horror!!