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1 Message Received: No Space for New Messages

Do you often catch yourself punching away on your cell, sending out SMSes; and get distressed if people don't SMS you back? Text messaging is a big part of our lives — it’s easy, quick and fun. And quiet — its biggest appeal. Many find it very useful when you want to send someone a quick hello without having to talk. For the hearing/speech impaired, texting is a boon.


SMS is always in the news — good or bad. Dr. Nott, a British doctor volunteering in Congo, used text messages to receive instructions from a colleague to perform a life-saving amputation on a boy. Dr. Nott contacted Professor Meirion Thomas, who had performed it before. “I texted him and he texted back with step-by-step instructions,” he said. “I knew exactly what he meant; we have operated together many times.” And in a Tamil film, a noted actor used mobile's light as a torch when he does an operation (He is a doctor) as the power in the hospital is shut down.

South Africa’s Praekelt Foundation has been sending short messages about an AIDS hotline, throughout the country. The 4,000 calls they get per day proves that messages received on a mobile phone are effective.

Barack Obama’s campaign history cannot be told without the part played by the humble cell phone text message sent on Election Day. Campaign managers unleashed a 160-word text to millions of supporters whose phone numbers were collected through contests at election rallies. The choice of Obama’s Vice-President was announced through an SMS!

CBI’s Anti-Corruption Bureau launched an SMS crusade in August to pin down corrupt Central Government employees. It has reached more than 80-lakh cell phone users. With 40 text messages and 200 calls a day from Tamil Nadu and Puducherry alone, officials can claim the campaign is a success. (But God knows whether action is being taken against the officials. That’s India) Director Venkat Prabhu chose actors through an SMS contest! You can also check railway ticket status on text. Last year, a Japanese woman published an SMS novel.

The younger generation in particular enjoys using mobile phones to send short messages (SMS) But some experts are worrying that, like everything else, too much of a good thing can become damaging or even addictive. Texting has its dark side too. A mass communication tool, yes, but SMS-ing can be an ‘addiction’. SMS-addiction is spreading fast amongst the youth across the globe and Psychiatrists say cell phone addiction is an obsessive-compulsive disorder which looks set to become one of the biggest non-drug addictions in the 21st century. The majority of the addicts are teenagers who feel the person who gets the most messages is the most valued. Parents would be complaining that my son/daughter sends more than 200 messages in one night, has not slept sufficiently, runs up huge phone bills and has become irritable and prone to lying, sleep with their mobile phones at hand to be able to answer messages at night. Have you seen your friends, his/her thumb is busy tapping the keypad while you were talking to him/her? Few would not be watching TV without a mobile in hand, texting your friends the pros and sans of the show.

Texting with its bad English can be the language of future and get a dialect status? High-school and college kids are already on the text-wagon. Its speed, silence and stealth are its big draws. Admit it. You were SMSed New Year greetings (as Hp Nw Yr), Good Morning (Gd Mr or more short GM) most of them badly spelt. How these fellas would report a mishap or calamity? Fire in the house as Fr n Hs and Robbery as Rbry and Please help me as Pl Hlp??? Better it would be if they put suitable emoticons to convey the emergency better as people would find it hard to crack these short messages. If not you attach the smileys, we can arrive only after the house is completely burnt. How about conveying I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU MARRY ME and I’M DIVORCING YOU through texting in the near future?


So what about you?? I’ve drawn a line and now in control usage. Before I was obsessed of texting and I'm now dry and clean. There was a time when I was SMSing all the time; I just couldn't get off it. I consciously took a decision to control my usage, as it was distinctly unhealthy.  I can't handle texting at all. I'd much rather pick up the phone. 


Everyday, we've seen new SMS applications introduced into the market. The market for SMS texting is getting more profitable intended to make us grasp as much of this technology in our everyday existence. In an already-rude society, where family ties have loosened and urban solitude has increased, texting might turn as an excuse to not socialize and talk face-to-face. Text-gen is young and free, but tied to the mobile. It has definitely made life easy, but we are losing out on conventional emotional coloring of communication. There's a thin line between preoccupation and obsession. The more SMS texting becomes a part of us, the more addicting it will become, and the more problems we will have to deal with in the future. Simply, treat technology as a tool and never an extension of our lives. As long as we keep on that perspective, chances of being manipulated by these latest gadgets, gizmos and applications will be slim.



PS: I write this because my mobile’s battery has gained some weight (Pregnant??) and so it couldn’t hold its charge for more than an hour…. :P

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Vinnie said...

me first, eh?? yey!!

hmmm, another gyaan post from u, i agree, use it only as a tool and not as a body organ:)

u rk mchn..i wl ms

Karthik said...

shall i send my comment by SMS?

viji said...

me not the last. :D

article padichithu, aprum athei pathi comment poderan. kay wa.

Anonymous said...

@ Karthik... good one :)

viji said...

##become one of the biggest non-drug addictions in the 21st century.##

True wey, since 2002 til today i think i've sent few million sms laah. Hehehehe.. sometimes nearly 100 for ONE person. :D:D:D

even worst, one msged typed for few link, the maximum record so far 12. :)

but current hp, only 1000 words (maximum) per msg. :(

viji said...

### I consciously took a decision to control my usage, as it was distinctly unhealthy.###

same blood.

but i think i'm better now. only chit chat (vetty sms) wit one person. with others only reply for important sms. fwd msg's ignored totally.


viji said...

p/s: change ur battery before it spoil ur whole phone.

Thoorika said...

Samma research pola iruku !!!??!

Lancelot said...

@ Kartik

what you are coming to tell by this post?? SMS me about it da...bye

kanagu said...

Oh god.. u have started writing posts without having Lancelot's name.. marked improvement... :P nice post... I am not messaging much these days.. just calling whenever necessary.. even if it is to say GM or GN :)

ஆளவந்தான் said...

There's a thin line between preoccupation and obsession.
Very nice quote :)

விஜய் said...

THis is a mania among youngsters, who are kind of addicted to SMS'ing. Frequent usage of the fingers can lead to fingers becoming numb. So please don't send too many SMS's

G3 said...


G3 said...

Enna irundhaalum pazhaya style of commentinga marakka koodaadhilla.. adhaan :))))

G3 said...

rounda 15 pottutu me the appeatu :D

ஆளவந்தான் said...

15 ellaam round'nu yaaru sonnathu?

Anonymous said...

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