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God, this is Killing Me!!

Pete Sampras couldn't defend himself. He couldn’t sleep loudly and was to scream "Stop thief!" as he was losing his treasure that he had earned over 15 years of roaming the world with a dominating tennis racket. A Spanish guy came, on whom he has pinned his hope, to stop the thief from taking his wealth. The thief is lovable and has a big fan base. He grew having his eyes on Sampras’ treasure and it would have happened last year. But the thief has lost his old tricks and magic and when he has regained it by this year, the Spanish Muscular applied brakes and shrugged him aside. The prospective thief, named Roger Federer cried when he missed to snatch the treasure; the record 14 major singles championships.


The tears took the limelight from Nadal who won another 5-set thriller 7-5, 3-6, 7-6 (7-3), 3-6, 6-2 in a momentum-swinging, 4-hour, 22-minute Australian Open final. Three years ago Roger Federer wept in the arms of Rod Laver as he accepted the winner's trophy at the Australian Open. There were more tears this time, with the Swiss not too happy this time. He had played, at times, every bit as well as a 13-time Grand Slam champion might expect to. In the fourth set in particular, his tennis was awe-inspiring, but by the time the contest moved into its fifth set, Federer’s brain appeared to have been fried by the mental pressure Nadal had been exerting on him since the very first ball. “I mean, this is, sure, one of the matches in my career where I feel like I could have or should have won” said Federer, who repeatedly had break points snatched away from him by Nadal’s remarkable ability to find a first serve or a rasping forehand winner when threatened.


He cried, and it was hard not to cry with him. The sight of Roger Federer’s lower lip trembling and if that had not done the trick, then the sight of Rafael Nadal, his conqueror, putting his arm around him in friendly consolation, would have set off a millions of Federer’s and tennis fans worldwide outbreak of sniffs… To see tears in the eyes of the person who means so much to me is just quite unbearable… Right from Saturday morning I have been praying, hoping that RF gets this 14th here… I have been searching every poll where I can vote for him to win the open... Just wanted to feel good about RF’s chances to get his 14th by beating his nemesis, the man I love to hate and I hate to love- Rafael Nadal. That would be the perfect way to silence his critics… At the same time I had a feeling about what would happen if he loses… Everyone knows that I am crazy about Fed… I have to answer my friends who would be happy with his demise… and how am I supposed to face them?

"Maybe I'll try later. God this is killing me”and was unable to get more than a few sentences into his speech before he began to cry in earnest. Fedex showed the sportsmanship as he returned to congratulate Nadal within minutes, saying: "You deserved it. You played a fantastic final." That just ripped my heart into pieces… Here is the greatest ever to play the sport breaking down due to his inability to defeat his nemesis for quite sometime… A feeling crept into my mind… Is there an end to this misery? Can I see my Roger back…? Can I see him being the happiest in this world?? Oh God you can’t be merciless at this guy…


The most painful moment was not when Fedex lost… The pain of seeing your loved one crying and breaking down is far too unbearable than a loss It shattered me to see this guy breaking down… What it means for a Fedex fan like me is a loss of motivation… You work hard, steamroll your opponents just like that and falter when it matters the most?? When Nadal said Rog, sorry for today, I really know how you feel right now. Remember that you are a great champion and you are one of the best in history and you will beat Pete Sampras’ 14 titles for sure” Fedex congregated a weak smile but the pain was still in his face.


What I am going through can only be understood by a fan who worships his hero… It’s certainly not the end of the world… But this soul just keeps searching for some motivation to move on… I am still moving on hope that my Fedex will beat Sampras record of 14th… That still drives me on… But the journey to that destination is just getting more painful with each passing day…The desire to see Fedex playing live; winning matches just keeps me on... “You can't go through your whole life as a tennis player taking every victory that's out there. You've got to live with those, you know. But they hurt even more so if you're that close, like at Wimbledon or like here at the Australian Open. So that's what's tough about it.” 

He did not seem to regret the tears afterwards. “In the first moment you're disappointed, you're shocked, you're sad, you know, then all of a sudden it overwhelms you” he explained afterwards. “The problem is you can't go in the locker room and just take it easy and take a cold shower. You can't. You know, you're stuck out there. It's the worst feeling. It’s rough.”


Am I in a state of self-denial? Am I trying to avoid the inevitable? Am I just not willing to believe that Fedex can’t be what he was two years ago? – My brain is pessimistic but my heart wants or rather is optimistic about my Fedex… The conflicting state of affairs between the brain and heart is the toughest thing to live with but in the end I know when the heart triumphs, it will be worthwhile for all the wounds that my heart has endured to see it triumph over my brain…? First clay, then grass. Now Rafael Nadal has proven he can win on any surface, entrenching his hold on the No. 1 ranking. Now, Nadal can look ahead to Roland Garros, where he dominantly rules the center court past four years. 

And we have to wait and watch will Roger achieve a FEAT or again we can expect a spoilsport of FATE.


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Lancelot said...

me the first

Lancelot said...

and machi vechutendaa aaapu NADALUDA WINNNU

Vinnie said...

:) that crying pic makes the post a lot lot better :):)

K, back to studies NOW...

Anto Paul said...

Rafa Rulesss, Let us hope fedex has a little fightback left in him.....

Kartz said...

The king will return...

And well, hats off to Rafa. He did play *awesome*.

Frankly, it was criminal to given away the third set. The match should have gone Roger's way in straights, if not 4. He blew his chances when it mattered the most. Bitter fact. Period.

Good luck with your review.


Lancelot said...

@ Kartik

Dai Raffa than taffaa (seri vidu kavithai varalai)

anyways the way Fedex played that day my KING RAFFA throwed him into pieces despite of his 5 + hours struggle in the semis...

machi Raffa from Spainda
unga fedex assla Painda... :P

and forget the rule of Swiss

my mother in law country will rule from now on :))

Ajai said...

Fedex threw his match away.. Took you a month to get out of Fedex loss.. Ehmmm... One month to digest fedex downfall??? try ENO next time!!! A great player s an one who doesn't lose his composure and serve big when facing the break point.. nadal s better than fedex but you won't accept??? :P The last passage might be satisfying fr me...

///Am I in a state of self-denial?///

Yes U r.. Now Don pray fedex shd win french open.. Pray he shd win 14 grandslam whic will be a hard task and remem, with this form, i seriously doubt fedex in QF at RG!!!

Good Post!!

Aparnaa said...

Man.. Even I cried when federer broke down.. I bet all my friends that Fedex will lift the title fr sure aftr seeing his demolition of Del porto and Andy roddick n QF and SF respectively... Aarrghh!!! Damn!! U ditn put the video to make me cry again!! Hope for french Open!! Nadal gt sme injuries or Fedex give ur best shot!!

Karthik said...

man, YOU almost made me cry again.


//What I am going through can only be understood by a fan who worships his hero..


swati said...

i was glued to my Television set foo the whole match.. i knew it would lead up till the final sets since 2 of the champs were playing against each wasn't a joke..
despite being a federer fan i was mesmerized by the angles n reflexes of nadal..he was too good that day..n he was the one who was considered to be tired as he had matches scheduled back to back..but it turned out to be other way round..
I never heard a winner saying sorry to his opponent on defeating was a great gesture displayed by nadal
but federer is still a champ..:)
better luck next time..

Tara said...

Well Fedex will come back, but Rafa will leave no stone unturned in making it a triumph well earned. What goes up has to come down one day, only to go back up again. :)

V. Archana said...

not into tennis ... just dropped in 2 comment ;)

Thoorika said...

Naan kuda title a padichitu pavam payan edho polambirukan indha post la nu paducha.... !!!

விஜய் said...

All beautiful things in life have to come to an end.
When I have digest the decline and retirement of Steffi Graf, I can take Federer's slump as well. That is the greatness of every sport. I can't always ask for Schumi, Rahul Dravid,Boris Becker, Steffi Graf to be in the game and remain as champs :-)

Please pay a visit to this site as well:

kanagu said...

As I have already said I am a fan of Sampras and I am much worried about my idol's record... so RF loss doesn't affected me :)

kanaguonline said...

Hi Karthik,

You have been tagged:

Chriz said...

i want fed to win....

win pannaaalum aluraaan
lose pannaaalum aluraaan...

avanoda girlfriend sooper...

Lancelot said...

@ chriz

thalai so true seriyana alumunji payya...en maamiyar naatukaarana paarunga summa gilli mathiri irukaan...and appada finally u found some other girl - so no more penelope and salma hayek for u :P

Anonymous said...

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