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Since I was asked to put six packs by Elithraniel Arawion for her next film PLAYBOY produced by THOORIKA, I was out of blogging and hitting GYM for round the clock. With 4 packs been developed and the shooting will start in two weeks, I will disappear again. Now back for a short duration to suck your happiness out like a DEMENTOR by taking you a trip down my memory lane that I would like to share with you; one of the FF (FLIRT FAILURE) of Mr. Nxgmobz.

Karthik, R, D went for a symposium at one of the renowned engineering colleges in Chennai. Their friend M is studying in the college and being a final year student, M got the license for conducting the symposium with his classmates and he assured them cash prizes (This is not legal but they have to shed 20% of the cash to M so it falls on the edges of Legal)

Karthik: Uhh!! Great!! The girls are good looking! Traditional Sarees… Feel like I’m a bridegroom!!

M: She is our OOAD Lecturer!


D: If I’d known about this college, I would have pestered my dad to get a seat here.

Karthik: PERIOD!!

M: So have you registered for any events?

R: Kya?? We came here for food macha! Who cares for the event? We don’t look for prizes. Guarantee us food and snacks.

M: Girls and Food and your mind won’t function anything other than this. Come to canteen…

D: Wow! Who says Mr. Innocent? It won’t take time for us to turn the history back to show the dark side of Mr. Innocent... Shall we rewind??

M: Public! Public!

(And all the 4 pranks were at the canteen munching Dosa, Pongal and their eyes wandering for girls. And then Karthik’s eyes were fixed to the gang of three girls who were giggling, their coffee cups untouched, hands clutching the mobile, the reason for their giggles)

Karthik: She looks hotter than coffee

M: So as you!!

Karthik: What?

M: Eat the Dosa you’d ordered. Half gone in my plate and so could you please shift your hand to your plate?

Karthik: He he! Sorry! You can take mine!!

(And now the deserters’ eyes are onto those girls)

R: Classmate??

M: No!! Junior… But I know them… The middle one is my friend…

D: Lucky! Even the juniors in our college don’t look at us!

R: Is she Telugu?

M: Naah! Guess!!

D: Kolkata Rasagulla??

Karthik: Marwari!!

M: Macha! Bang on! How da??

R: Wild guess!!

D: They are white-skinned… Presumption... He had flirted with more Marwari girls.. Hope you remember?

Karthik: All the glitters are not good and all the whites are not Marwaris

D: Then how come?

Karthik: You could find from their dressing Macha! Did you see the other girls we had seen? Either in designer or light colors! Only Marwaris wear dark, roller blind colors with crazy embroils; dark orange like the middle, Yellow like the left, blue, Pink like the right.

R: Mr. Flirt is good in all these stuffs but still he didn’t have a one!!

D: Taking time to Load/ Install/ Buffer a girlfriend?

R: He had got more curses than proposals! Oops sorry! Curses are Tan 90* (Infinity) and proposals are Cos 90* I would make a visit to Mars and come back but still he won’t find a one!!

Karthik: Leave it Macha! I’ll PUSH the curses in STACK and POP it out!

M: But due to less access time, I hope you wouldn’t have popped out Miss N?

Karthik: N N N N N N N!!! (Echoing in his mind)

Coil swirls…..

To Be Continued…


21 Droplets:

Elithraniel Arawion said...

no spice in the story.. cha cha.. bring it soon :P and why the insult.. why why why...

even if i direct PLAYBOY i assure u that u have NO ROLE in it.

P.S Lance and karthik and chriz and thoorika.. no commenting on my comment!!

Aparnaa said...

God save us from this LOBOTOMY!!! :(((

GAYATHRI said...

anna idhu endha college:p and idhuvarikum story la kaarasaarame ilaye:(

Aparnaa said...

Is this post or kitchen?? All asking for spice, kaarasaaram?? :P

Lancelot said...

@ Kartik

Machi antha MS K vaa vitutiyaae... is the Aparnaa here is the machinichi u told me??? aiyayo unmaya ullaritenaa?? makkal ellarum ippo Ms K yaarunu keppangalae..???

@ Wolf

nee pottathey oru mokkai commentu atha pathi comment panni en range veraa korachikanumma???

Priya Joyce said...

hahahahha man u rokk lol

myeh marwari's r real crazzy dressers :P I know :P

viji said...

what is marwari's?

he he he.. nice... but, why damage ur own image? :P

eagerly waiting for part 2. =)

Karthik said...


THEHELKA have monitored our speech.. So You cannot escape.. And if you fail to cast me, I'll sue a case against you, which will be presided by LANCELOT, who will go down in the history as one of the greatest lawyers..


Muaaah!! He won't...


One of JPR's institutions... No kaarasaaram in story?? We had yaa.. while easting DOSA, i bit a chilli but failed to mention it :)


Ms K... I Never answer for gossips.. being a celebrity, we have to face such qns!

Yes machi!! Wolf is going over... We should stop flirting with her!!

@PJ: After a long time.. Thanks for ur visit!!


Its better we damage ourselves bfr others does!

Thoorika said...

Grrrr... ! Naan enna da pannen?! why damaging my name?!?!

BtW,this line is really good !!Chance a illa.. !

All the glitters are not good and all the whites are not Marwaris

Anusha you said that "even if i direct PLAYBOY i assure u that u have NO ROLE in it" So it means that there are chances of you directing one movie like that.. But KARTHIK there is absolutely no chance of me producing that movie.. Ask Lance .. he might be interested!!!!

Chronicwriter said...

anusha directing playboy....

poyim poyim! why karthik?
why risking ur life?

thhorikaa is a good girl!

but why anusha?

why her?

anusha is a sooper gilma!
she is a maarwaari...

no iyer aathu ponnu..

she looks like a maarwaari though..

gilmaavo gilma

Vinnie said...

K, enjoyed reading this...i had thought u retired from blogging!

keep the part 2 for this week, ok?

n yes, thanks so much for the card:)

kanagu said...

what karthik.. it's enjoyable in parts only.. expected a lot of humor in this.. waiting for the part-2.. so I could say.. :)

ஆளவந்தான் said...

LOL :)

You could find from their dressing Macha! Did you see the other girls we had seen? Either in designer or light colors! Only Marwaris wear dark, roller blind colors with crazy embroils; dark orange like the middle, Yellow like the left, blue, Pink like the right
watch SAROJA SAAMAN NIKKA LO song once again :)))))

Karthik said...

i cudn't understand.

(ha..ha, hows tat?)

Poorna said...

"All the glitters are not gold and all the whites are not Marwaris"

hmmn...can't control laughter.....

Arv said...

aiyo aiyo aiyo...

bangs my head on the wall...


kewl mate :)

AMIT said...

This girls in the pic really looks good.haha.

Meridian real estate

Saranya said...

Rocking post karthick! Loved it! lol, keep writing....

shanmuga priya said...

hmmmmmm romba naal kalichu mokka podaama short n sweeeeeta blog post panni iruka da,,tat's somethng nice..well andha girls pic nalla irundhadhu..n i cud find somethng missin in ths blog,but cudn trace it out..but totally it was a fantastic job,n nice as usual...good MAN!! keep rockng.. :)

Karthik said...

@Thoorika: You are sleeping producer.. you wont do this for your friend ah??

@Chronic: Gilmaa?? why ma?? She is a good girl!!

@Vinnie: no i don't retire from blogging... But its a good idea though!! :P

@Kanagu: Expectation hurts!!

@Aalavandhan: Even in that song only BLUE and PINK na.. but all are sema figures!! :P

@Karthik: Even i couldn't understand GIRL's MIND!!

Karthik said...

@Poorna: Long time!! Keep dropping!! Thanks!!

@Arv: Thanks!! At least u said this as humor.. hope it is not JOKE!!

@Amit: First time here.. keep dropping mate!!

@Saranya: Thanks saranya!!

@Shans: hey vaa!! Soopera??