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was one and only good looking girl in Karthik’s class. As the devil, Mr. Love arose in him, he was waiting for a chance to strike a conversation with her and cement a place in her heart. He was informed by his friends that she will be the first to reach the class as early as 7:45 AM for 8:30 class. So Karthik took the tough job by giving up his sleep, woke early and reached the class by 7:50 AM. Only He and N were in the class. So he moved to the desk next her, gaining courage, spoke.

Karthik: Hi!

N (looked at him as if he was from a UFO): Hi! And she sunk into her book

Karthik: You from?

N: House

Karthik: Ha Ha!

N: That’s not a joke!

Karthik: Oh! Are you a hosteller?

N: Are you deaf? I told I’m from house!

Karthik: Where is your house anyways?

N: The place where it was built… A land in Chennai

Karthik: Oh! You look good in this dress…

N: Is it needed? What the dressing you find in school uniform??

Karthik: Oh! You are reading C?? I know it... if you have any doubts...

N: Thanks! I’ll ask Sir!

Karthik: Oh! Can I get your no?

N: 33

Karthik: Is it? Not 8 digits?? Tring Tring??

N: No!

Karthik: Ok! Bye!!

And Karthik walked out of the class, dejected and his little heart not ready to take any more insults and foul languages. And he found it is the better time to leave because he don’t want to get caught by his class mates and spoil his reputation (As if he’d)

Days passed. One of Karthik’s friends Mr. Spec befriended her thanks to Karthik's ideas. Karthik who had many plans to impress N was not ready to take the risk after his first shot failed miserably and didn’t hit the target he expected. So he gave his ideas to Mr. Spec, who was good looking, bright and had a cute smile, long hair (Complete opposite of me!) and they clicked. Even if Karthik tried it wouldn’t have because as the saying FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE BEST IMPRESSION and she have got an F in attitude. Karthik don’t prefer those girls. But as per their agreement, whenever Spec speaks with N, he has to go with Karthik (for a chance of looking her and also spy their conversation) which made N to have a forced conversation with Karthik sometimes….

Coil forwards…..

It was Raksha Bandan. Karthik who usually bunks this day fearing his class girls would tie Rakhi in his hand, had to attend the class sorry to say because he had PHYSICS exam. For the first time Karthik thought WHY WASN’T MY SCHOOL DRESS IN FULL SLEEVES?? At lunch, N approached their bench and asked Spec to show his hand. Without knowing the penalty, he put forward his arm bravely (Spec is so dumb that he didn’t check the calendar today and Karthik also didn’t warn him because he was longing for this to happen!!) only to find a red-color Rakhi tied to his wrist. BLAST!! Stunned and turning pale, he took 10 Rs from his pocket and gave her. Still he couldn’t believe what had happened. Now she turned to Karthik. His heart was pounding faster

N: Show your hand!!

Karthik: Mehandi?

N: No!! Rakhi!

Karthik: Sorry! I’m not ready to be your brother.

N: Why?

Karthik: I never moved with you with such intentions.

N: But I…

Karthik: Sorry! Physics Ma’m called me! I’ve to leave

And he jumped from his desk before his classmates could catch him and ran to the library. He entered the class only after the staff came fearing his classmates would arrest him (headed by Heart Break Kid- Spec) so as to give N an edge over him. From then on, Karthik never turned her side. He could see the images of Rakhi and himself hanging in a ROPE that looked like Rakhi whenever he sees her face.

THE END (Of this Story but not to his FLIRTIVITIES)


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kanagu said...

me the first :)

padichitu vandhu commenting :P

Arv said...


semma mokkai da...

at least by the end of the year, did she talk to you???

kanagu said...

kadaya mudichathellam irukkatum.. Ms.N enna aananga??

conversation sumara than irukku.. athutha part irukka boss???

Karthik said...

@Arv: Me or the Girl?? No i didnt talk.. Dunno what she s doing now!! But Mr.Spec is still in contact!!

@Kanagu: No another part dude!!

Karthik said...

ha..ha. :))

//Karthik: Oh! You look good in this dress…

N: Is it needed? What the dressing you find in school uniform??

oops, me too did and got the smae.

Elithraniel Arawion said...

paavam andha ponnu.. ava semma smart da ava... i appreciate her.... N.. wherever u r.. .plz stay there!

aanalum un flirting skills laa romba expert maadri uniform la oru ponnu azhaga iruka nu solra paathiyaaa

Saranya said...

U have been given an award on my blog :)

viji said...

WOw, in india got the rakhi thing aah. here dont have... aiseyyy if not sure i got so many anne's and can get lot RM10 :P

N is so rude aah...? :P come msia la.. here we all very good with classmates even though not really knw each other. exam ku answer kuda kudupom pasangaluku.. :P

best part,
N: Show your hand!!

Karthik: Mehandi?

---> i really LOL... sethai da ni...

and i liked the conversation..there u r MAN!!
They way u answered and escaped is " karthik's " style. pera kaapathithey.. ella karthikkum ipadi thaana.. :P

part 3 pls...

Thoorika said...

hey enna da mokkai a mudchite.. ?! Naan konjam rombo ve expect pannen... !

Aparnaa said...

Like Karthik's style:

The BLOGGER who once had a MIDAS touch of HUMOR has lost it all for the hype of acting in a film and he has fallen victim for it

SUGGESTION: You need to be fed a spoon of HUMOR SENSE!!

Vinnie said...

keep flirting day u will be successful!

Velu said...

Ha ha! Great flirting episode. Good stuff!


ஆளவந்தான் said...

because he don’t want to get caught by his class mates and spoil his reputation
hehhe :)

Otherwise your name will be renamed as stars with "N" and end with "R" r "N" (for male version.. like nandhini means.. your name will be NANDHAN ).

Whenever ppl are seeing you both, they will be calling opposite name loudly and making sure YOU both are LISTENING.. blah.. blah.. blah...

thats the fun part :) you could write about that also :) looking fwd to that.. nice :)

ஆளவந்தான் said...

Vinnie said...

keep flirting day u will be successful!

You mean successfull in FALLING :)))

Lancelot said...

second part
chappunu mudichitta

seems like naan ennoda DR HITCH posts continue pannanumnu - innum ethanai naalaikuthan tamil cinema technic vechu otta poraa- shud get u a good girl...


Lancelot said...

ippothan puriyuthu en wolfie mathiri mokkai figures ellam un pinnala varanganu :P

G3 said...


Kartz said...

Heh heh heh, ok, good to see u back, namesake. ;)

Just read it all... Ennapa sollardhu - Keep at it. U'll succeed. At least, the law of averages will show you the way. ;)

Peace. Have a nice day.

Project kalakkals, I suppose?

swati said...

lolz... :) RAKHI a big trouble for guys na..n i agree wid othrz keep trying untill u succeed...

swati said...

its so good to be back yaar...i finally came out of my shell

Karthik said...

@Karthik: Hope she s not my N?? Wats her name btw??

@Elithraniel: N is unlucky not to get me! But I have you as my next N!! :P

@Saranya: Thanks Saranya!!

@Viji: Girls will give answers but for the exam of love, they wont!! :D

@Thoorika: over expectation pannada!! :P

Karthik said...

@ Apranaa: Would be happy if you get me the medicine ;)

@Vinnie: Hehehehhe!!

@Velu: thanks buddy! Keep dropping!!

@Aalavandan: We pay guys if they compare us with the girl ;)

@Lancelot: U only telling wolfie s coming behind me.. but she isn't

@ G3: :(((((((((((((((

@Kartz: Project stomach kalakkals only ;) Thanks buddy! keep dropping!!

@Swati: Nice to see you back!!

Arc said...

Ponnu thapicha.
Cha.Indha tamizh cinema vara vara pasangala epdi keduthuvittanga!Hmm!

Karthik said...

@Arc: Keep dropping!!

Arc said...

Sure :-)You too:-)

Vinnie said...

hehhehehhehehhee :)

shanmuga said...

ssssssssssssssshhhhhh.. so tired reading all ur JP(jollu party) stories da....paaaaaaaaa..semmmmmma mokka..nxt post la better aah try pannu..aana hats off to Ms.N.. unna nalla mokka vaangi irukka.. as usual,ur grammar is good..n picture collection is coooooool n amazin..good...ROCK ON MAN ! !