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Under-Graduate Degrees of Girls

B.A. - Beautiful Angel

Beautiful Eyes

B.Sc. –
Beautiful Structure

B.L. –
Beautiful Lips

Beauty But Married/ Beautiful Body Maintain

B.B.A. –
Beauties But Aunties

M.B.A. –
Married Beautiful Aunties

M.B.B.S. –
Married But Beautiful Sight

Ufff! If I’d used this research in my Engineering papers, would have passed with flying colors.


A fool becomes an intelligent, when he understands that he is a fool.

A genius becomes a fool, when he believes that he is a genius



Dormitory- Dirty Room

Astronomer- Moon-starer

A Gentleman = Elegant Man

The Eyes- They See

A Decimal Point- I’m a dot in place

Eleven plus two- Twelve plus one

Princess Diana- End is a car spin

Mother-in-law- Women Hitler

Knowledge Is Wealth


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kanagu said...

Romba research panni irukka karthik :)

GAYATHRI said...

lol mudila!!!enna oru aaraichi!!

swati said...

so this is wat u guys do in ur college??
some terrific research karthik :P
keep it up..:)
Good day!

Karthik said...

ithuvum exam halla ukkanthu yosichatha? sema! :))

Thoorika said...

Lolz! Ya .. correct oly.. if these and all wud have come in ur exams, you wud have passed with flying colours!

Saranya S said...

LOL. I wonder how you could imagine such things. Well done. :D

arc said...

adapaavi..idhu evlo periya research matter...oru paper ezhudi intrnational conferencela podu..nobel prize po:P

suganya said...

hey so wat does B.Tech mean????:P