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Rantings of a ANTI- RAKH(i)STAR

Day comes and day goes. But for me it is not just the matter of 24 hours but the life which l am living just because of you. I still can't forget the day when no one came for my help but you gave your hand and let my all worries goes off. I have read a story that there was a monster who wanted to engulf a girl but suddenly god sent an angel for rescuing her. He gave his hand and took out the petrified girl from the deep pit. You were my angel who saved me. I don't need any occasion to show my gratefulness towards you because every moment of my life is a blessing of yours. I don't want to beautify my words to make myself better than others. Because emotions, feelings come direct from heart only for those people whom we love truly and these should be describe straightforwardly. These are my pure emotions which are just for you. You are always with me. I really love you.

Your's sister

Sob! Sob! Just like you, after reading the first few lines, I thought it would be a Love letter. But, there is something called FATE! And that’s how it played its game on Raksha Bandan. They are two Rakhis that scare and drive me mad; the first got engaged recently in Rakhi ka Swayamwar and the other that gives me headache every year. The festival is marked by the tying of a Rakhi or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The elder brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her same while an elder sister returns offers to her younger brother. It is one of the worst festivals in India. I want a BAN on this festival not to celebrate in public. For a DAIRY MILK, 5 STAR, PERK all beautiful girls tie Rakhi in our hands metaphorically hanging us to death in a small rope. If you want chocolates, ask me. But please don’t tie Rakhi.

Quit playing games with my heart

Before you tear us apart

Quit playing games with my heart

I should've know from the start

How is the poem? Nice!! Thanks to BACKSTREET BOYS who composed a beautiful tune for my LYRICS. But Damn, didn't give credits to me! At least keep your brother hood and sisterhood at home and not to every other guy in work place, school, college etc. If you want to tie Rakhi, do it to unsightly Lancelot but don’t dig at me. That too for a guy who is as hot as Ryan Reynolds, Eyes like RANBIR KAPOOR, Nose like JOHNNY DEEP, Cheeks like ORLANDO BLOOM, Smile like SHAH RUKH KHAN, Abs like JOHN ABRAHAM!! And if you say you want only good-looking guys as brothers, again I opt out. You have Kanagu, Arv, Narayanan, Karthick. They have umpteen girl-friends and I’m still in the starting stages of SINGLETON. If all the girls tie Rakhi to me and call me brother, better arrange me tickets for United Kingdom, USA and a WORLD TOUR as I need to search girls there. (I pray to god that they should be ignorant of Raksha Bandhan)

Why can't you be just friends? Why you need to be sister?? I can't comprehend that thought at all. I’m ready to accept your Rakhi under the condition that you should transfer at least 20% of their family assets to my name since I’m her brother. Will she?? How can we stop this? Once if news starts spreading like DEJECTED BROTHER’s GIFT ON RAKHI: GIRL’s WRIST BROKEN as headlines, it will create Goosebumps among girls and they’ll fear to tie Rakhi.

Since the author is afraid that he may be arrested either for EVE TEASING or his detractors wouldn’t find enough space at his hand for tying RAKHI, for security reasons, he is absconding in advance and will be off for a while until things return to normal. His mobile, G-Talk, Yahoo, Twitter accounts are declared Holiday tomorrow and all the Proposals will be REJECTED*. The author announces in ADVANCE he will be available for 24 hours on February 14 and all the proposals will be ACCEPTED*


PS: Happy Raksha Bandhan to all the POOR INNOCENT SOULS!!


25 Droplets:

GAYATHRI said...

Ryan Reynolds, Eyes like RANBIR KAPOOR, Nose like JOHNNY DEEP, Cheeks like ORLANDO BLOOM, Smile like SHAH RUKH KHAN, Abs like JOHN ABRAHAM!!..idhulaam thani thaniyaa avanga avanagaluku nalla irkum..sendhu irundha karnakodurama irkum!!
p.s:lance anna ungala pathi ipdidhaan karthik anna describe panirukaanga:p
seri seri!!happy raksha bandhan:D

swati said...

Karthik sweetheart..can i tie u RAKHI :P :P plzz plzz plzz :) :)hehe

tat letter really shook as usual hw can u ever be serious :P as i moved on n on i got to knw ur thr is a way to overcome bindaas..n let gals tie as many rakhis as they want :P wat say??
happy rakshabandhan :)

Priya Joyce said...

hahahaha u guys i tell ma class also guys were juss escaping from gals who had brot rakhis lolz hahah

well so lets see hw many beautiful gals tie u rakhi :P

Arv said...

yen da unnaku indha villa thanam?

look at my status... does it not still show single??? Where did all those numerous gal friends come from? ur dreams? lol...

machi... until ur wife comes along, be happy with all the sisters you got :)

take care ;)

kanagu said...

If I have a girl friend what the hell I am doing in blog... :)
dont worry everyone will send a rakhi through whatever sources available :P happy rakshabandhan :)

Karthik said...

so tell me karthik how many new sisters you've got today? :))

Karthik said...

raksha bandhan ku payappatha ore college engalodathuthaan. enna irukurathu ellame akkas than. ;)

appuram ippadi enna pathi thappana news kodukatheenga. :P

Vijay said...

Nice post dude. Raksh Bandhan was the day on which class rooms had thin attendance. Anyway, how many people tore your heart :-)

G3 said...

ingayum attendance putting :)

G3 said...

rounda 10 :D

Chriz said...

for the last 8 years, no one has ever tied a rakhi on my wrists... :)

Hari said...

good line up

Arc said...

Unaku ethana raakhi annatha indha tarava? Oorla ella ponungalum unnathaan tedinaangalaamae Raksha bandhan aniki?:P

Saranya S said...

LOL. I've never had experienced or seen a Raksha Bandhan. Hope u had a lot of rakhis that got ur level popularity even high ;) Kidding.
Happy Rakshabandhan and here I tie a **virtual rakhi** on ur hands Karthik.

kanagu said...

Hi Karthik,

You have been awarded:

Please accept it :)

Indumathi said...

//I’m ready to accept your Rakhi under the condition that you should transfer at least 20% of their family assets to my name since I’m her brother.//


Belated Rakhsa bandhan Wishes...

Here is a Rakhi..


Arc said...

Thambi, en blog pakkam konjam vaanga:)

Anonymous said...

happy rakshabandhan day karthik

naanga maranthe poittom.
thanks nee post pottu niyapagapatuthinathukku.

Anonymous said...

this is my rakhi for u brother.

Ajai said...


Theeyinaal sutha pun ulaarum aaradhe

figurinal katiya raaki

Karthik said...

@Gayathri: Thanks!!


@PJ: Good girl.. You didn't tie Rakhi..

@Arv, kanagu, karthik, Vijay: I told you are good looking.. Atleast for the sake of it, you shd have sid YOU WILL GET A GOOD GIRL AS LOVER x-( Next post will damage you

@Chriz: you are smart machan :D Now its your turn to praise me.. like the dealing??


Karthik said...

@ Saranya: No No No... I'll override the virtual class with FINAL keyword :D REJECTED REJECTED

@Maha, Indu: Accepted ur RAKHI!!

swati said...

ohh u broke my heart MAN..sob sob!!! :(

Karthik said...

ok deal.


the thing is you just have to wait another 20 yrs. ;))))

Karthik said...

@Swati: He He!! My heart was already broken when you said will tie RAKHI.. :( SOB SOB.. Who will mend it??

@Karthik: I'm anyday YOUTH!!