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We can break a woman’s mind into two sections- Friends, Lovers. The friends’ part is where a woman puts guys that she considers "just friends" The problem arises because a woman never lets a guy know which section he is on. Obviously the line of partition is so thin between these two sections. How to find on which section he is in? On a lighter note, declare as soon as possible that you are not going to be her ‘friend’ All a guy can do is make a move on a girl; ask her out, write her a love note, gifts, cards or whatever. If he's on the Lover’s section, fine. If he is on the friends’ section, now there are two chances. One, he can be promoted to Lovers’ section; the girl can let him in. Second, the girl can give him a tight slap across his face and remind him “we are just friends” followed by in few weeks you are dumped forcibly into a new section- Hatred, that teaches you repugnance, humiliation etc.

So what are the stuffs a girl can say, that shuffle your mind between two sections?

  • Did you eat? No- Oh Please dear, have it soon else I won’t talk with you
  • I Love your Messages
  • You are like my Teddy Bear
  • We both have same taste and likings
  • Your shirt/pant/trouser is super
  • Shall we meet in Canteen? I’ll sponsor for you. Don’t let your friends know it…
  • Please don’t take leave to classes today… I cannot spend a day without seeing you
  • Is Aunty busy? What she is doing?
  • I feel like talking to you anything... You are the one to whom I have shared most of my secrets…
  • I could see your face in my books…
  • You are so nice

Your mind says, “She loves me I give a kick in the head and say “Sorry... you are in friends’ section”

What will be a girl’s reaction when you propose her? She says “No... I never thought of you like that” or “I need some space” or “I need some time” or “I'm really into my career right now." But she isn’t into any of the thing. She is lying to you. What she’s really meant is “Get away from me now” (Friends’ section) or “You need to try harder, my man” (Lovers’ section)

Most of the men get boozed or smoke once a girl rejects them. You obviously can't force her to like you more than a friend. Girls would be bit annoyed if you ask them again. Let’s say, you were given the option of A, B or C from your teacher and if you choose A, she says “You are wrong. I give you another chance”, what would you do? Will you say A again? If yes, be grateful that she left your balls and sorry Shithead, go and fuck yourself. If you go for B and C, apply this to your state and move on. There are plenty more fish in the sea and keep your eye on a few of them. Just stop fishing once you get the desired Fish. By behaving with as much dignity as possible, being charming and wonderful, let her know what she missed out on.

Whether you're a pretty girl or not, boys will come looking for you. It's a natural thing. Opposites attract each other. Sometimes beautiful women come across men who don’t know any signs of love to her. Reasons: Maybe he finds you unattractive, maybe you are in friend’s section or maybe he is GAY. Next, bleak girls get more boyfriends. Lot of guys use the tactic of making friends with the less attractive friend of a girl that they want to love (Personally, this too never worked for me as they find me bleak :D) Sometimes these girls are trapped to believe that the guy likes her but actually he want to hit at her friend. Women are more interested in long-term relationships than men. When a man tells you, "I love and I will always love you" don't take it for granted. The important thing is this. You need to know as much as possible about the man you are involved to. Evaluate the love. Analyze him. Boys are very good with the art of seduction and pretense. So be careful.

I was criticized for bashing women in most of my posts. It’s not that I think women are bad since they showed thumbs down. I hang out with girls who I find unattractive, but there are girls who find me unattractive either. So there’s fairness. I’m presenting the world how I perceive it. I’m not angry that women like guys who have money. Indeed, my bank balance is producing a progressive graph, thanks to this. It is hard because your heart is crushing right in front of the girl, but at least she is being honest and I found out where the relationship really is. You are hopeless to find your girl with the wrong man and she is finding happiness that is never going to be with you. Women are the most beautiful thing to happen on earth.


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KK said...

nicely put and great analysis. shows ur experience. those points abt shuffling is also spot on. but the prob wit some gals is, they r nt sure abt the sides they take. some dumbos even decide that all the boys are bad frm one bitter xperience they get and starts pouring hatred to the gud ppl (boys) around... but i don believe that bank balance part. It can be lik, gals love boys who are famous or something lik that but money doesn't matter to them these days. evn i get those bashings for criticizing women. so u r nt alone ;)

p.s. remember, some gals promote more than 1 boy in to that lovers section..

Chronicwriter said...

sema blood pola?

why worry?

same blood here too..

Ajai said...

Valid :)

GAYATHRI said...

"Women are the most beautiful thing to happen on earth."
yaarukaagaaaa tatdadadadaaaain idhu yaarukaaaaagaaaaaa....:p
lol anna its was a very fair post:)guys and girls must first kno wat they want and then proceed to decide about relationships:)

Mantd said...

Nice post :)

Karthik said...

enna kodumai saroja ithu?

Karthik said...


Karthik said...

ENNA kodumai SAROJA ithu?

rafa said...

when is your next post machi

Arun said...

Good research bro :)