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Why women sometimes just want to be friends? I met A, who is pretty and seems interesting to talk to. We started hanging out, kept on sending unlimited, idiotic messages like “Hi... What doing? for every 30 minutes. So I developed an attraction to her and after few months, I proposed her. But she told she doesn't think of me that way and she wants to remain friends and preached some advises like career, caste blah blah to which I turned deaf. The next few weeks, the throughput of messages reduced and she never returned my phone calls. The things between us fell off.

God was well pleased with his devotee. So God asked him, "Ask my son, whatever you wish for I am well pleased with you."

He said,
"My dear God I would like to have a bridge all the way from Chennai to Kashmir so that I can travel all along India.”

God said,
"Son, This is not such a good idea you know. Think about the resources that I will have to divert to this project; the concrete, the steel, the pilings in the rivers, the reinforcements from hurricanes etc, prone to terrorist attacks. I don't think that is a good idea. Why don't you ask for something else?"

He said, "OK God, this I have been really wanting for a long time. You know how women are? They start crying all of a sudden for no reason. When you come home they expect you to read their minds. When they are really saying yes, they will be telling you no. Can I please, please, have the powers so I can understand a woman's mind?"

God promptly said, "Son can we talk about the bridge you wanted."

It’s difficult to read a Girl’s mind, right? Sometimes a girl’s activities lead us to the thought that she is in love with us. But actually she isn’t. The other case, she insults and fights with you, makes us to feel the abhorrence but it means she likes you more. A woman's mind is too complex for even a genius to unravel. They never really know what they want.... no but seriously. Reading a woman, knowing what she is thinking has to be one of the most difficult things any man could ever attempt.

There is lot of factors on which a woman rating system (For a Guy) works. The first one being Money. Every woman prefers a guy who earns a lot, well settled in life, who can buy her chocolates, teddy bears, Jewelries, Dresses etc. Looks are not to be discounted. I see many girls jump to about “Ohhhhh… My Gawwwwdd… He is Sooooo Cuteeee…” emotions when they see some good looking guy or some guy from a crappy movie (Recently Surya, Arya, Madhavan, Ranbir Kapoor) Common girls, if u want them they should get married at least 100 times a day and what about average-looking guys (erg.… Okay, bad looking! Happy now? ) like us should do? Now don’t hit at me like Anushka, Shriya and Asin etc. Then she says “I look for a guy with good sense of humour, intelligent, sensible and caring” as add-on packages. As far as to my knowledge, this is completely rubbish. But there are few rare cases in this.

So if you cannot encipher and decipher a girl’s language, here are some examples.

G1: I want a caring boy friend

Actual: I want a boyfriend who can take care of my expenses

G2: I want a lovable boyfriend

Actual: I want a boyfriend who can get things I Love.

G3: (Not the blogger sis…: D) I want a boyfriend who is dedicated and hard working

Actual: He should earn more

G4: Family Background should be good
Actual: Replace “GOOD” with “RICH”

G5: He should respect Woman

Actual: He should get me things I want

Now moving on, how to score with a woman? Simple, “Don’t show too much interest in her” Women seem to especially like it. Show interest in destroying her self-esteem and in flirting with her friends more than her seem to work wonders. Note, Conditions apply. Next, “Think Different” If you are like every other guy who sticks to a normal job and live a good life, you are segregated in Normal category. Why should girls dig you? They never. Girls never want someone who is just like everyone else. Be different and you are Odd man out. You are a crazy driver who can draw circuit diagrams on road? Then you are in the game. Again Conditions Apply. Warning, being different is not to kick some one’s ass, smoke, drink etc… But sometimes if you do this, certain girls are attracted.

So now the final question, FRIENDa?? LOVERa?? The experiment and inference will be discussed in next post.


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udhav said...

I agree that it is pretty difficult to understand what a girl thinks!

But I don';t agree with the set of questions and the answers. :)

kanagu said...

thambi.. success story-eh illaya???

indu said...

Stupid.. You always write posts targeting girls.. You dunno to write any other thing ah?

Ramesh said...

Good post dude.. You have ripped the girls.. :D

GAYATHRI said...

well well well...all these things r valid for yesterday..but nowadays..jus tell me one guy or a gal who really wants to ve a sincere relationship...never can u find one[i mean the ones gettin committed recently]i saw lots of they SAID they loved and how they broke up in few!love->marriage->life etc got lost anna...ipolaam kevalama poindruku..very sad to say this..but its the truth..i don blame guys alone..gals r equally bad!God only must save our generation:(

selva said...

its good da..keep posting

preethi said...

Hey din't you ever find a caring girl who really loves you? Or it is your mentality to degrade girls? there are still girls who are ready to love a guy truly and marry him and do anything for him. Hope you will find a girl soon. is it that you found and want to disclose in here?