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Letter to GOD

A little boy wanted Rs.100 very badly and prayed for weeks, but nothing happened. Finally he decided to write God a letter requesting him to send 100 Rupees. He marked the envelope


C/o Heaven

When the postal authorities received the letter addressed to God, they decided to forward it to the Finance Minister of India as a joke. The Finance Minister was so amused, that he instructed his secretary to send the little boy Rs.60 thinking that 100 would appear to be a lot of money to a little boy, and he did not want to spoil the kid. The little boy, once he got the amount was delighted with Rs.60, and decided to write a thank you note to God,

"Dear God: Thank you very much for sending the money. However, I noticed that you sent it through the Finance Minister in Delhi and those ****** deducted Rs.20 in taxes... Added to my misery were the corrupt officials, who had in turn taken another 20 from it, leaving me only the balance. Be careful by the next time! Thanks again!"

This post is dedicated to the Postal authorities for delivering my GRE materials after I’d done with my exam. Please do deliver my TOEFL materials beforehand.


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Hari Krishnan said...

idula irundhu enna solla vareenga?? :P

Narayanan said...

i expected more..dissappointed :(

archana said...

Materials from where?

GAYATHRI said...

a nice cheeky post:)

indu said...

As usual mokka post!! x-(

Thoorika said...

They delivered it after your exam?!?! Hee hee!!! How on earth did you pass?! :D :P

Ajai said...

Dei... Konjam nalla post podu da.. :D Mokka podada!!

kanagu said...

Aanalum passagi getha nirubichita :)