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Wake Up Sid- Adorable Kid

The major success of a movie is one can relate to it a way or the other and I was instantaneously connected to Wake Up Sid at first watch. The life style of Gen Y, trying to learn life once you are out of your home, falling in love with an elderly woman ( I have a knack of it- Most of my crushes are Ek Bada Aged Love Story), night life of Mumbai ( I had been there once) are portrayed brilliantly in the movie.

The story offers nothing new but the treatment is refreshing. A spoiled rich-lad who is aimless even after his college thanks to his 'I-have-my Rich-Dad-to-spend-everything' attitude. His parent want him to do something constructive but the kid take life as it comes. Enter Aisha in Bombay to start a new life, who is ditto opposite of his; ambitious, want to be independent, matured. As the saying 'Opposite attract', Sid is drawn towards Aisha and soon they become good friends. After flunking his exams and abandoning his friends, Sid is asked either to obey or get-out by his frustrated Dad. Sid chooses the latter and goes to Aisha's house who welcomes him with warmth. Did his stay at Aisha's house teach Sid what his life? Did he fall for her? forms the rest of the film and I don’t want to reveal further as it will kill the joy.

Thumbs Up Sid:

Casting: Ranbir Kapoor and Konkana Sen are pitch perfect. Ranbir slips into the role casually with no over-acting. Konkana is the real show-stealer thanks to her natural acting and no-nonsense attitude. She is gorgeous in the movie and I can’t stop drooling at her. (Have to visit Bengal for the girls :P) Kudos to her Costume Designer. Anupham Kher and Supriya as dotting parents are good.

Cinematography: I felt I was in Bombay while watching this movie (I'm in Pune not too far off, may be one of the reason :P) The scenes- Sid-Aisha's first meeting captures the mesmeric night-life of Bombay and the climax where Sid-Aisha meet in rainy Bombay is again, a poem.

Music: Background Music is so soothing and gels into the movie's flow. the song, Iktara is the most memorable part of the movie. So romantic and I would love to listen to on a rainy day, in the balcony (Incidentally when I was watching this film it was raining here :D)

Moments: The film had its moments. Few scenes were so touching like the neighbor asking Sid to take her photos along with her boy and Sid realized about his mom. The other one is Supriya trying to learn English so that she can bond with Sid like his friends was heart-warming. Special mention to the scene where Ranbir meets his dad with the offer letter, turning matured at that moment.

Thumbs Down Sid:

Second Half: if the first half is poignant, Director falters in second half with too many predictable scenes. Parents don’t even care to know the whereabouts of their only son was irking.

Climax: Again a cheesy, predictable climax with more of a melodrama like KJ's movies. (KJ- Karan Johar for those who don’t know)

Closing Thoughts:

At kinder-garden, when someone asks how your daddy will be, the straight down answer will be comparing him with Super-Man or Super-Heroes. Once, we step into teens, super hero metamorphoses to ATM (Any-Time-Money), egoistic dictator. But we all realize the good in it as time passes by. There is a Sid inside all of us.

Wake Up Sid- Transformation from a boy to a man

Mr. Critic 5-Star: ***.5

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Vijay said...

Hey Dude, I think, the movie was released last year. Are u watching it only now? Not a bad movie though. But have seen lots of similar movies in Tamil as well :)

Vinnie said...

u in a time warp ?

Varun said...

Good review.. I found the film to be average..

Srivats said...

very well composed .. loved ur thumbs up and down section :P

Rimjhim said...

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