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William Words-Forth

Thanks to those who hated me; you made me stronger.
Thanks to those who loved me; you made my heart fonder.
Thanks to those who worried; they let me know that they actually adore
Thanks to those who cared; you never made me feel bore.
Thanks to those who left me; they made me realise nothing lasts forever.
Thanks to those who envied me; you made my self-esteem grow stronger.
Thanks to those who entered my life; you made me who I am today.
Thanks to those being in my life; you are like the hope of sunray
Thanks to Google and Blogger; you wasted memory in publishing this post
Thanks to everyone who read this; you were given my birthday toast

Belated Birthday wishes to me :) 

PS: My 75th Post too. I ran out of ideas and so lazy to start on something. So wrote this poem dedicated for my Birthday. My Birthday resolution? I shouldn't write poems again :D

Thanks!! Keep Visiting!!

6 Droplets:

Karthik said...

Sathiya Sothanai!

Birthday wishes and Congrats for the 75th post. :)

kanagu said...

birthday wishes again Karthik :) :)

Poem is nice :) :) Liked it :)

The Rain Crab said...

Happy Budday bro! Have a great year ahead!!! :)

preeti said...

I can see an exponential growth in your quality of writing. I may not comment frequently, but am sure a visiter :) cheers on 75th post :) make it 750 soon ;)

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