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Q&A with Little Legolus Arun

Little Arun was messing his home and grades took a nosedive. Unable to tolerate this, his mother put him in tuition only to find the girls in the tuition are no longer safer. So he was put up in the boys-only tuition center. Arv and Swathi, his teachers had trouble in controlling him. Here are some of the incidents that took place between them.

Swathi: Who is Akbhar? 

Arun: I dunno 

Swathi: Dumbo! Concentrate on your studies, you will know 
Arun: Who is Priyanka?

Swathi: What? Come again!

Arun: Pri-yan-ka

Swathi:Hmmm.. Actress?

Arun: No

Swathi: Erg.. Nope, I dunno

Arun: Dumbo! Concentrate on your boy-friend, you will know

Swathi: I was driving my car at 70 feet/second and the speed limit is 50kmph. Am I speeding?

Arun: You can’t find it.

Swathi: Why?

Arun: Just now I broke the speedometer of your scooty. So how can you?

Arv: When was Indian constitution written?

Arun: When the writer was asked to write an answer to a question that he don’t know.

Swathi: Why people don’t use nitrate?

Arun: It is costlier and they weren’t provided rate-cutter. So people prefer dayrate

Swathi: NaCl is an example of which bond?

Arun: James Bond


Arv: if 8 men take 5 days to build a wall, how many days it would take for 5 men?

Arun: No days. The wall has been built already, right?

Swathi: Is it possible to call Washington without ISD code?

Arun: Not possible
Swathi: Uff! You got one right

Arun:Washington is dead ma’m. So how can you?

Arv: Complete the sentences- Love all, trust

Arun: Me

Arv: A penny saved is

Arun: no girl friend

Arv: Where there is smoke, there is

Arun: Cigar

Arv: Don’t bite the hand that

Arun: looks dirty
Swathi: What is?

Arun: Ma’m.  Lemme ask you questions this time.

Swathi: Shoot

Arun: I have it big in my pants and you don’t have it.

Swathi: Spoiled brat

Arun:God bless your perverted mind. The answer is pocket. Next one?

Swathi: Go ahead.

Arun: People start off with putting one finger into it and gradually they put other fingers too.

Swathi: Oh God! You are…

Arun: Stop giving that awkward look. The answer is ring.

Swathi: Do you have any more?

Arun: Yes. Blow me, Blow me I’m bigger. As time passes, my size is a changer.

Swathi was gasping her breath.

Arun: No answer again? It’s balloon. Next one, I start with F and end with K, I come when it is burning inside.

Swathi: Oh Kid, who taught you this? It’s... No, I shouldn’t swear.

Arun: You missed it again. Answer is Fire truck. And the final one, I have no bones. I am full of muscles. I look small and pump up the body. You need me for making love.

Swathi: Pen..

Arun: No Pen or pencil. The answer is Heart. Ma’m... Are you alright?

Swathi: Thank God you stopped me before I could complete the answer.
And she fainted.

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