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Thing(s) that Kept me out of Blogging for a week- @ T-Nagar

Hi fellas,

Here I’m with my new post after being flooded with loads and loads of messages, mail and comments from my fans (ergg!!! Sorry! Blog Visitors!) As when I’ll be posting my next interesting (Weird) facts in my blog.  An unfamiliar figure called N was chatting with me in Yahoo Messenger (not sure whether N is he/she because it’d put hooded and gothic kinda picture  and the voice was strain as if caught a cold after eating three butterscotch, four blackcurrants three days back. In many blogs, they have used X, so as being the cranium of Nxgmobz I should try something different, that’s how I figured the figure N) kept on asking me “Hi Mr.Nxgmobz! I’m not a regular follower of Blogs but somehow I came across yours and it really interested me! I’ve become your great admirer and as soon as I create a blog for me, will add you in Blogs I Follow (A kind of ploy to make your readers add you as follower? They are intelligent) I was soaring high in the clouds of glee without wings and promised her soon I’ll write a post that will not only get attention from you but also from the entire BU(Blogger’s Universe). Now you are happy thinking that my story had ended quickly and this is the reason that broke my long (just a week man! Does it look long for you?) Absence from BU (refer above). Ha Ha! This is where you go wrong!  The story has started just now! (Escape) When I was about to ask N’s contact number, someone beside me shouted at level 5 volume! No! It’s not a scream but an excellent melody! Then I woke with a thud from my bed to see my mobile (Doesn’t matter its made and model! An old dumpy one whose battery works for 3 hours, put in charge takes 1 hour and more with worn out keypad, 1980’s film kinda display with no visual and special effects) lying beside my ear like a flickering bulb about to die.  It’s a message from my friend CAPTAIN (Not Dhoni or Vijayakanth! We know mate! How come they befriend you! Name changed due to security reasons. He doesn’t desire publicity! Lol)


Map (Since I know nook and corner of Chennai’s hotspots along with bus routes, they call me so! Ok then, temme the bus route from Adyar to Adambakkam!! Ergg… Ok! Accepted! In tamil, they used to entitle friends with common names that you could come across all youngsters in Chennai; the guys in their mid 30’s to late 40’s would have also used it when they were in college! MACHI, MAAMA, MAAPULA are to name a few and rest are *&*^*^&**%$$&***& (Content Suppressed due to obscene and vulgarity. So Map is a short form of Maapula) Oh Ok!! The message read as

“Map! Come to T-Nagar for Diwali Purchasing!” For those who are not aware of T-nagar, it’s a famous area in Chennai

known for shopping extravaganza not only during festive season but all the year round! It’s a place sometime I call ALL-PRODUCTS-FOUND-HERE-CHEAP and KEEP-YOUR-PURSE-SAFE (Two reasons; one because of Pickpockets who wander casually among the public and two, because of the first name. You couldn’t resist the temptation to buy the products devoid its quality) You could see married men waiting with tension of a Last-Ball-6-runs- To-Win kinda expression and gripping their purse (Worse than Pickpockets) with dread as if its goanna constrict them like boa. Teenagers if they’d come with their mom will be checking whether their watches are working, eating time by eating unhygienic (Listen! Who says?) Snacks. This is applicable only to guys as girls will give a run for money to their moms in shopping spree. If guys had come with their friends they’ll be ^^*%$###$#%% (again content suppressed because it’s a YOU-KNOW-ALL action). So I feel into the section of the last mentioned point along with Captain. Since rain has hit Chennai by this time, it played to our advantage as the public couldn’t recognize our ocean of spittle (colloq Jollu) in already rain-flooded streets. Still if you fell short of information on T-Nagar, click this for more(Better if you’d given this already! Huh!)  


“So what did you buy?” A big list indeed. Here it goes but don’t think I’m a shopaholic. A black faded Jean, 3 Tee-Shirts and 2 Formals, A party wear, a casual and N-95 mobile for exchange of my old phone............................ were all in my TO-BUY list but I didn’t have enough in my budget to buy at least one of them (What’s my budget? 74 bugs including bus fare) I bought samosas

to crunch and a glass of Mozambi juice to quench the hot those samosas stirred in me (Captain paid the bill.. Lol) hence the answer comes- that kept me away from blogging for few days (Relieved!!!) This solves for a day, what about the rest? Erg... This is the message I got for three days and Samosas and Mozambi have become a HAVE-TO-EAT in my cuisine list.  Is this the only factor that kept you off? No! There are many, mo…… (Stop it! We have crossed our patience) Ok! The rest factors will be put forth in my next post! So you keep on smiling and have a happy, safe Diwali (in Advance). Wait!! You told’ll explain what’s the blog is concerned about i.e. its genre!! Ergg… Thanks for reminding and I’ll definitely post the genre of this blog sooner or later (later will be definitely better, isn’t it? Lol)


Thank You for visiting and reading this ‘in’ valuable post!! Extend your support!!

P.S: Spl Thanks to Preeti from whom I got the idea of adding pictures to the posts and also the smiley as my Profile picture!

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Mamta said...

i m talking about the one where you say george bush and mr. bean on a holiday with mamta..!! I was kinda wondering y my name?

preeti said...

“So what did you buy?” A big list indeed. Here it goes but don’t think I’m a shopaholic. A black faded Jean, 3 Tee-Shirts and 2 Formals, A party wear, a casual and N-95 mobile for exchange of my old phone............................ were all in my TO-BUY list
cool :)
today you are the second one to steal my ideas and am damn proud of it :):) Preeti, not bad yaar, You are turning out to be a celebrity *proud bum look* :) I ll never dream of going to T Nagar before diwali. Its like walkin into the taliban tent praising Bush :):)
thanks for the special mention dude :):) keep writing :) enjoy life.
@you and mamta
have a good blog fight :) Happy it started over my post :):)

Karthik said...

@ mamta: Sorry I dint mean U!!

@ Preeti: Happy that i've inherited little of ut writing style into me!!!

Ajai said...

At last my mate has got into some serious(Oh! ur posts are funny always. Lol) writing skills and reaaly adding pictures overshadowed your always-called mokkais.. Nice post and whats that mo..... Is it the hint for the post's continuation?

Priya Joyce said...

he he shopaholic wow ....
hmm tat pic wth samosa and ketchup is

cool post

Keke, kerthu said...

Lol.. Happy to see you've rediscovered your humour sense and i'm seeing it for the first time in this blog!!!

You could see married men waiting with tension of a Last-Ball-6-runs- To-Win kinda expression and gripping their purse (Worse than Pickpockets) with dread as if its goanna constrict them like boa

Great lines!!!

PS: U would have find by now i'm kdding!! Lol!!!

arun said...

Man i'm impressed with ur writing style..unique way of explaining things..sweet start..looking forword for more.

S said...

Nice blog dude.. and well written...
U could also check out the Hot Medu Vadas that are sold exactly opposite to T Nagar bus stand... near the subway... Mouth watering stuff dude...

Happt Deepavali...



Karthik said...

@ Ajai: Lol.. U found it.. Mo s the key for my next post!! And masti dhamaka as u r back in Chennai.. Soon a post of my experiences with you

@ kerthu: Thnks! and i take all ur words as kiddings!! But you fall in SEE-FIRST-PICK-FIRST teen!! Wic i forgt to mention

@ Arun: Thanks! Keep visiting

@ S: Thnks for dropping ur comment mate!! Happy Visiting!!

gils said...

!!!! on seein that bucket(s) full of dishes thot that was the reason :)))aana athelaam paatha oru vaarathuku vara mari therila..neenga thembaaaa imbutu peria post adichirukaratha paatha oray naalula ullara poirukum pola :))) aaapy diwali wishes

sai said...

u r a fool, donkey, monkey dunno wat to write and hve blabered some nonsense and made us to read and waste our time.........go to hell and create some stupid blog like this not in the heavenly body......oodipoiduuuu.........kelambu kathuvaratumm....puritha..
NEXT time create something more WORSER ill b intrested to blast out on U again.......MOkkA JOB.....(OVERALL)....

Karthik said...

@ Gills: thnks Pa.. keep on visiting!!

@Sai.. Sir.. Give ur blog address... Thnks fr visiting.. Plz do visit often and leave ur comments.. Unga approach enakku rombha pidhiruku!! Meiyalume enna eludhuradhu nu theriyaama naanum eludhiputhen!!!! Karecta kandupidhicheengo!!!

SKM said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.Yup!we too were not bursting crackers this are aware of "global warming""child labour".
Good for Dad's pocket!!;D

wow!you have had adhirasam!!aburoobam it is for us.

T-Ngr !!I don't like that place at all.Iam so sorry.No chance of me stepping in there during festival time!!!

Had fun reading your looooooong long posts.

sai said... extremely sryyy....wat was writen b4 was my bro and i think he has gone mad reading ur blog and to tell the truth i became ur FAN for such an intresting... actually mokka blog.....and keep creating some more goooooooooooodddddddd mokkai's so ill b reallyyyy intrested to comment on it!!.....