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Thing(s) that Kept me out of Blogging for a week- @ Exams


Wish you a happy and safe deepavali. With kids around busy in bursting crackers, making a yell in streets, eating Muruku, Adhirasam 

 other snacks why do you want to spoil the festive mood by posting your rubbish story, isn’t it? Lol! I’m concerned over the environment and child labors who use their nimble fingers to make crackers and so have taken a pledge not to burst crackers (Listen who says!!) I’m glued to my television box watching a waste of time interviews of actors, actresses (How Life would be if you’ve not entered into film industry?? 45th time to Simbhu. Answer from my side is ‘I would be happy and relieved if he’d not’ with a hope that my blog is better than his films) as I’ve no other go if to have my Lunch (Mom! Spare me! Vada was little oily). Getting bored by the shows (Ergg… Ok! Lunch over) I’m right here as usual into blogging, into Sexy Eyes song from Whigfield for the 6th time (Thanks Preeti for driving my mind to this song! And it’d eaten loads of MB’s every time I visit your page! Lol)


This is the continuation to my previous post; the extra thing that laid me off from blogging (Please yaar! We don’t care! Post something useful). But I’ve typed it half before posting the T-Nagar experience and I felt posting this along with the previous one would really test your fortitude and also as usual this story is also a big one(God! Somebody take the story-writing skill (?!?!?!) from his brain).  So if I’d posted this along with the previous entry, it would have diminished the greatness of my T-Nagar post (Do you know what is meant by greatness??). So to interest the attention of the fellow bloggers, I’m posting it in two parts (Confirmed?? Or Still more parts running in your mind. We could watch Veerasamy Part-II instead of reading yours). Ok! Accepted! Let me give you agony step-by-step (What a good thought!!!). And many of you by now would have made wild (may be mild too) guesses about what’s that mo… I mentioned in my previous post (Where I stopped my story abruptly for your wellbeing) Is it mobz (Mobz never keep me out. They inspire me to write) or is it mobile or modem. Let me break the suspense (aarghh!)Added to my T-nagar woes (?!?! Roaming in T-nagar is a blessing in disguise.  But with rain water flooding and more crowd turnout we’d little misery), I had they-called MODEL EXAMS, the icing on T-Nagar cake in my college(Doesn’t mean I go gaga over studies and a padips, bookworm blah blah) which lies in the heart of a village with unpredictable bus timings

(Sometimes 3 buses in a span of 10 minutes; no buses for an hour after which comes a fully crowded one where you have 1cm space at the steps and have to cling on to the dearest of that space if have to reach soon your places. We term it as footboarddriver brings to a halt, bus at intermediate stops in the name of ticket checking giving us grasp of air. So this travel takes you around oddly an hour and fifteen minutes (2hrs 30mins for to and fro)


Even you have gracing factors in this travel by mocking conductor; messaging friends who travel in the same bus but couldn’t spot them in the crowd and erg... Ya! Content suppressed! But when it comes to the exam hall you feel the travel agony is better than this. You are giving three valuable hours to waste in the name of exams. I look like a sorry cut out figure, starring down the barrel unable to figure out what does the question imply. 

 Reason, I could find what exam I’m supposed to write today only after reading the question paper. I don’t like to disturb my friends by asking “What exam Macho?” who are very much into reading the 16 mark question that will be coming for sure, assured by staffs and I too join with them ignoring the subject name. Three and half years as an engineering student still I couldn’t remember at least one of my subject codes. The story back into the exam hall, few in the hall are in my league, drifting their eyes around the hall to find whether they have a companion, smile mysteriously in a language only we could understand (Maps! 1 know a 2 mark! U?? Or please don’t write da! Look at the junior girl (be G) next to you) Taking it as a golden word, I look at G as if Cupid had struck his arrow for the first time (The keyword ‘first’ implies every time I look at a girl). It takes into her few minutes that someone is noticing and she looks at me. Then as if the answer for the question 13 a) ii) written at my face, she gets into her business of writing the exam.


Researchers say “Sitting in an examination hall and scratching ones head might not exactly help in memory recall. The need of the hour would be to move your eyes from side to side for 30 seconds. You might look weird doing this in an examination sitting, but it might be the only trick to recall the forgotten facts and figures. Improving memory may be as simple as getting to move the eye from one end to the other for 30 seconds every morning. This could improve memory by 10 per cent, a study suggests.” To this researcher, I got to tell a point. “Dear Sir! This is applicable for students who’ve read at least a few points so as to fill few pages and not to the ones who haven’t figured out what are the books are and still hadn’t found out where the books exist in after being excavated for Saraswati pooja (Belief that if you pray with the toughest books, you will unquestionably pass in the exams)   

And then I’ve few of my other friends (Ergg! Classmates because they are genius and they don’t fall into my list of friends! Ok! Accepted! I don’t fall in their list) who are so vigorous fighting with their pen and pouring all the is-called, it-states, it-means and all other definitions they’d learnt from the start of the semester though they know even staffs are not concerned in correcting those mockery papers. No prizes for guessing, they won’t even make use of a second to look at us by which they would’ve finished writing an answer for qn 7. I’ve no rights to blame or mock them because they’ve put into their hard effort and want that to be paid off. The problem with my exam hall is seating arrangement because being enrolled as 35, I fall into the mid-group of 21-40 (20 in a hall and 60 is the strength of my class) where I’ve girls (all) who write till 3 hours and even ask extra minutes to decorate their answer sheet by underlining the headings, and drawing lines between each answer (which I wish to do but couldn’t because I run out of words in answer paper) and guys (few) who pretend haven’t read even a word, don’t have books and YOU-KNOW-WHICH stories but manage to write something by figuring out the questions and writing some rubbish related to it and guys (few than the above few) who like me do what I’ve mentioned in the above two paragraphs(Readers will be closing this blog window if I keep on repeating the story again). The group 1-20 is better because I’ve more staring-others, flipping-pen, giggling friends in it sans AK, Nayar.


But being in the hall is again a blessing because I could do all kind of attention-seeking expressions to grab the interest of G. But it will interest the lady invigilator (I never meant them for her. Swear!! Lol) comes close to me and says “Look at your paper! Why are you trying to help her?” This is a sample for the humor sense of my professors and lecturers.  Ha Ha! I couldn’t help out my paper! How come I to her? Hope she answers my question paper better than I do. So it is I who should be seeking her help! It runs in my mind but couldn’t speak out. And then she/he starts the advise of Not-Interested, Give the paper and get out talks (But she won’t allow us), Why exams are meant, Do’s and Don’t of Exam hall, Why we took engineering (The Question still laughs in my mind) and with what beliefs (?!?!) our parents have send us to college and all those we have heard for 576th time right from school days. But I’ve to say you can watch Rahul Dravid playing a test match, Ekta Kapoor’s soaps and Karan Johar’s climax instead of listening to their so-called advice which is better and clear than their lectures and teachings (Because they won’t speak in English adding an advantage) and for those who sleep in the hall who have no idea how to kill the time and tired of looking around, speaking to the juniors by next, they get another session of advice. This is more than an entertainment for us as 30 minutes pass by thanks to their advice. Despite our Principal’s rule that we should be in the hall for full 3 hours doesn’t matter whether we write the test or not, invigilators have some soft corner for us knowing that we couldn’t stand even a minute and sends us 30 minutes before the duration collecting our use(d)-less answer sheets.  I’ve to leave the hall with broken heart failing to get G’s notice for the nth time, is still busy in filling her 14th additional sheet. Then I’ll be joined by my friends, leave to my house and get into a long sleep, tired of writing the exam (OMG!! Even God and barely used CELLO Fine grip won’t spare you) and that’s how my last few days have went by.


Thanks to rain and unblemished (?!?!) Anna University time table, we were running out of study holidays and so the last three exams were cancelled; scheduled from 23/10/08. When we were at the heights of delight listing the hang-out spots, films to watch there came a shocking news like how the villain who is vulnerable, pleading not to kill him (despite knowing that’s a gun not even fit to burst roll caps) and in a blink of an eye picks the gun from hero’s hand (he himself lets loose the gun knowing its of no use) They distributed the question papers for the cancelled exams (Snacks and Tea for staffs which we preferred) asking us to write those as assignments; provided which we get hall ticket on submission. It’s Browbeat No 2 for getting hall ticket, 1 being attending model exams compulsory which made me to sit like a fool in the exam hall and write this fascinating(?!?!) story. And so, I here blogging and writing my assignments by side. Ok! Accepted! Blogging by side with more time to assignments. Hence an end to the KEPT-ME-OFF-BLOGGING story which started at last post. Very short story indeed, shorter than KYUN KI SAAS BHI KABHI BAHU THI (From the name you could make out how shorter the serial’s episode are :) Lol)  


Once again I thank you all for devoting your time in reading this rigmarole! :) Again a happy and safe deepavali


P.S: Thos article contains fact with few being pure imagination and rest are true and factual. I leave to the readers to differentiate it!!


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arun said...

ur's strict college..?writing assignments,making u people to sit in compulsion for 3 hrs..too bad..i pity for u mate..only 2 padips among boys?really wonderful set of students..all the best for ur journey with G..

preeti said...

liked the first pic :) yummiiiieee :):) and yeah, you can spare a few MBs for hot and sexy whigfield :):) she rocks man..
ow G here s someone relly desperate for you . please say a haan ya naa soon :)
ah, anna unviersity.. will write a post abt it soon :) good gracious am outta it :) btw which coll? I am a proud SSNnite :)cheers dude:)

Ajai said...

So U wont write anyting n exam hall?? Want me to believe this?? Maxchi... This is 1000 much!! Lol! is the G, one you talked abt me last week???

Priya Joyce said...

wow the first pic was so niice..

man this too google pic na..hi hi

i too am thankful to preeti for putting tat song..its supaa cool

hehe studies r a burden in this festive season..
i hav exaaamx after ma hollz..but I am busy diwali and of

man ur T-nagar

i am brolling u

Anonymous said...

Da!!! Superb post!! Bring those snacks nxt time u visit me! And who s tat G?? Is it G no 34???

Then as if the answer for the question 13 a) ii) written at my face, she gets into her business of writing the exam

U r at best!!! Keep Rocking dude!!!

Karthik said...

@ Arun: Guess u will be seating three rows bfr ,e!!! Lol!! Journey with G??? He he!! Nice joke!! Ya!! 2 padips!!

@ Preti: I'm desparate fr G.. Thnks fr droppin n!!!

@ Ajai: No No public Public!! G is "that" Lol

@Priya: All keep on liking t yummy pics rather than ma blog.. :x.. LMAO Studies r burden nt nly n festive season but also everytime

@keke" No its G no 79 he he

Karthik B.S. said...

comment link enga nu thedi thedi paatha.. kadisila melaye irukku.. idhula solradhillaya? :(

//45th time to Simbhu. Answer from my side is ‘I would be happy and relieved if he’d not’//

sema comedy.. Ungalukkum simbu'va pidikadha? super..

Anto Paul said...

Like your writing style... Keep up the good work...

Karthik said...

@ Karthik B.S. : keep on visiting thozhare!!! ungalukum pidhikaada sombhuva???

@Ando: Thnk U dude!! keep visiting!!!

ஆயில்யன் said...

நானும் கிட்டதட்ட 3 நாளா நிறைய பதிவுகள் பக்கம் போயிட்டு வந்தேன் யாராச்சும் முறுக்கு செஞ்சு போட்டிருப்பாங்களான்னு :(

பட் இப்ப இங்க வந்தேன் பார்த்தேன் ரசித்தேன் :)) (கொஞ்சம் பெருசா போட்டிருந்தா ஸ்கீர்ன்லயை வைச்சுருப்பேன்!)


KK said...

shhhaba! kanna kattiduchi.... :D

Ensoi college life.... hmmm I miss that...

Appadiye atha muruku and other snacks fed ex panna romba appreciate pannuven :D

Kartz said...

Neat post...

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. And welcome to blogsville. Will drop-in again, soon.


Chriz said...

awesome and just awesome.. had me laffing.. keep up the ood work bro

Trinaa said...

rofl!! niceeeeeeee :))