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C for Cousin, C for Crime


As I’d promised in my last post this is where I’m goanna start my actual blogging. I was cracking my brain hard so as to write a constructive and valuable post for last three days. With my blog pal Preetz is destined to her new journey (Wishing you the entire best mate!) and another pal PJ (Exams Huh??) out for few days, I was reluctant to post a new topic as two of my frequent (and only) commenter wouldn’t be available. Lol! Ok! I was busy with my semester exams preparations and couldn’t be in touch with the outside world to find something fascinating. But then this incident came like a bolt from the blue. It is a major social issue that today’s youngsters (mobsters) deal with and is much concerned about. So it is the start I was expecting for- something that deals with the Younger generation problem. So you might have listed all the issues that struck your minds!

Nuclear deal? No

IT Meltdown? No

Share Market Crashes? No

Global Warming? No

Unemployment? No

Raj Thackrey Slap-stick comedies? No No No


Let me start with the incident that happened when I was out with my friends to Spencer Plaza after studying for few hours and desperately in need of fresh air. After roaming (No purchasing as our purses weigh less than our desires) in Music World, we were having Chenna Masala

(F*** Owner! You served us 19 chennas and billed to 20Rs. It was over in 6 gulps and we were pushed to the limits of appetite! Anyhow PJ you got a Yummy Pic!)at young girls (Like Cupid struck us with his Love Arrow) and Teen-Lovers (with Burning-Stomach as we are single). By then, I saw a girl in Baby Pink tee-Shirt (My favorite color) quoting “I HATE EVERYONE. YOU ARE NEXT” (Definitely to me) and black Jean with her friend, walking slowly clutching one another’s fingers so tightly as if they are goanna fall from the top of the mountain and stood next to us. Then I realized, her friend is not SHE, it’s HE and my conscience was shouting “Man! You’d seen her somewhere” and I said to him “Lol! It does happen every time you see a beautiful girl. She is no exception!”  Then my conscience slapped me hard and said “Damn! Think! Think! Dig hard your brain!” and then I realized the girl’s face is familiar to me and I was plowing my old memories to find her name and where I’d seen her. AISHWARYA, BANU, CINDY, DIVYA and before I could go to E, her guy saved me by calling “S****! (Name concealed for the girl’s security and my security too, incase if she is in blogger’s world and come across this profile, which is already famous… Ok! Ok! Stop!) Check this” showing his N70 to her and laughed noiselessly. As the name entered in my memory, like Google Search all the reminiscences of her started flowing. She studied with me in Eleventh standard and was one and only good looking girl in our class. She tied Rakhi (Not Rakhi Sawant) to our class guys on Raksha Bandan (The day I was absent expecting she would do because of her LOVE-VISIONS and MISSED-CALLS to her Landline) One such incident is When I called her, Dad took the phone.

ME: Hello Sir! We are from EB (Electricity Board). Is fan running in your house?

DAD: Yes Sir! Running!

ME: Then Go and catch before it runs out of your house

And before I could summon up the buried memories, I found her looking at me. I too looked at her but acted as if I’d not noticed her and was busy having a forced conversation with my friends. She’d recognized me by then and gave a smile which I returned despondently (How can you smile gleefully at a princess-look alike girl when she is with a guy with a foolhardy guy who looks better than me:x) before I could start the conversation, she said My Cousin!which is a never needed information for me (Certainly her mobile number was the thing I desired) and bid bye to me walking away from us (My life) and entered into a shop (May be my presence bothering their romance) still the fingers securely clutched. (Burning-Stomach again) No prizes for guessing, my friends started attacking me how come I knew her.

Oh!! It seems like happened to you! Either you can be the observer or point the finger at. Ok! It may or may not have happened and it’s not the concern. The thing that ridicules my mind is why girls call the guy with whom her arms are enclosed like a python constricting its victim as COUSIN? Why not friend, brother (Never!), Neighbor, Class Mate or the truth stuck in throat- ‘Boy Friend’ He he he!! This is the social issue under scanner. WHY DO GIRLS CALL BOY-FRIENDS AS COUSIN?(You never goanna Change!)

At last the research of NxgMobster states that Girls are really particular about keeping their relationship in a veil of secrecy and not ready to let it open soon! The people, they hardly and frivolously know (Like Me!) they never let slip most of the time. May be the idea behind keeping the relationship under wraps and maintaining high level secrecy like USA missions is that

Ø  Even if the relationship breaks after some time or so, no one will get to know about it.

Ø  Can avoid pestering of friends and close-ones who know the relationship say “Hi! So where about this week’s outing with your guy?”

Ø  Gives a great conceit (a little Arrogance) to fill their relationship status as SINGLE rather than legitimacy soaring COMMITTED. They still want to be out in the open as SINGLE as it would assist them getting a shop full of sweets to choose from (Ergg... I know the phrase doesn’t suit!!)

But Guys are much better in this phase as they seem to have Fortitude, nerve and all heavenly praising terms to coin Guts (?!?!)  Guys do accept the truth ‘Yes Maams! She is my would-be (or Lover, Girl friend, Aalu (a Tamil colloq word to describe Lover))’ or they plan with all precautions while choosing the outing with his girl. They select the NO-WAY-TO- SPOT locations or divert their friends that he is going out with his school friends (A lie to college mates) or with his college friends (A lie to his school mates) to beach, mall, theatre so that they won’t turn to that places (Friends will go round these places if the guy has informed he is going out with his girl. But on mentioning school or college friends, they never show any attention to it! How come you know??? Ergg… Experience Speaks!!)  And can avoid bumping into known heads and embarrassing moments overflowing with questioning and wearing a COMIC smile. But guys never bother those too much as it gives them smugness having a girl friend and they will be treated as a celebrity in their bunch of hooligans.

So why does Girls call their boyfriends as Cousins? The reasons are as follows (Note it down for future references)


Ø  To stay away from being treated as scapegoat for all gossiping and banters.

Ø  To avoid themselves being the Cynosure in their squad and looked as a SPECIAL-ONE, CHOSEN-ONE.

Ø  They feel secure and are not breaking those of societal laws stating “NO WRONG IN GOING OUT WITH COUSIN”

Ø  To inform that dumb headed boyfriend indirectly that “I MAY DITCH YOU IN THE FUTURE AS YOU ARE MY COUSIN”

Ø  The first word that strikes into their mind or the only available word in their brain lexicon when being questioned about the guy with her is “COUSIN”

Ø  Or they would’ve learned A for Apple B for Ball C for Cousin from their kindergarten.

Girls; You never know what they're going to think” and so there are many reasons (Minimum thousand) yet to be unearthed that is tougher than the job of an archaeologists tracing the  burial chambers of the Pharaohs. So the next time, if they utter C for Cousin, say to them C for Crime (Jolly! Thinking where to mention my heading in-between the post and got the lines to fill it)

So the next time, when you are out and see your friend with a guy, never ask her anything or look at her. Leave them as if you’d noticed to avert them committing the Cousin Crime.

Or if you couldn’t control your resistance, before she could open her mouth, say “He is your Cousin, right?” and give a iniquitous smile. 

Girls, remember before you utter the word ‘Co….’ we know it anyway by the way you move in public. So either grow up the guts to say the truth “LOVER” or avoid the lie “COUSIN” to save the purity of this relationship. A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other...Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time, maybe too late, or maybe forever. Few girls who visit my page may be angry or would be cursing right now.




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Priya Joyce said...

hey tats cool research.. can't say much I don't have boy

hmmm I too kindaa don't like such hypocrisy...
But I liked the way u put up tat conversation.and abt tat gal.and her frnd

and thanx for the foodie

Aparnaa said...

Really valuable post and u've listed the reasons which i too were not aware of.. Lol.. ANyhow i don't concen muc abt it as i don hav Cousin.. ergg.. Boy friends.. Tat conversation with her dad was down hilarious!!! Lemme try tat to someone!!!

Chriz said...

you call it MC.. i call it research.. haha.. on that..

and that rakhi part was kewl..
you have a funny bone indeed. kudos bro

Ramyah Subramaniam said...

Wow such a thorough research...But I can't comment on the "cousin" part since i don't have boy friends and if i ever get one i might not use the "cousin' tag:p
The conversation u had with her dad was dead hilarious

Ajai said...

Why'd not u used the LIGHT conversation with her dad?? Man.. Tat will be high'LIGHT' and the resarch s damn gud.. Lemme see hw long u'll b single!!! ur days r counted!!! A day u'll fall for the girl and the resarch turns on u!!! lol! Hilarious post mate!! U prove ur versatility and writing skill

Tara said...

Nice topic and a very well written post! :) My first time here! Girls call their BFs "cousin"? That's news to me, never come across such a couple, atleast here! I can't say much because I don't have a boyfriend, but if I do have one, I don't see the need to hide him by calling him my "cousin"! A fact is a fact, so let the truth prevail! Amen! :)

King said...

like ur sense of humour.. :)

karthi said...

A honest post. Keep posting.

Saranya said...

Really? I mean girls call/introduce their boy friends as cousins?!?! I didn't know that to be honest. Though I read the reasons as to why they do that, I still don't understand the neccessary! Ah well.
But it was a cool post, enjoyed reading it :) lyked the way you hav written it.

Usha said...

oruvelai idhu vayitherichal post-a? ;) But yes, cousin evalavo better, many are called brothers :)

swati said...

hey an intresting post..if ur research says tat gals call there bf as cousins,it cud be not cent percnt..all gals r not d same..n i disagree wid "A guy and a girl can be just friends, but at one point or another, they will fall for each other.." i believe a guy n a gal can be very good frenz..if they share a good rapport,n undrstand each othr..anyways i liked ur post a lot..

Kartz said...

Interesting... :D U gotta good sense of humour...


B'rolling you.

Trinaa said...

nice post...i hate it whn girls call their bf's cousins or relatives...pathetically irritating!!

nice post waise...n old best 4 ur xams :))))

Vin said...

hahhahhahaaa !!!
great laughs there..nice research packed with laughs..r u gonna submit the research papers to get your PhD???
its kinda sad girls refer to their boyfriends as cousins..maybe there r cultural issues..have never come across such ..
All the best for your exams n ur research:)

SKM said...

:D :D always a longggggg post. mmmm... interesting.

not all girls are like this or all boys are like you.

there are girls who never calls their friends (who are boys) as a boyfriend as it gives a difft meaning.What do you call that kind of Boy_friends?

Divya said...

Amazing flow of writing :)))

Sivaram said...

Hard hitting fact man i do agree !!!!!!

Poorna said...

Hi Karthik!first of all,I would like to congratulate you for your great style of writing.I love this piece in particular, "Name concealed for the girl’s security and my security too,"
he..he..he... humor comes naturally to you.But, can't agree much with the cousin part....

pri kutty said...

A very well-versed,amazin script..Excellent writing too..!!A topic tat's on demand as well :)But to say,i've neva seen any gul commentng a guy as "COUSIN"..But it all happns..U knw...N how many such experiences've hit u??I really need to knw more on tat part..Cause ur scribblings r tat mind-touching n hey..U must've mentiond abt her cousin's look all i need to say is,a girl n a guy can b good frns,if they really ought to!!

Alagappan said...

excellent post buddy.... :-)

Lancelot said...

machan kalakittada kaapi...

Karthik said...

@ PJ: Really no boy frnds or as i told girls try 2 keep the relation under wraps?? Lol!!! Thnks PJ!! Hope i gt any award fr ma resarch

@Aparnaa: Hare!! Valuable ah?? U wnna try ta conve?? Its fr guys.. i've gt patent!!!

@Chriz: Funny bone.. thnks Chriz

@Ramyah: Thnks!! Don use cousin on ur cousin.. ergg.. boy frnd.. lol!! Keep visiting!!

@Ajai: Light- Highlight.. Ajay.. hw cum?? Btr start a blog dude!! lol!! being single s bless man!! U r so proud 2 b committed!! A day i'll fall for girl eh?? Everyday i fall fr 6-7gals bt tats nt love dude!!

Karthik said...

@tara: Thnks tara.. Keep visiting!! This s a common sign n chennai calling their boyfrnds as cousin!! Make down a trip here, u'll find!!

@King: Thnks!! Do i have it?? lol!!

@Karthi: share my name.. Thnks buddy!! Keep visiting and I keep posting!!

@Saranya: Thnks saranya fr droppin by!! Keep visiting!! Being n London, u find it odd.. visit chennai nce!! U'll write a post on it!!

@uSha: yappaa.. Oru pen kadasiya openly accepted the fact.. ya stomach burning literally as she s my teen sweetheart!!!

Karthik said...

@swati: Thanks yaar.. Keep visiting.. Not all the girls call their BF's as cousin.. only do a few.. rest r brave enough to bottle out their relation!!

@kartz: Thnks buddy!! Keep visiting!!

@Trina: Second girl to accept my fact... thnks! Keep visitng!! Old best fr ur xams 2!!!

@Vin: Thnks mate... Naah!! Slippers if i submit fr PhD... May b 2 nobel fr Literature and Chemistry.. Giving a tough fite 2 ur resarches!!!

@SKM: Jus a frnd is alone to describe them... lol!! Thnks! keep visiting!!

@Divya: Thnks divya! Keep posting ur comments!! Don do stop!!

Karthik said...

@Sivaram: Thnks buddy fr accepting!! U two had xperience ah??

@Poorna: Thnks poorna fr admiring my writing style!! Keep visiting!!

@Prikutty: Thnks fr droppin by... mmm.. around sme 4gals till date!! Boy frnd luk damn macho like!!

@Alagappan: thnks buddy!! keep visiting!!

@Lancelot: Thnks machi!!