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Seven Wonders of the Wor(L)d


It’s been a long time. I’ve crossed half the river fairly (referring to my Semester exams) and have to get away three more famished crocodiles, waiting with their mouths wide open so as to get back into the Blogging territory. So what am I doing with my exams still on? Anyhow I’m goanna read the night before exam and so blogging doesn’t make any difference as I’m sitting idle, crunching snacks, books opened with chapters unknown, pages running faster than Usain Bolt and mind immersed in thoughts like “Why the F**K I took Engineering?”, “Oh God! Still more a year! Please pass me!” and after finding God will help me if only I’d studied a few pages, get into act of serious reading the day before. Why don’t you study the whole year and spend night(s) before exam?

“Because, it’s easy to walk by the river side. But the thrill of riding the boat in a storm is something different”

Mmmmm… If I’d used this knowledge of making out theories and theorems in exams, I would have faired. How and all I’ve to make up things to hide my idiocy?? So this is just a small post as I’ve to get back into my studies now. I’ve got a paper called DSP means Degree Stopping Paper. It’s not the real augmentation; the real being Digital Signal and Processing. If craps had kept such a tough subject at my Final year for which even few authors are confused how to prepare a book, definitely it’s worth the name of degree stopping. So coming back to the business, while I was in my thoughts with DSP, my ass was vibrating. Scared, a DEVIL from the book

(the book is really devilish) popping out like Aladdin-Genie, I stood up to find my mobile blinking-

1Message Received.

It was really wonderful message and I would like to share it with you.

Seven Amazing facts

1.       90% of people in Myanmar don’t drink milk (PJ... Happy??) 

2.       Snake’s vision is up to 5km

3.       A man can touch sun if his body is completely surrounded by Mercury

4.       No twins have been born since now in Greenland

5.       Zebra don’t have Lungs

6.       A man can be invisible if he is radiated with radio active gold and painted with titanium Bronze

7.       All the above details are false


Frustrated? Want to smack your head hard at anything? Even I felt the same! But since I couldn’t get hold of that Intelligent Discovery Channel Creative Head, I’m settling my scores with you. Try it on your other friends and get their response. If positive, give the credit to me and if Negative “DON’T EVER PULL MY LEGS” am not responsible for it. Lol!! Relieved you all with a small post this time!! But next time, i'll back with a BIG BANG THEORY!!!

                                                       Thanks! Keep visiting!!

18 Droplets:

Alagappan said...

surely exam time is synonymous with dreaming.. :-)

Priya Joyce said...

haha lol
we is ur exam?

andd btw wat engg r u doing?

one more thing ..I don't like milk..huh!

Anonymous said...

U r a crap!! Ur brain has been damgd with xams!! Made me to waste 5mins n my life with those useless facts!!bI pray 2 God all the devils gt into u fr DSP xams!!! The nly useful s ur theory on studying day bfr xams!!!

Aparnaa said...

adCrocodiles or Anacondas??? :) Not ur best!! It's so short!! May be the exam fear has bludged ur brains!!! I believed on the 4th point of twins!!!

Ajai said...

Utter waste post!!! Will add it n Crap List!!!! Only the heading interests me!! No job??? Back n Big Bang!!!

preeti said...

funny facts :) cheers :))

Sivaram said...

Man i started sharing it whith my frd while reading :(

Praveen said...

hahahha ...three more famished crocodiles...loved tht ..
u seem to be an electronics engineer..thank God I was in mech, and had a gr8 time watching this electronics guys toiling it out:P

and for those 7 gonna kill u:DDDD

Anonymous said...

Guess what this post i read i really dnt put my (scarce) brain to much work (never do!)
:) thanx for visiting!
and really deliberately not commenting for the below "male chauvinistic post ;PP)

Tara said...

Hehe! Those facts were really "headbanging"! Three more famished crocs...hehe! Come back soon! Back with a big bang! Haha! :)

Saranya said...

Very nice post karthick :) enjoyed reading!!

Poorna said...

Hi Karthik!Even my sister is doing her final year engineering and have heard her saying that DSP is a difficult paper!!So you are not the only one!!All the best.

Karthik said...

@Alagappan: Yep!! Even n xam halls i do sleep!!

@priya Joyce: Today was my DSP xam.. Am doin my final yr Engg in CSE!!!

@Keke: ya!! Crackd to the core!! tats y ma DSP gone :(

@Aparnaa; Yeah!! u think gr8.. They are worse than Anacondas!!

Kartz said...

Ok... I think I'll open a can of worms here. I really enjoyed DSP!

As for those "facts"... :P Read 'em before.


Chriz said...

haha. i wanna kick ya now.. and big bang theory.. i am having new thoughts now.. dont corrupt my head

Karthik said...

@Ajai: I knw dude.. Nothin came n my mind.. so posted this 2 frustrate the bloggers!! Kandippa i'll b back.. but adhuvum wil b mokka!!!

@Preeti: ha haai... aftr a long time ma mate back 2 blogging.. keep visiting!!!

@Sivaram: Gt gud comments or bad comments dude frm ur frnd??

@praveen: No dude!!! I'm COmputer Science bt hav 2 study this paper 2 gt degree

Karthik said...

@Verbivorehere: No prob akka!! U keep visiting!!

@tara: Thnks tara!! Full flow aftr nov-28

@Poorna: Hw did sis find the paper poorna?? It was such horrendous nitemare.. has she done DSP??

@kartz: u enjoyd DSP??? Must b such a padips i guess dude!!

@Chriz: Compromise.. No violence!!

Kartz said...

Padips lam unnum ille... Just one of the subjects that really interested me.