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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na- Good

Whatever Aamir Khan touches seems to be turning into gold. First Lagaan, then Taare Zameen Par (To which I’ll review later as I’ve not watched it completely) and now Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, although not in the same league, is yet another successful attempt from Aamir Khan productions.

Say what you will, but it’s impossible to come out with a work of art when you are dealing with a most unoriginal and beaten-to-death themes like a teenage/college romance. And Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is by no means a path breaking, extraordinary movie.  Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is just another movie that the Bollywood factory churns out by the dozens every year. What work for Jaane Tu are the well etched characters, performed brilliantly by the actors. It’s not just the main characters, but even the supporting characters that add a lot of value to Jaane Tu.

The story? The scenes? Common it’s what you see in 10 out of 10 love films. But the magic here, however, lies in the lines, the characters, the words, and yeah, a 'feel' as fresh as the fruits and vegetables in RELIANCE FRESH. The story can be said in a line. But the script, as it plays out, is damn tight and adds all the colors that could please the audience. And the screenplay is good. What makes Jaane Tu special -- as is the case with most films about friendship -- is a rock-solid ensemble cast that is mouthwateringly perfect! This is a hell you love nice set of good actors, with refreshingly unfamiliar faces.

The film starts with a group of friends telling a story about Jai and Aditi while waiting for them at an airport. The movie keeps on moving from flashbacks to the present as the friends narrate the story. Jai Singh Rathore a.k.a Rats (Imraan Khan)is a Rajput who doesn’t believe in violence (for which even Gandhiji would’ve cried on seeing him) and Aditi Mahant a.k.a Meow (Genelia D’Souza), a cute and violent girl. They fight like crazy but just can’t live without each other. The spunky, foul-mouthed Aditi and the cool, scrawny Jai are extremely close but vehemently deny they are in love even as the world believes these two seemingly incompatible souls are made for each other. They are almost a made for each other couple, their parents know this, friends know it, but they believe they are just great friends, no more, no less. Does friendship turn into love?

Director Abbas Tyrewala has executed the script with brilliance. The film is made deftly about friendship, fibs and falling for the obvious. The first half is almost flawless, a simple tale of friendship and love, that either makes you smile or laugh. The second half could have been better. It tends to drag a tad bit at times and gets predictable when Genelia is engaged. The writer should have opted for a different climax and made it slightly more believable. The dialogues are witty, hilarious at times and brilliant. Right from the film's opening, when A.R. Rahman’s gloriously Jazzy Tu Bole track floats Dolby-exploitingly from speaker to speaker, with just the film's name for on-screen company, a smile is thrust almost forcibly upon you. This is a film about 'feel,' your gut says -- and damn, it feels good.

Imraan overall makes a solid debut, smooth enough to look like he shaves thrice a day, (Gillette) and not once does he go over the top. It's a simple, candid, relatable act -- no frills, no fuss, no muscles, and no attitude. A good restrained performance; this actor will surely go a long way. While Imran Khan is not in the same league as another youngster Ranbhir Kapoor (Saawariya) in the acting department, he is light years ahead of dodos like Abhishek Bachchan, Harman Baweja, Ajith Kumar, Vijay and Tushar Kapoor. The young lad is fairly easy and comfortable in front of the camera.

Genelia D’Souza’s expressions alone are worth the price of the ticket(ergg... More then the price of DVD) . She oozes cuteness and performs well. Genelia is an absolute corker, all firecracker eyes and irrepressible smile. She's spirited and natural, playing a wildcat and a whimper, and it's very hard to resist her. Abbas has used her perfectly, bringing her Aditi in every time your inner cynic might need a shut-up-and-smile punch. But she does go overboard sometimes (Being a Genelia mad-fan, it doesn’t matter me!! lol) I'm drooling on her!!! :)

Manjari Phadnis looks good (OK! OK!), acts well. Ratna Pathak Shah (Is she a veteran??) is superb and Naseeruddin Shah in a short role is just perfect. The director has managed to extract excellent performances from every other character actor.

It’s not just Imran Khan and Genelia that turn in respectable performances. Other members of the college gang like Alishka Varde does well as Bombs, the slow one; Karan Makhija adds character as the pessimistic Rotlu (But doesn’t fit like a college goer!! I thought must be a Professor friend); Nirav Mehta is excellent as Jignesh, the one persistent yet affectionately etched caricature in the film; and then there's Sugandha Garg as the spirited, nickname-giving Shaleen, full of spunk and so hot she makes you want her number (Vodafone or Airtel dear). The Chemistry between the gang of 6 friends makes us feel as we are into it. And in between this whole crowd is Prateek Babbar who comes up with a solid debut performance as he plays Genalia's brother. 

My favorite moment in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na -- and there are many -- comes early on, when Ratna Pathak Shah, playing Jai's mother, is shocked to see a sobbing Aditi being led into the house. Jai explains that she has just realized college is finally over. Aditi nods, saying she doesn't know where the last five years vanished. Shah, fantastically supercilious and affectionate at once, delivers a line that will have mothers in the audience blowing wolf-whistles: On the phone, beta. On the phone.” (Nothing to do with my Life as I wudn't b talking with any girls... ehmmmm.. Ok! Ok!)

Scenes that stand out in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

  • Aditi’s parents and Jai’s discussion on the engagement
  • Scene between Amit and Aditi, his confession. Heart warming and brilliant!
  • Aditi begins to realize her love for Jai only when Manjari Phadnis enters the scene. The jealousy, sadness and lament is executed and performed perfectly.
  • When Amit takes Aditi into his room. (Background Music stands!!)
  • Scenes between Jai’s mother and his dead father (he talks from a portrait).  The Three requirements of the Rajput were admirably executed before Climax

The film is not free from problems. Besides the hackneyed story, there were quite a few weird scenes. Like for instance, when the scrawny Jai lands quite a few punches on Aditi’s better-built ex-fiance Sushant. Also, the comedy angle with Paresh Rawal, who plays a police inspector, could have done with better integration with the rest of the movie. Manjari gives up Jai with few heart-touchy dialogs and a kiss (Wuhhh!!) is really funnier than Shah’s dialogs. The second half gets a bit lengthy (Looking at my watch and pressing the time remaining option recurrently) and the number of clichés gets to us once in a while. Like the airport ending scene, honestly I didn’t like the climax (insane) but that’s what you can expect from an Indian film. Hero and heroine re-united and happily ever after. It would suck if the film didn’t have a climax like this. Irony!!


While A.R.Rahman’s music in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is by no means his best work, it’s not the dregs either. For the most part, the music in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is tolerable. My favorites were being Kabhi Kabhi Adithi and Pappu Can’t Dance Saala. Rajeev Soorti’s cinematography is worth mentioning and vivid.

Abbas underscores what the pretty Mala (Renuka Kunzru) realises at the airport, that the magic of a story lies in its telling. And the rag-tag bunch of narrators he's created does an absolute bang-up job-- but all love stories which have you falling for the girl are automatically magical.

Overall, Jaane Tu is immensely enjoyable and high on entertainment. For no matter how maddeningly filmi the climax, Oh come on, go in fresh for this one and enjoy it unfold!!

Mr.Critic 5-Star: *** 1/2

PS: 1/2 For Genelia.. lol!!

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Anonymous said...

Good review.. But I feel even with the half star to ur Droolabe Jenelia, it should b 3!! :) Wat happened to ur humour flow?? Missing in this review?? R u a serious critic?? I'm craze on IMRAAN!!! And as u said The climax was THIS-IS-WHAT-THE-WHOLE-WORLD-KNOWS... And i'm lookin frward u to review on DRONA or TASHAN.. Cn xpect sme F**K and Humor in it.. CN u?? I knw its nt watchable n DVD also.. lol!!!

Ajai said...

Lol!!! Kerthu hadnt read the post fully.. Humour s scattered at little bits... But Maapi i wonder hw cum u had t time 2 post this despite doing disastrously ur Cryptography.. well u'd 2 giv treat if u pass in it!!! and comin 2 ur post Sugandha Garg is nt using ur Damn BSNL network fr sure...

Scene between Amit and Aditi, his confession. Heart warming and brilliant!

Even i liked it.. and Naseruden Shah scenes all are nice buddy!!! And as Kerthu said u cn review on DRONA but i wonder will u stay alive aftr watching it!!!

Tara said...

The review was well written! Good job. I personally, didn't like JTYJN, I thought it was ridden with cliches, really. But I respect Tyrewala as a script writer, he has given us some really good scripts.

As for Rahman sir, I think this music just wasn't his genre, it was completely different from his usual fare. But I think, he did a good job with the peppy beats. I particularly love the Kahin Toh song.

And yes, one more thing. Rajeev Soorti is the choreographer, and not the cinematographer. Manoj Lobo is the cinematographer of JTYJN. :)

GAYATHRI said...

lol!!a very cute movie!!genelia,s always chirpy..she deserves more than a 1/2[;)]..nice review!!
well..i still am in the "wats this"game hangover[:p]

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hey latecomer :) ,
JTYJN was cool , it really was , but i still think genelia has to work on her hindi accent ( not that u mind do u ? :P)
by the way who are ajith & vijay?? :O
as for imran k. & ranbir k. :) :) :) since you have already taken the names of my two current fav guys i love your post .good going

Kartz said...

Am not a movie buff... And I rarely watch one. So... My comment here will be WAY off track. In fact, it's a reply...

I majored in ECE. So, had to learn a LOT more dsp than IT/CSE. Was held up cos of my assessments. Hence the delay...

Anyway, I think DSP - II awaits you? (If you belong to ECE) It's about processors. I wont be able to help you with tht (may be with the programming; but NOT with the theory...) DSP - I (MATLAB and stuff) is way way better than II.

Exams over..? Good luck...

Ramyah said...

Good piece though comes in quite late (as Imran's second movie is already out). I enjoyed the movie throughly and all the casts did their job neatly.

King said...

my day doesnt end without hearing kabhi kabhi.. :)

swathi paul(dew drop) said...

Din't expect a review from an engineering student.More shocked when i felt the job was good

Anonymous said...

and who was telling me i watch a lot of movies????
watched the movie long time back ;P july i i just remember it was nice despite the typical storyline..and yeah i perfectly agree with u..genelia is just adorable..went for her alone

Priya Joyce said...

ahaa I got the whole story of the film frm ur web log..I actually didn't see it..:P
nice review dude

Vin said...

hahhahha...good one there!!

but i love baby faced vijay:)chochweet:):)

the music is soulful..especially the soft numbers..n i LOVE Imran Khan.

Senorita said...

@ Karthik...I have not seen this movie yet...though I keep getting advise like ..."see this movie, you will love it" like these people know me like an open book...but after reading this review...might go and buy a DVD and check it out for myself :)

Aparnaa said...

Good review man.. Already ur mobile contact s flooded wit girl's no... U want Sugandha Garg no?? I'm a big fan of IMRAAN and GENELIA so no qualms in ths review.. Expected u to wrote.. "GENELIA VIBRANT LIKE MY FRIEND APARNAA" missed it.. Next review u shd writ it.. teek hein?? Common.. nothing 2 blame climax... Genelia oozing out her charms make it worth watch!!! Xpecting mre reviews!!!

Karthik said...

@Keke: This gitl don't like LOVE movies!!! lol!! Tke hale the star for IMRAN then!!

@Ajai: Thnks fr comin 2 ma rescue buddy!! I've reviewed on Drona mate!! I survived!!! Sure treat if i pass Cryptography!!

@Tara: Thnks fr notifying mate.. AR s not at his best in JTYJN!!

@Gayathri: Genelia fan?? Thnks fr droppin mate!!

@ I'll try 2 be truthful: I don't mind.. I'm worse than her.. Keep visiting!!

Karthik said...

@Kartz: No DSP-I, DSP-II buddy.. Its DSP and full of problems... Xams over.. will ping u aftr ma results on it.. I totally frgt wat i'd learnt!!

@Ramyah: The cast s big plus!! Thanks Ramya!! keep dropping!!

@King: Nice song king!! Aditi has De has De.... I've gt the lyrics frm net and mugging it up but not sure of ite meaning!!!

@swathi paul(dew drop): Was it good??? Thanks!! mmm.. I've mre interests n films than engineering!!

@verbivorehere: ANother Genelia fan??? Thnks mate!! Keep visiting!!

Karthik said...

@Priya Joyce: Bt watch it PJ fr Genelia.. hope u'll??

@Vin: i do Love Vijay.. Lets Start a fan club?? Lol!!!

@Senorita: Oh!! If u like it, pat me.. If u dislike it, ergg... sorry am nt responsible!!

@Aparnaa: Genelia like aparnaa?? Oh ho!! I missed it.. Also IMRAAN like Karthik (ME!!!!) lol!!