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Mobile Story 3310 to 1600- Philosophy of Life


Don’t close the page thinking this is a sequel to Harman Baweja’s Box-office bomb LOVE STORY 2050. As I mentioned in my last post, the F**King DSP got over on Tuesday. It was really a nightmare to write.

The paper was so lengthy (Both the questions as well as answers) and my Calculator showed nothing but MATH ERROR to all my inputs. One of my friends was terribly upset has he’d not have sufficient pages (Oye! 44 isn’t enough for you) to work out all the sums. He could work only four and half out of five (Bloody Hell!! It is equivalent to nine and half questions). The pattern for 16 marks questions is split up to into 2 eight marks as a) and b). But those eight marks were actually 16 marks questions, means we’ve to write for 160 marks instead of 80. Despite that I’d sufficient pages (worked out for only 34 pages... No wonder how?? Lol!!). My other friend had pages but no time. He is basically a slow writer and with a lenggggggttttthyyyyyyyyyyyyyy paper like this, his choices were less. Even I too didn’t have time, the difference being his cause for writing and mine for giggling at my friends who looked all at sea like me. The Degree Stopping Paper turned into a Disaster Semester Paper for all my friends but still we’ve hope in the Evaluator to make us pass. I pray my Evaluator should be like thinking “This Guy has tried to do something. He has a little DSP in him. Let me put grace marks and pass him!” while correcting my paper. Ergg… Six times lucky why couldn’t I be the Seventh-time? Ergg... Have to console myself with these words and they are my Quantum of Solace.


Worse is my friends started pinging me with calls & messages- “Machi!!! Dumeela?” (Dumeel is a Tamil word means ‘Out’) with a sticking-out-tongue, winking smiley and LOL at the end so as to find a partner-in-failure and to raise their spirits.

Even worse, they started discussing answers; analyzing step marks (as if they are goanna prepare the ‘KEY’) and bring themselves close to the line of passing like an athlete who has reached 99m in 100m race only he is held by a masked figure- the Evaluator. After listening to their answers and weighing up with what I’d written, I’m like an athlete running backwards; 80, 65, 43, 23 ,10, 6, 0 and now in the start lane looking wild as if I’d not heard the bullet sound and searching for my fellow athlete-friends to give me a company. To avoid dampening my spirits and add nails to my woes (as if you feel sad??), I cut the call “What da??? Couldn’t hear you?? Hello…. Hello... Signal Problem Machi!! Call you later!!” and stared my mobile which changed my life from being good to average to worst.  

I was class first in my Standard-12 examination (Note, not School first, so avoid the vision of me as a Bookish and Padips. Padips is a Tamil word referring to both the genders who consider books and studies as their other soul and promptly, KNOW-IT-ALL) with 93.5% (shows the status of my class) Then my dad thought the first privilege for Indian Citizen once he enters into college is getting a mobile. But the genuine motive is to TRACK me. I used to roam around Chennai with my friends, doesn’t matter what the time being. To avoid me knocking door at late-nights and to track my whereabouts like FBI, I was given a brand new first mobile- Nokia 3310.

Don’t laugh. It was what my dad said when he got me the mobile “Brand New! You couldn’t get anywhere” and I realized it’s not new only after few days of my college where I’d seen my classmates using Camera, MP3, FM, Alarm Clock, VGA, 200 SMS store, Memory card and all the new words I could hear related to mobile. Yep! My dad was right. I couldn’t get a mobile like this anywhere because it’s outdated. I hope the readers would’ve known the features of this mobile. For those not, let me summarize

  • No FM, Camera, MP3
  • No storing of Picture messages and Ringtones in Inbox
  • Ur Inbox full if it has 5 messages and no Sent items
  • It is a color mobile with colors being black and green (backlight). Like a dual sim-card it’s a dual-color model.
  • A battery that is fit only for this model. All the Nokia mobiles use a similar battery (VL BC-5 I guess after looking at my current mobile’s one… lol!!)

Despite all this, I loved it as being my first mobile and had games like SNAKE, SPACE IMPACT, BANTUMI and PAIRS which you couldn’t find in most of the other models (Crap! Who cares those games? Your mobile not even has the basic features). It is where I learnt how to send SMS (for which the Keypad started crying after a while as I got addicted to it) and to activate dictionary that enabled to enter text with one keystroke.  When I joined college, I strongly believed that I would never need a mobile through my life; never did I realize that soon I would also become an android squirming it and torturing it like a SAW series Psyche (Tats how my dad call me) Nibbled by SMS bug, everyday I wake up see my INBOX full and No space for new messages with the ENVELOPE icon blinking tirelessly as I keep on deleting messages- all saying “GOOD MORNING” ,“GREAT DAY AHEAD” (Meeting  guys like you ahead in few hours, forgetting to write assignments and records as engrossed in SMSing you, its goanna be a Great Day with the Professors) or some Forward messages like “SUN SHINES blah blah” “MOON GOES DOWN blah blah” “SHIMMERING LIGHT blah blah” and all poetic Blah blah with Good Morning at the footer. At nights, change SUN to MOON and MOON to SUN and Morning to Night, get back the same message. At first I liked their creativity and dedication in messaging me (There are Jobless! Being my friend what else big job they have??) But soon getting used to it I started deleting the messages as soon as I read the first line if it has some poetic lines like SUN, WIND, MOON, BREEZE, FLOWER and all craps.

The days went with me watching the horrid mega serials with mobile in one hand messaging to my friends criticizing the show, having my dinner with mobile in one hand criticizing my mom’s dinner ignoring my dad’s WHY-DID-I-GET-HIM looks, during my sleep (late night 12) with mobile hidden under my blanket, even under my pillow criticizing the dreams I’d went through before his message woke me up. (Every time they wake me when I was to propose to Genelia, Bhavana and…. Wait wait… they are not my Girl-friends, cine actresses. Click the name to get their images) As my energy get used up to SMSing, I stop my dance show (Nach Mobliye) on keypad stage and refresh myself before getting into the Dance (during which I get No Space for New messages, all being “BUDDY! REPLY!” “WHERE YOU WENT??” worried of where this lazy soul went off) and my marks dropped shoddier than the current Sensex dip from 93.5% to 70% (Still I’m clinging onto it dearly like an action hero holding the cliff at climax) It rose to 72, 73 sometimes but never did it crossed the magical figure of 80%. I even stopped using mobile during my Second year so that I could get back to what I was before. My mobile looked like a sorry-cut-out figure whose keypads where relieved from my hands and the charger was took once in three days compared to thrice a day. And the change it brought in my marks was from 72% to 70% then I realized the mistake is not with my mobile; but with me. :) Enough of putting the blame on the innocent doohickey and for the festive season, my dad exchanged first mobile (sob, sob) to which the salesman gave YOU-STILL-OWN-IT look and got a new mobile Nokia 1600, my present mobile celebrating its one and half th year anniversary now.

I stopped messaging to my friends (they stopped literally) thanks to networks making SMS chargeable. (But I use BSNL which provides unlimited SMSing and also advantageous because you won’t get Signal for BSNL so mostly “MESSAGE SENDING FAILED”) and the only worrying thing, they do message only during exam time saying “THIS IS SOME CRAP. If You Ignore, Delete you’ll fail in your exams. So forward to all your friends (say 10, 15)” I’ve never forwarded and deleted as soon as I read the header, never had I failed in my exams except those UNIT, CYCLE,MODEL exams conducted by our college (which I never read and so do I, mentioned it in my last post. Click here!) If you have the habit of forwarding such, please avoid the name of Jesus, Vinayaka and other Gods in your pranks. It doesn’t mean I’m a Bhaktimaan and Theist. Believe in yourself instead of these stupid messages. And my mobile’s keypad still looks new as I didn’t burn the Dance floor like I did in my previous season. It’s a record if I send more than 30messages a day and strictly “NO TO SENDING FORWARDS” (But I like receiving to increase my message count :) Lol) This mobile has got the outdoor games like Cricket, Football in it and I’m addicted to it.


Despite my dad’s offering of new mobile this Deepavali for crossing 75% in Last Semester exams (which both of us never expected and came as a shock to us), I’m happy and contended with this mobile so that I can avoid another post of claiming my mobile is responsible for my BRAIN-F(R)AIL as it is loaded with MP3, CAMERA diverting me from studies. As I told before BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and my conviction is am not so dedicated to studies. I learn what are important, concepts rather than theories. Even the paper I gave on Tuesday has nothing to do with my future except to hold a degree; I need to pass this paper. The Namesake study is fit for engineering. Mugging up theories, vomiting out is what I hate the most and that’s why I lose my marks as I hate to write stories (lol!! Really?? From the way you present your post, it doesn’t look like what you’d said!!!) And that’s what this all F**Ked up Engineering is about.  I set a goal to study concept papers and get a decent score in it and useless theories are where I’m helpless; studying so as to pass.


The world might say (Even my parent) the way I’m handling my life, I could get into serious trouble. Life is not about fun and merriment and you should be serious in it. So are all the serious ones were successful?? What’s going to happen in the future? I do what my heart tells me and in the future I don’t want to blame anybody that my life got ruined because of this and this you and you. No matter what my life becomes, I know it’s like this because of me. So I’ll be happy (and that’s why I’m not worried about my DSP performance). Too Much of Philosophy and blade, isn’t it?? But that’s me! I’m my Favorite!!


MORAL:  Having a mobile doesn’t feeble your brain but reading this kind of useless posts, wasting your time definitely will… Lol!! (Also wasting the time in blogging by typing this post regardless of the next two exams next week… Reason, its Programming subject and so I’m literally and on the paper strong in it)


Thanks!! Keep Visiting!!

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Chriz said...

digital signal processing chased me too.. it was a deadly chase.. and the mobile detail was funny

Ramyah said...

Wow! I think u haven't come out of the exam syndrome (writing leeenghty explanations)yet.LOL.Can see that you're venting out your depression. My dad got me the same outdated Nokia as my first phone too. I call that BRICK phone ..very useful to throw at people who irritates me enormously.Anyways thanks for dropping by and good luck for you too.

Anonymous said...

Budddy!!! Nice 2 see u posting lengthy ones aftr ur last post was horrid!!! I really enjoyed it.. So u gt the writing skill back nto u aftr the escape from famished crocodiles... And ur moral was 100% right... Reading ur post damages one's brain lol!!! And i really liked ur philosophy of life... "I'm my Favorite" Gr8 lines da!!!

Aparnaa said...

Karthik... What a writing style man!!! I'm blown away.. Started frm xams then went to mobile and how u deal with life!!! i'd the same qn why did he cme blogging despite having xams.. bt that last note was really well written da...

//I don’t want to blame anybody that my life got ruined because of this and this you and you. No matter what my life becomes, I know it’s like this because of me. So I’ll be happy (and that’s why I’m not worried about my DSP performance). Too Much of Philosophy and blade, isn’t it?? But that’s me! I’m my Favorite!! //

This s the Gr8 lines in all of ur post... U have gt such a flow in ur writing style connecting all the irrevelant issues bringin it under a roof!!! I enjoyed it lik anything!!!

Anonymous said...

ur writings are really cool!!! i always admire the way u talk and write but this is one of ur master pieces... its really superb!!! i jus love the spirit u got within urself...

Priya Joyce said...

haha on the I had a very good laugh..huh..
this is supaa post

Karthik said...

didnt complete...Have a low battery...will read completely and comment back :(

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

By god ! that's what I call a lengthy post :O.
I hate those forward or fail msgs , feel like fwding all of em to the duffer who created 'em *alas sms'es are not free*
my funda with sems ?? sem khatam tension khatam.
*best of luck with th results*

Vin said...

damn cool title yaar:):)

All the best for ur exams, but u dont need it probably with the kinda preparations u've all bored n blogging :):)

quite a hilarious post n nostalgia for me:)

the images reminded me of a forwarded mail..very funny solutions those :):)

Senorita said...

@ post man... you rock...all the best for ur papers...and loved the jokes on the "EVALUATOR"...It brings back memories of the days when I was studying for my CA papers...I imagined them in my mind as Arnold in Terminator...when you sneak across the finish line when he was not looking...the EVALUATOR gives you a mean look and says "You'll be back!!!"....hehehe....

hey my first mobile was also a 3310 :))

Ajai said...

Ha ha!! Happy 2 see u caught by DSP paper.. i've been taken to hell like Chriz!!! Told u bfr buddy concentrate in it and not easy 2 clear thru.. Bt don worry.. I knw abt u and u wud've wriiten smething atlest 2 pass!!! Man!! The flow of ur writing s amazing.. the way u've knitted the incidents.. thought it wud b cry sob on xams.. then 2 mobile.. connected it superbly with ur education and personnel life.. I'm gonna gt tat brain frm u!! LOl!! But gud strike back aftr disappointing last post!!

swathi paul(dew drop) said...

I Hate my cell phone.but it helps during extremely boring lecture classes to message some long forgotten friend and helps me avoid crap conversations with usuallly unplesant and unintersting people when they are around.i can always pretend that im messaging obama or putin with a serious expression while all that i would be doing is sending forwardsformir

Karthik said...

@Chriz: Lol! Did u mangae 2 escape??

@Ramyah: Ya! i frgt 2 mention it RAMYAH.. Brick Model it is.. Pray the safe of people who throw at u!!

@keke: Thnks dear!! Treat??

@Aparnaa: Ur praising make me feel head-weight!!! I'm nt taking it to my head.. cool karthik cool.. no Don't take.. Lol...

@Sandhya: Thnks dear!! Really u like my talking??

@Priya: Happy u'd a laugh.. lol.. thnks buddy!!

@Karthik: no prob dude!!!

Karthik said...

@ i'll try 2 b truthful: Thnks! Pray tat i shd pass!!!

@Vin: thnks dear!!

@Senorita: EVALUATOR as TERMINATOR?? tats y u call THE JUDGEMENT DAY!!! Lol

@Ajay: Mr.Infy.. I need ur brain.. once v sawo, u r gonna b kicked out frm ur office as my brain s garbage!!

@Swati Paul: first time here!! thnks Buddy!! Do u have age-old cellpone lik me!! Msging during class hrs s bad.. listen 2 t class (Listen who says!! SLAP SLAP!!)