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F for Friend: Part-3; F for Fitness

Friendship is a sanctuary that we find solace in when the rest of the world seems so inhospitable. To have friends — who we can share our lives with and to whom we can turn — is a blessing and perhaps something too often taken for granted. We all want a healthier friendship but friendship keeps our life healthier and better (Here comes the Doctor disguised as Engineer. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Ok! Lemme Introduce Dr.Buddy)

C: Shall I Get in Dr?

DR: Come Mr. Misery

C: How you know, I’m in…

DR: Face speaks stronger than words.

C: Doctor! I’m mentally upset. I was let down by all my friends and now I feel like stranded alone in a desert!! Aarggghhh!!

DR: Let down by friends?

C: Yeah Doctor!

DR: Friends never let you down. If they do, then they are not friends

C: Dr, We are…. Sorry were good friends. We used to meet daily, chat for hours and go out thrice a week. We were in good terms. Even 2 days back we went to….

DR: to??? If any wrong place, (slowing down his voice) whisper into my ears

C: No Dr. I’m aware of those diseases and not that kind of youth. We went to DRONA- AB Jr’s film. After that nothing was good for us!

DR: Which friend could digest if you pick him to a film like Drona? Merlin’s beard, thank he just ditched you. I would’ve murdered, after the show ended

C: Dr. Are you serious? Was it the reason?

DR: Just kidding.  So do you watch cartoons?

C: Yeah, I love Dr. Tom and Jerry is my favorite

DR: There you are. Good friends are like Tom and Jerry. Sometimes small fights and scraps keep them apart but they always come back together to run a very long episode 

C: I couldn’t get you doctor

DR: (scanning him through his spectacles) because you couldn’t get what is friendship!

C: Any prescriptions?

DR: What you need is a tablet of Good friend daily

C: How long I’ve to take it Doctor?

DR: Until the end of your life

C: Any Benefits I get Doctor?

DR: The health benefits of friendship include a longer, healthier life. Plus, being a good friend makes your life more fun, interesting, and easy to handle!If you're depressed, recuperating from an illness, or stressed you'll heal and deal faster with friends. Another health benefit of friendship is that when you have even one best or close friend, your attitude and ability to deal with stress and problems is greatly increased. And again you wouldn’t be complaining to me that I’m Stressed and broke-up.

C: But Doctor! I Love spending time with my Lover. I feel nothing can equal benefits of leisure with a lover.

DR: You do have a lover?? (Suspicious) Irony!!

C: Do I look bad?

DR: Neither do you. But someone finding a lover couldn’t find a True friend is hard to believe. Surprisingly, even spending time with an intimate partner doesn't provide the same health benefits as friendship. Good friends offer a different kind of support than lovers, siblings, parents, or children do. Good friends provide a different level of understanding and communication -- and this positively affects your health, wellness, and attitude. Researchers haven’t figured out exactly how, but friends boost your immune system. Good friends help you relax, take a deep breath, and remember what really matters – and why. The connection and relationship you feel when you’re with your friends boosts your feelings of hope, faith, and belief that things will be Okay. Friends provide comfort and companionship, laughter and honesty, keep you motivated and energized! This is why it's important to know how to be a good friend.

C: Thank you so much Doctor! You made my day! Fees?

DR: Your friendship. Let you start with me! Friends don’t need fees.


When a person expects care from you, it doesn’t mean that there is no one to care, the care from you is very special than that from anyone else in the world. A strong bonding doesn’t need daily messages and doesn’t always need calls. As long as the thoughts live in the heart, true understanding never departs.


Think about who your friends are and what you would do for them. How much would you sacrifice to help a friend that really needs you? Would your friends go out of their way to help you when you really need it? 

"What about Me?"

You could ask yourself if you are a good friend and if you have good friends. Do you help your friend to be a better person, discourage your friend from engaging in sinful acts, (like watching Salman Khan’s films) and be there for your friend when you are needed? Does your friend do the same for you? 

However, the type of friend that you are to others usually defines your character. When you look back, how will you be remembered as a friend? How will your friends remember you? 

A good friend will not let you do something stupid unless they do it with you. A true friend is hard to come by sometimes. So if you have one, treasure them like a precious jewel.


To be continued.... (After watching Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)

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Lancelot said...

First Comment

Lancelot said...

Nanba...the first friends series post which you posted without discussing with me...thats why I am writing the comment about it in detail (not less than 10 words)...well as you said a friendship should be like Tom and Jerry...But its always better if you are JERRY so you can kick friend's donkey(i am censoring the word which is synonymous to donkey :P)...this doesn't mean u shud be in a better and dominant position over ya simply means kick ya friend when he goes wrong...moreover I wud say be a mirror and reflect ya friends...good post (which i need not tell you as you know my appreciation towards your writing is immoratal..)

Anonymous said...

i think thats wonderful... u r a genius man... the concept u have used is really good... and the best thing is the topic u have chosen.. friendship is the one thing which keeps us still going.. and u r really awesome in this topic,better than the previous one.. keep rocking man!!!

Priya Joyce said...

hey need ur email id..wanna send and invi to u for a blog


Ramyah said...

Hi, Karthik. Finally, my internet connection is kind enough to let me in.Well said. Good friendship is a treasure that need to be cherished indeed. And the way you have conveyed your perspective of friendship is very novel. kudos to you. tc

Kartz said...

Hmmm... Nice write-up.

T&J rock any day! :)


Vinnie said...

hey Karthik, whats up buddy??? U r doing PHd on Friendship!! whenever, i need a good write-up on friendship, i will get it from ur blog:):)
i'm looking forward to ur version of 'Rab ne bana di jodi'!! Good Luck..not for the movie..for ur paper:):)
shahrukh fails to let us down, ever!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

nice write up.. so a new review coming out soon.. god save Rab ne... :)

swati said...

hey my xams are ovr n im back!!
a nice conversation there..
"Good friends offer a different kind of support than lovers, siblings, parents, or children do. Good friends provide a different level of understanding and communication"
very true..a lovely post buddy..
special mention i jus love this smiley on ur profile pic i donno why bt it just brings a smile on my face..:)

Karthik said...

@Lancelot: Thanks thala.. As you saidkick your friend when he does wrong [:p] So how many kicks u gotta gt frm me??

@Sandhya: Thnks!! Keep visiting!!

@Ramyah: Thnks Ramyah! Let ur Internet connection be like a frnd, won't let you down.. Keep dropping!!

@Kartz: Short and sweet. thnks buddy!! Keep visiting!!

@Vinnie: Still in RNBDJ hang-over.. Will review bfr new-yr!! So tight schedules!!

@ST: God save RNBDJ... Tats wat Yash Chopra, SRk too praying!! Lol!! i won't damage much!! Keep visiting!!

@Swati: Whooah!! Hw had u done ur exams? He he.. Thats how i look.. its nt a smiley.. cartoon of ma face!!!