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F for Friend: Part-4; F for Foe

‘Hi’ an unfamiliar voice sounded welcoming with so much of innocence, Copying home works, sharing lunch boxes, exchanging phone numbers, bunking the classes, caught for storming the canteen in class hours and the scene changed.. Attacking the lunch boxes when students are out, passing bit in exams, looking at the same girl ignorant the other is watching too, dancing off-stage during cultural and the scene shifted… first ride in a bike, walking in the rain with fingers closed, whistling for favorite star’s film, playing cricket in the near by ground, breaking the neighbor’s class, chased down by a bulldog and ramping the pizza hut for a birthday blast, exchanging gifts for Christmas, singing songs during class hours though worse than the original and giggling. The laughs dissolved and the scene took a little longer to reform... had a misunderstanding on some issues, ego jamming him, fighting in the phone, neutral nudging to talk again, staring at eyes but this time, fury dominating love ‘No!’ bellowed a voice inside and image after image was racing through his mind like a flickering film so vivid it blinded him to surroundings and then a voice, high with fury and cold sounded


There was a scream of rage and betrayal and the voice kept on sounding in his ears like the alarm. Next all he could see was lying on the floor, breathing heavily as though he had been running. He struggled up, shivering, surprised that he was wet to his skin despite AC turned ON in this put on ice weather. He paced towards the window. Faint, orange light was filtering through the curtains from the street lamp outside the window. He took his silver-framed spectacles laying aside the clock. Wearing it, he pulled open the top-most drawer of the table and took out a paper, scanning it with utmost unhappiness.

Once there were two friends
Who grew up together
They did bratty things all day
And got beaten by their mother!
They climbed trees
Chased bees and
Gave the birds a fright
When the gardener came to beat them,
They ran with all their might! 
Every person they knew
Grew tired of their naughtiness
But it still goes on
And fills the world with silliness!

Lots of Love


His eyes were full of tears as he read the old letter. He moved over to the windows, putting the letter back where it was, looked out at the thin mist that was pressing itself against the glass.  It was then, he heard a soft giggle. He froze, not because of the wind and chillness, but he had heard the voice before. He turned slowly, to find a figure still giggling at him

“Hello” he said trying to sound happier.

‘Didn’t expect me this time” the new figure questioned, his lips curled.

“Err….” he struggled on the verge of speech, “Good to see you again, M”, he strode forwards but the new figure knew honestly it was not the expected compliment.

“I don’t suppose you remember those, L” said M with an obtruding look.

“No… well… I” words stumbled from L’s mouth.

“But I’ve found pretty much what happened since. Did you know that?”

“I didn’t” said L in a hushed voice.

“Yeah! You have sleepless nights, protruding visions of happy days, sinking into your pillow… aarghh!!” M let out a wail mimicking L.

That’s enough” said L as though bothered. “I’ve heard enough of it and I don’t want to hear anymore”

He turned away, not looking at him.

“Oh! I forgot! You liked him. Didn’t you?” asked M smirking.

“Liked him?” his eyes brimming with tears, “I don’t imagine anyone who met him wouldn’t have liked him… very humorous and very helpful, friendly more…”

“But you won’t do it?” interrupted M.

“Don’t persuade me to do it… but no purpose can be served.”

“It can and will… Think off the days before and now?”

“Of course I do, but…” stumbled L

“You could’ve coped and done better if he was at your side!”

But I’m not going to try and persuade him to talk with me, if he didn’t want to” L snapped back

“You and your F**King ego. Someone has to give up?”

“You are asking a great deal”

“Are you feared he’ll curse you, shout at you again?”

L said nothing

“Would you like me to do it now?” started L

 “Never mind dude. You can start after two years. But don’t worry; I’ll be there to compose an epitaph. Tat isn’t a bad joke?” sniggered M

“I’m ashamed of what I’d done. I think I may have done great damage that day…”

“You’d cancel out anything you did by doing what I say… It would be a righteous thing to do”

They stared at each other. There was a long, long silence

Then very slowly, he moved back to the drawer, pulled out to take a notebook and a pen. Still looking into M’s eyes, he started writing, the blue from his pen skidding across the paper, flowing like a river on a white land, calm and gentle without a pause, pouring out the feelings from his heart

Sorry for all the times I have hurt you 
Sorry for the times I made you cry
Sorry for the times when I wasn't there for you
I'm sorry for the goodbye. 

Sorry for whatever I did wrong
Sorry for not being strong
Sorry for not acknowledging you were right
I'm sorry if it was me who started a fight

Sorry for the times I wasn't true 
Sorry for not understanding you
I will apologize till your anger ends
Because I want you back my dear friend.


“My heart feels lighter than the air” said L after reading the poem he had penned.

“Only if you proceed on tomorrow, to show how much you feel for him, this poem is a sample. Swear, won’t you?” smiled M

“Ergg... May be I can have a change of mind!” said L with a sort of confused expression.

“Damn! Give the paper back to me. I’ll burn it down as it serves no purpose. Waste in lecturing you for past an hour!” said M trying to snatch the paper.

“No!” shouted L taken aback. “I’ll go on to meet him tomorrow, show this to him and hit him hard how much I miss him and who knows, by that time I could vent out more thoughts. I will do it for sure!” said L with a confidence smile.

“My purpose served! All the best!” said M and with a crack like a whip, he vanished in air. L was neither surprised nor shocked. He didn’t scream as he had expected it to happen. Why? Don’t tell others that M is no other than L’s conscience.


Sometimes you hurt a friend unintentionally and then regret it. Try as much as you want, you just don't have the guts to go up to your friend to say ‘Sorry.’ If you are feeling miserable about your action and truly want to say sorry, just pen down your feelings and make sure it sounds heartfelt. The sorry friendship poem can go a long way in saving you from losing a good friend.


The pain of going through a broken friendship is unbearable. The world seems to be coming to an end and you seem completely helpless with no one to turn to. When a friendship breaks, it really hurts. The trust you have had on the person is shattered completely and everyone looks like a betrayer to you. The best way to let go of the frustration is to mend a broken friendship. It is hard to rebuild a broken friendship, given the fact that we are so "human" - of course it depends on how bad is the crack. Even if we try to make up with each other, things are usually not the same - don't you think so? It's natural to have conflicts with true friends, but they're too precious to let go. Follow these steps to mend a broken friendship.


Practice empathy. Broken friendships often occur because of misunderstandings. Your friend's behavior was likely because of the problems in his life and not a wish to hurt or use you.


Write him a letter about what you're feeling. Let your anger go but explain to him why you feel wronged. Writing helps you get your thoughts in order.


Mark a date on your calendar when you'll approach your friend. Prepare for it the day before with meditation, physical exercise, aromatherapy or whatever relieves your stress.


Stay calm when patching up a broken friendship, no matter what happens. Anger clouds your vision and inhibits communication.


Forget your pride and apologize, even if you've been wronged. He may not even realize he treated you badly. Or if he does, he may have been scared to make the first move.


Relive good memories together. Nothing mends a broken friendship better than shared positivity. Remind each other why you've stayed friends for so long.


Accept that not every broken friendship can go back to the way it was. You've both grown during your time apart. But it's worth maintaining good friendships even if they're not as close as before. Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.


Do you have a similar experience? Care to share?


To Be Continued… (After my exams on 20th)


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Vinnie said...

your formatting is way too stylish for is growing old da!
will comment at length later..wanted to be the first seems to be a race now:)

Lancelot said...

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anyways machi the best of your four posts da...aana nee enna elluthaa porennu ennaku nallave theriyume ;)...and about the kick you said in ya 3rd chain...mudincha odachikko...and good luck for the semester exams...all the best..

P.S: athu enna FUCK mattum solluvingaa FUCKING eh mattum star pottu censor panniduvingala?? en intha parapatcham?

Lancelot said...

@ Vinnie

the first spot was given to me by Kartik,

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Senorita said...

@ Karthik...good one...just have this to say

Friendship is like chinaware
Precious, nice and rare
Once broken can be mended
But the crack is still there!!!

Lancelot said...

CANNOT SHARE :P :P :P ippo enna pannuve nee ippo enna pannuva :P

Vinnie said...

Dear Mr Encounter Arun Kumar,

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Karthik, i am yet to read ur post:):) ippo important vishayam, idde Lancelot first by default ah??

Vinnie said...

O M G, Karthik!!
this one has beaten anything about friendship i've ever come across...u r just a student??? are u not some practising psychologist??
u've inspired me once more, sweetie..May u live long:)

shanmuga said...

WOWWWWWWWWW...Watta slang n presntation...??I'm urged to comment more bout tat,rather than the script!!!N i need to say ths!!!tHis's the besssssssssst blog amongst..Waitng forward fo ur next ones!!! :)CHEERS.......!!

Lancelot said...

@ Vinnie

As per your apologies in your blog- mannichi vitturen and to all others YES LANCELOT IS ALWAYS FIRST :)

Kartz said...

Will comment soon. In the meanwhile, do go here...

And yeah, blog updated at long last!

Anonymous said...

mind blowing man!!! i m sure u shud have had an experience like this..
bcoz every word of it are expressing ur feelings.. and the poems... any dedication for someone??;)must b for someone who is very close to ur heart;).. and those words "fuck off u..." do those words belong to someone who uses it often??:P if u really have a prob like this... i m sure he/she must b really seeking u after reading this:(
i think u really have to go and approach him/her... may b with a 'sorry poem' like the one u've written here:) its hard being lonely man:(:(:(:(

GAYATHRI said...

haan...nice post...well i had such experiences..but evrythin went out of my no more feelins:)nice points thou:)

Karthik said...

@Vinnie: I've gt jobless Vinnie... So take loads of time in formatting!! :p Aftr my coll gts open, u cn find less dedication to formatting!!

@LANCELOT: Don't worry Bro!! Dude chk it F**KING... Thr s a stress to KING na.. Means he s NO-1 in tat.. Method 2 imply 2 meanings 2 a single word!! And fr ur poem COOL DOWN COOL DOWN COOL DOWN... BE HAPPY YA (Vadivelu style)

@SENORITA: Thnks Seno!! And i've took this poem at my last post.. Hope u don mind it na!!

@VINNIE: This fight s hilarious!! :) YOUNGISTAN WAR-1.. I'm a student... Not Psychiatrist.. :)

Karthik said...

@Shanmuga: Thnks fr the comments!! :) Keep visiting!!

@Karthik: Thnks bro fr ur award!!! :) Elated!!

@Sandhya: Yeah!! Not me, evryone wud have had a broken friendship.. If u have an one, cn take my poem and present to the one 2 whom u want.. If he praises you, congrats.. if he gts tensed fr this horrible poem, mind don't say my name!! Credit goes 2 u!! :)

@Gayatri: Thnks fr dropping mate!! Show the post 2 ur frnd, may be he/she can be reminded of u!!

Anonymous said...

Hey... You have posted 2 posts so soon eh?? Sorry I cudn't make it... Aftr seeing Part-5 at the home page, i scrolled down 2 it.. Doesn't wish to break the sequence [:p] This is mindblowing.. i was wondering when you have frnds, thr comes small-small fights and why this series hasn't covered it so far... And what a way to put down? F for FIGHT.. I thought it wud b better but F for FOE is really an apt one for the post!! And those 2 poems were lovely.. It reminded me of our fights!! and aftr reading it, i was urged 2 fight with you again.. Shall v? LOL!!

Ajai said...

Thought i was late but have our frnd Keerthu too!!! :) Caught up with my works man!! Haven't been into touch with ma laptop.. And R u sure M is Conscience? I thought u were referring me and L is... Lol!! No!! L is Not LOL!! I jus stopped with that as i don wanna play with ur imaginations.. Usual words.. good post but this s best in the series!!

//Good friends are like stars. You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.//

Soon the star returning to Chennai (ME!!)... Gud line buddy!!

PoornimaSaran said...