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The Curious Case of Missing Lancelot: Episode-1

Good Morning to all the Indian viewers, Good Afternoon to South-East Asian viewers, Good Evening to Australian viewers and Good Night to American viewers. Let’s have a look at our top stories… erg… Story… Vroom...

Is LANCELOT No more? The man who has solved cases is in the midst of molestation?

Our detailed coverage:

ARUN KUMAR who is better known as LANCELOT in the blogging world has been missing for weeks. Is he dead? Oh! Stop distributing sweets, control your legs that are jumping in joy, hey kid hold on, don’t… no… Don’t burst crackers. He is alive. But he is missing. This mystifying guy who was born in TAMIL NADU, INDIA had moved to SINGAPORE to work in a renowned law firm. While tracing back to his roots, he is known as humorous, clever but not in studies and ehmm… Parental Guidance (PG) section, sp please move your little children away from the box. Ok! Moved?? Fine! And he has a gush for beautiful girls.

Says AKILA, his classmate “Though he is not so hot and sexy, he tends to be and flaunts as if he is the beautiful man in the universe. He asks us to connect him with the good-looking girls, may it be junior or senior with him. We will shout his name whenever WE-KNOW-WHO girl crosses and he pays us for this heavily at canteen through snacks, samosas and cool drinks. But he has a principle which he never ruined, that is NOT TO LOVE CLASS MATES AND COLLEAGUES AT WORK GROUP (Like DON'T SHIT BEFORE YOUR NEIGHBORS HOUSE)

KARTHIK, a fellow blogger and his ONCE UPON A TIME CLOSE FRIEND discloses some of his secrets and he has filed a complaint to SINGAPORE POLICE against Lance. “For few months all were smooth and he was like Mr. Nice Guy but it all happened and I’m lucky to see to it, the animal in him unleashed. I took my girl friends EMMA WATSON and VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS for a dinner as he had invited us. But most of the time his eyes were fixed at them rather than the Chicken in the plate and I could still remember, him saying, THE CHICKS ARE HOT but I couldn’t get the meaning of it at that time.”

Continues THOORIKA, their close ally “After few days, he stole their numbers from my mobile since he couldn’t get from Karthik. He messaged EMMA from my mobile inviting her for a party. He was cunning and clever enough. If he’d messaged from his mobile, she wouldn’t have come. Soon he left stating stomach problems (giggles) and after few hours or so while I was going through my sent items, I found his intentions and immediately pinged Karthik. He acted to EMMA that I’ll be arriving in few minutes and he drugged her drink. As she was semi-conscious, he dragged her to the room next and (she broke)…..”

Interrupts Karthik, “No! No! No wild imaginations. She broke down because she couldn’t believe it was Lance who had done it. But a coin has two faces and so was his second. Before he could screw her, I arrived to the room, looks like a cinematic hero (grin) but that’s the truth. He jumped out without pulling his pant but since all my attention was on EMMA, I didn’t mind to get hold of him."

And Karthik shows us the photo he took while LANCE was about to do with EMMA.

When contacted, EMMA is not ready to disclose anything as her career will be at stake and she asks to contact her boyfriend Karthik regarding this.

But few fellow bloggers were in his support. VIN, a blogger from Mumbai says “He came here few days back, we had a walk in JUHU beach and ate PANI PURIS, and interestingly he paid for it (hehehhehehhehe in her style) If he is a culprit and if photos are being forwarded to all the countries, why wasn’t he caught at airport? It’s all a made-up case.” Thank you Vin! You and your poor memory rocks! He paid for PANI PURIS but Vin, have a look at yourself in mirror because your 5 Sovereign necklace and 2 Sovereign Ring are missing and you know about the India and security, they let all the culprits in. Moreover Lance is a famous METAMORPHMAGUS who can change his face and get-ups at anytime.

Karthik Krishna, another blogger and close friend of his, says, “Mmmm… Sounds interesting! But I’ve stopped visiting his and Karthik’s blog. Lucky I didn’t take my girl friends Meera and Beauty when he invited us. Still I couldn’t believe what you are saying but the facts and circumstances are against him. They have got a strong proof. Hope they will catch him soon and find the real truth after which I’m planning to make a film on this, casting the actual members involved in this case. My Junior SWATHI PAUL alias YETCHA DRAGON will produce it. But before that you have to find her like Lancelot as she too is missing. It’s been days, since I’d met her in college."

This gave a new lead to our exploration. Has Lance Kidnapped Swathi Paul? Is she in his custody until he escapes; a hostage? Swathi is famous for bunking the college but this time more the days has raised eyebrows. When we got her mobile call list, the last dialed number and received call was from LANCELOT further strengthens our belief. So where are they now?? What’s the intention of Mr. Lancelot??

We will be back after a short commercial break. Stay Tuned!!

23 Droplets:

Aparnaa said...

Think of myself as a reality-show judge and you had just finished your performance

Karthik.. You know, your last few posts were not upto the mark and this time you are in a pressure to show your reputation and i expected a lot you'll bounce back after my rude comments in last post... but.....

you have exceeded ma expectation....

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! WHAT A COMEBACK!! :P

Hehehehheh (In Vin's style as you mentioned) Was literally rolling on the floor ;) Great post!! Humor throughout and good damage for Lance!!

Keke, kerthu said...

Great flow... i dint expect this kind from you.. I mean the genre you chose and narrated in the way of a news reporter with investigations details... Kinda journalist touch... It was like reading a crime thriller book and gave me a experience of watching LOGIC_FILLED detective films.. Don disappoint us in PART-II ;)

Arc said...

he he he. laughed all the way. Lance kaanumaa? inikki taan enakku orkutla "april 14 orae galeej mappae" nu anupichan..avan kanuma?:P

And Emma Watson and Vaneesa? Nalla urupatruvaanga.

Thouroughly enjoyed reading this. Pepped my spirits up. Will keep coming back:-)

Karthik said...

i don't know much about your friends. still i'm lol. :)))))

soooper stuff karthik and thanks for ur wishes for my exams. :)

akila said...

hey lancelot iwana enna pannalam...????

kanagu said...

Great post Karthik :) its full of creativity.. lance will be proud of your post but not in the way you have mentioned him :P

Waiting for the second part eagerly.. when is it??

kanagu said...

indha post la idikra ore matter,

/*I took my girl friends EMMA WATSON and VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS*/

ithu than.. :D

You will tell only lies for this, I know you well :)

Ajay said...

Karthik... Were you played by LANCE to keep this title which sounds similar to THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON strring the Lance calls himself BRAD PITT?? :P

ஆளவந்தான் said...

These type of interview normally comes at climax in tamil movies.. Its different buddy.. kalakkre

ஆளவந்தான் said...


Lance,, Join the CLUB :)))

ஆளவந்தான் said...

I took my girl friends EMMA WATSON and VANESSA ANNE HUDGENS

Karthick, you made my day buddy...

Very fortunatelly, you missed to include my DREAMIE here.. appaa ippo thaan nimmathiyaa thoonguveen :)))

ஆளவந்தான் said...

Moreover Lance is a famous METAMORPHMAGUS who can change his face and get-ups at anytime.
ajith fan right... this is normal one only :))))

Vinnie said...

K, i had pani puri date at Juhu beach with a criminal in disguise as Lance???

no comments coz i know this is a joint plot by Lance n u...wanna know part 2 story fast fast

n now abt the post - the narration, the characters n the plot has been weaved interestingly n quite professionally too...great work, K :)

Arv said...

why this villathanam????

swati said...

lol :) though i dont know lancelot..but the post was hilarious...
one more thing u and karthik have 2 gf's ?? why not one or three why that numbr is common,two :P
joke apart
i am still tuned in to find out wats next!!so be quick :)
good day!

gils said...

enna koduma ithu!!!

Thoorika said...

Lolz!!! ennadhu idhu? En indha kola veri??! Up to why my name in between??! Enga Lance sir comment a kannom?!

ஆளவந்தான் said...

Thoorika said...

Lolz!!! ennadhu idhu? En indha kola veri??! Up to why my name in between??! Enga Lance sir comment a kannom?!
enna kodumainga ithu.. avara kanom'ngratha pathi thaan intha pathive :D

Chriz said...

why stoning arun?

why blood?

edhukku indha kola veri?

second partlaa yaarellaam gaaali?

Priya Joyce said...

hahaha lol Emma Watson and ur gf lol


that was the wildest of all..dreams

Winnie the poohi said...

ha ha ha :D :D

you are really funny :)

swathi paul(dew drop) said...

OMG!why did you do this to me?wat did i do?????????you are ruthless.Paavam lancelot.Why are you damaging him so much???????

The Rain Crab said...

Hi.. I simply came across ur blog... it jus makes me read more and more!

U simply amazingly hilarious!!!! Keep rockingly rocking ;) !!!