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UNO conducted a survey.

Question was


The survey was a failure as

People in AFRICA didn’t know what FOOD was

In CHINA, they didn’t know what OPINION was

EUROPEANS didn’t know what SHORTAGE was

PAKISTAN and INDIA didn’t know what HONEST meant

MIDDLE EAST didn’t know what SOLUTION was

SRI LANKA didn’t know what GIVE was

SAUDI ARABIA didn’t know what PLEASE was



To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true



Tennis at its best was celebrated. Federer was about to bow out against Haas in R-16, with two sets down and a break point against at 3-4, the German needed just 5 games to upset the maestro, (gave me an heart-attack. LOL!) the Swiss grabbed from his best tennis. I'm sorry I doubted him. But he totally scared me for a minute there. He more than made up for it with the 4th set bugle, though. I hope he gets over the pressure of being "expected" to win... and just WINS!!! Federer, after the defeat of Rafael Nadal is the first candidate expected to win in Paris and hope he does! Go Federer Go!! #14 Grand Slam coming up.


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G3 said...

Firstu :D

G3 said...

After a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time :P

G3 said...

//To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true//

That is what i am asking.. what is that????

avvvvv... ennayum pulamba vittutaanae :((((

Chronicwriter said...

king fed rocks..

and yeah america do not know the rest of the world...

nice quote by aristotle.. and saw hass fed match...

i so badly wanted yet another nadal federer showdown.. but soderlink played the short rally trick match which federer discovered to defeat nadal last week at the masters...

yes nadal has a weak point too..

gils said...

yup...way to go fedex..thala intha thaba career grandslam adikaratha stop panna aalay ila..i always prayed nadal shd loose before he meets federer :D after 3 attempts 4th attempt lucky..let fedex win this time..but i am all game for fedex nadal finals..awesome they are

Priya Joyce said...

wow.....but wat did u mean bu it...;)

i hav to go out of mind to get tat :P

yeh fedex go

Saranya said...

True, I had to read that quote twice to get it ;)
Nice post.

Arv said...

Nice one mate... cheers...

Vinnie said...

hehehhehehe...india-pakistan least in dishonesty we r the same!

KK said...

nw federer wil say, vaazhkai oru vattam da

Ashwathy said...

LOL @ the survey :D
i remembering reading it somewhere else tho...

Anto Paul said...

Keep Dreaming... Fed will miss this time too... Robin Soderling will win this time...

Karthik said...

nice one karthik.. ya lets hope federer can do it this time.. go roger!

விஜய் said...

Mee too stopped following the match after the second set. I could get score updates only in the internet. But I was really thrilled when I got to know later that Federer won it. Wow, what a player he is. It would be really tragic, if he doesn't win French Open. He can't get a better platform than this. Let us see, whether he is able to get this 14th grandslam one ahead of Sampras.

I don't mind even if Federer retires after this French Open. But I need him to win French open this year.

Thoorika said...

Hey .. enna aachu !? Are you not well?! How come your post is so small ?!!!!!

Senthil said...

Whatz that quote between?? Explain in next post... :x

Tara said...

If Federer doesn't win from here, that's bad. But you do feel sorry for Rafa. :|

kanagu said...

Loved the first message :)

and I love Soderling to win the French open :) a true Sampras fans wish :)

LOL @ Thoorika's comment :)

swati said...

let federer win this time coz i hate tears roger!! i do suppoort him have a soft corner fr him :P i like nadal's clean game as well!!

waiting fr tat match..:)

Karthik said...

@G3: Keep on guessing what it is!!

@Chriz: It wud be a fitting final if Nadal had played Federer... But Soderling shouldn't be written off!!

@Gils: Yeah!! Nothing as mouth watering as Nadal vs Federer

@Pj: Read it again :P

@Saranya: Thanks!! Keep Visiting!!

@Arv: Thanks Buddy!!

@Vinnie; Good you accepted it :P

Karthik said...

@KK: I said the same... My friends blasted me saying "Don't Insult Vijay by comparing him with Federer"

@Ashwathy: I'd done the research... I'm from the special force appointed by UNO

@Anto Paul: Guess, who was dreaming?? French Open over.. Check my next post buddy!!

@Karthik & Vijay: Thanks!! We are the true Federer Fans!! :)

Karthik said...

@Thoorika: Lol!! Like Obama WE NEED A CHANGE!!

@Senthil: Oops!! Explanation?? Duh!!

@Tara: Yeah!! I feel Bad for Rafa

@Kanagu: Records are meant to be broken

@Swati: The one who is so passionate on his game, shed tears if he wins or loses from so close to winning... This time the tears will be for different reason... ;)

Arc said...

Firstly, sorry for the prolonged absence!
And you munthified writing a post abt FedX. I ve a lifetiem crush on him !
Enna andha nadal paiyana finalsla meet panni win panirthaarna thalaivar scene. But its okay, he has made History:)
Nice post:)Cheers!