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Roger's Roll and Gar-rose

The Rain God was not ready to welcome a new member as King of Clay and so he started to throw Plunks around Roland Garros. But after seeing the Maestro, producing a near-flawless display of tennis with combination of persistence, grit, humility and dedication, Rain God has lost in his game, stopped thinking about the purpose he was intended to. For the last three years, every time the maestro steps in the red earth, he has to face two formidable opponents; Nadal and History of Grand Slam beckoning at him. But this time, with no Nadal standing in his way, the antagonists are stronger than before; Rain, Thunder, Soderling who downed the King, the History of Grand Slam added to tying up with Pete Samprass’s record of 14 Majors. But he, the Maestro, defied the odds and repelled his rivals to seal his first-ever French Open title and became the sixth man in history to win all four Grand Slam tournaments cementing his position at the pinnacle of the game. Yes, My Tennis God, Roger Federer, delighted his fans with full range of shots; he dominated with his forehand, moved fluidly, knifed his backhand and kept the Swede guessing all day long to sweep him aside 6-1 7-6(1) 6-4. After the match, an elated Federer fittingly received the winner’s trophy from former tennis great Andre Agassi - the last man to accomplish the career Grand Slam. Shedding tears of joy as they played the Swiss national anthem, it was apparent to all in attendance and to those watching at home just how much this moment meant for Federer.

Congratulations Federer! And kudos to Robin as well, you did great to get to your first Grand Slam final. What a day, we have been waiting for this moment and always believed someday you are going to show the world you are the greatest of all time. After Roger losing in Australian Open, I said that May Be Roger will win in Roland Garros this year and finally it had happened. . The whole world wanted you to win and you didn't disappoint. After dealing with the momentous pressure to win that was left in the wake of Nadal’s fourth round departure, he knew that had he failed to win the title, he would have been criticized for not taking care of business when the other elite players had been vanquished. Playing with that kind of pressure match in, match out is perhaps the hardest challenge, and Federer met it head on, using his wealth of experience and a tremendous amount of guts and variety; barely making it past Tommy Haas and Juan Martin Del Potro in tough five set matches, and playing his best tennis when it mattered against Soderling, his victory was just as satisfying for all who had the pleasure to watch. It is a fitting marriage gift for Mirka and if he wins at Wimbledon, double delight as he not only gets past Pete Sampras’ record, he can have something to say for the Junior Fed.

The first match I saw of him was playing against Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in 2001 where he won in a closely fought five set match. I was never interested in tennis and found it boring, until I started watching him. Now it is one of my favorite sports and I love watching tennis because Roger is in it. Whether he is the greatest player ever will be debated well into the next decade, but he is certainly a major part of the conversation now and at the age of 27, might well have a few more majors left in him. It is up to history to decide the best ever, but for me he is a Tennis God and the Living legend. Roger, you are an absolute credit to tennis and to sportsmanship and I believe you have really earned your place in the history books of sport. “It’s so fitting that he won here,” Agassi said. “He deserved it; he was the second greatest clay courter for five years and dominating everyone except one guy. You can call it unlucky or say he stepped up to the plate and he dealt with his challenges and achieved it.”

I would have loved it more if RF had defeated Nadal in the final. I still can't believe Nadal lost and now I can't believe Roger finally have it. The ghost of Roland Garros grew in him, every time he reached the finals and it made him nervous all these days. Now, it’s defeated and now on he can enjoy his game forever.
It's maybe my greatest victory, or certainly the one that removes the most pressure off my shoulders," Federer said. "I think that now and until the end of my career, I can really play with my mind at peace, and no longer hear that I've never won Roland Garros." He must be laughing out loud at all those critics who had written him off. The critics, no doubt, will find other chinks in the Federer resume to justify their detraction, but the argument is now heavily in his favor. Form is temporary but class is permanent. Stop writing nonsense of Federer must thank Soderling for ousting Nadal. There were those who thought that Federer did not have a Roland Garros title in him, especially after Nadal crushed him 6-1 6-3 6-0 in last year’s final. Oh yeah, the same 23rd seed that beat the No.1 seed. Nadal did not play well enough to make it to the final, so too bad. Whoever makes it to the final without a walkover deserves to be there? A win is a win and 'Nothing succeeds like success'.

“Every time I played Roger, after the match I always said ‘I played so bad today’. Now I learned that it's not that I played bad, he makes me play bad. So that's what's so difficult playing against him,” said Soderling. Keep up the momentum and please give us fans more opportunities to celebrate, that too often. We still have to concentrate in Wimbledon, reclaim our position and break Pete's record, but for now, enjoy one of the most well deserved victories. Watch out Nadal. We are coming for your number 1!

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Karthik said...

nice! i was expecting this from you for long. :)

congrats roger!

//I love watching tennis because Roger is in it.

same here! :)

Karthik said...


This one is for u.. ;) Dont forget about our treat :P This time you have to have an bread omlette... :P

kanagu said...

he played well... he is playing tennis like an art.. he deserved it :)

he may replace Sampras as the most Grand Slam winner.. but never can replace Sampras in my heart... as always I am a Sampras fan forever :)

Like you, I watched tennis because of Sampras :) so it's obvious :)

swati said...

im glad this time the tears were fr diffrnt reasons :)
n yes u did say he'll win this time n he did :)
he really played well..Good luck to him..
Good day!!

Vinnie said...

OHT !!

Anto said...

Federer should thank Soderling for his 14th title...

Nadal has been the nemesis for federer for a while...

Anto said...

From the post,
"Nadal did not play well enough to make it to the final, so too bad"

BS.. Rafa is the no.1 seed and just had an off day... In which he lost...

Besides he can't keep winning... He is human...

Chriz said...

first it was stafan edberg .. i was a big fan of him.. and now it is federer...

finally he broke the claycourt jinx yes..

this week in wimbledon, king fed is gonna come back again with a vengeance.. he will kick nadal out and take revenge..

Arc said...

A victory is a victory but i wld ve been happier had he defeated Nadal. But yes, he has made history.

Nice tribute btw:)

P.S:- My previous comment seems to ve disappeared somehow! And sorry ab the fact that i wasn able to comment on last few of your posts. I had taken a break from routine!

Priya Joyce said...


Roger..always rokked..I love him
I mean Nadal's groans :P is no wer in front of the effortless game of Fedex :P so so so ^1000^infinity :P happy

Karthik said...

@Kanagu: :)

@Swathi: Thanks!!

@Vinnie: i couldn't get you.. Please expand it..

@Ando: Yeah!! His weakness was exposed!! It doesnt mean he is a bad player

@Chriz: Fedex wil retain his Wimbledon title!!

@Arc & PJ:

Thanks.. Another set of fedex fans!! ;)