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Kanagu had tagged me ages ago for this picture tag. I was lazy enough to do this as searching the pictures, uploading them seemed to be a Herculean task. And with Bloggers running away from my blog because of my Big posts, pictures for every question would make it bigger than ever. So with the help of Big Huge Labs, I'd made it smaller which you'll find at the end. The name sounds big, but it shrinks our work.

So the rules of the tag are..

We are supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from Google image search,with minimal explanation.

Use as less words as possible.The picture should be able to do the explaining for you.

The questions are:

1.Your age on your next birthday?


2. A place you’d like to travel to

London, Switzerland

3. Your Favorite place

Home Sweet Home. There is no home like the one you've got, because that home belongs to you.

4. Your favorite food/drink

Idly, Sambar, Vada

Dosa, Sambar, Cocunut Chutney

Chapathi, Chenna Masala

5. Your favorite pet

I don't like pets as they feel already a pet is being fed for no cause :P

6. Your favorite color combination

No specific answer for this. I love all the colors, depends on my mood mostly. I find every color attractive in its own way.

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

Shirt, Trousers, Shorts

8. Your all time favorite song

Again, It changes for every new releases. Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music. Few months back, my play list always had Kehne ko jashn e bahara from Jodhaa Akbar and after the release of Delhi-6, its Masakali. But If have to list one, I take the pleasure of listing two

Nenjukkul Peididum Maamazhai- Vaaranam Aayiram

Barking At the Moon- Bolt

9. Your favorite TV show:

Lollu Sabha in Vijay TV

10. Full name of your significant other?

"I'm Single, Ready to Mingle" and when I say this to girls they say, " Are you from Jungle??" Sob!! Sob!!

11. The town in which you live


12. Your screen name/nickname:

Harry Potter, Weasley Brothers say Fred and George

13. Your first job

Jobless, Unemployed

14. Your Dream Job

Ergg.... I never Dream on Studies and Job. My dreams are on Sonam Kapoor, Genelia, Emma Watson, Vanessea Anne Hudgens, Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson... Uff!! Sigh!! So big list, less time for job dreams

15: Bad Habit you have

Sleeping- I'm a big lazy boy, Last Minute Study, Addicted to Computer

16. Your worst fear:

No Fear.. Muaahhhhh... I, Myself a terror

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die

Live, Laugh every moment and enjoy your life to the fullest. Doesn't my blog's Profile Picture explain it to you??

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

Milky Bar

19.Your favorite credo in life.:)

I'm My Favorite

And so the pictures are as

So, I need to tag someone now right?? I call Vinnie, Swathi Paul, Apocalypse for this tag

Thanks!! Keep Visiting!!

10 Droplets:

kanagu said...

thanks for doing the tag Karthik... :)

about your dreams.. LOL :)

I know it's not a serious answer...

me the first :)

Thoorika said...

Jobless, Unemployed ... decent a vetti officer nu sollalam le.. ! Nanga ellam adhu dha sollarom!!:D

Chriz said...

tag was good.. finally good to see the collage of pics...

goood that u passed the tag to some people and balivaangufied by giving them some work

swati said...

i thought thr wud be my name in the people u want to tag :P aftr reading the comment on my blog :P im soo scared of tags :)
u still jobless??nt my fault da..i sent u the call letter bt u didnt respond :P
16. Your worst fear:No Fear.. Muaahhhhh... I, Myself a terror
im wondering why ths"Muaahhhhh" alphabets accompanied ur answer :P
hehe jus kidding :P
take care!!
the tag was as funny as u :)

Karthik said...

@Kanagu: That was indeed a serious answer

@Thoorika: I dunno tamil.. :P

@Chriz: Ya ya!! Mission Tit for tat

@Swati: Don worry.. You'll do the next tag!!

Karthik said...

nice one karthik. :)

Vinnie said...

hmmm....u have so much patience man!!

sorry, i dont have it :P besides, Kanagu had tagged me too along with u...i didnt take it up!

may do it some other time...lets c:P

Anonymous said...

dreams part so cool... u and me have little something for scarlet... :D

shifted to wordpress, will do it there...

Archana said...

You don't like anjala from VA eh?
And abt the 'Are you from jungle'....kadasiya unmaya solitaanga pa!:P

Dreams..Hmm..Romba avasiyam.


ChoCaFeInoHoLiC said...

hey there..
gotta say i like the part of ur dreams n what u'll do when u get 1,000,000... cute :)...

n yeah, kudos for doing the tag.. it aint easy.. :)