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Atlast Genre of My Blog- Interview with NxgMobster


After persecuting model exams, ill-afflicted assignments (for my friends because I’ve scribbled some 2-3 pages compared to theirs comprising 20-30 pages) I’ve got my hall ticket, back to blogging despite my semester exams on erg……. Lemme check the time table…. Angg... Nov 7th. After a comical battle with my brains, at last I’m here to speak the genre of my blog. And then, there came back S again (Ergg... In my dreams) who still I couldn’t figure out a guy or a girl (Still the voice is strained)

Hey Man! Your Blog rocks! But I couldn’t get to know about Mr. NxgMobster (Me!!!!!) completely. So can you explain about his character, looks, attire, favorites etc etc... I’m very much in Ergg… I like him. So could you?” Due to the request from one of my (Ok! One and only) fan; let me explain about the famous (Soon!) and rising star NxgMobster.

Toing Toing Toing and mosquito coil runs in front of my eyes and slowly I go into sleep (Usual Job!!) Here starts the journey about the man who is admired by hundreds today (check my count!!) For the conjecture and perception he has put forth (and will be) for the betterment of mankind (?!?!). Here is an imaginary, excerpt interview with Mr. NxgMobster and he was questioned by you!! (Because Nxg has the habit of double-dealing me) So he’ll be straightforward if you interview him under the stipulation that you should ask the questions set by me!! (Weird Interview, isn’t it?)

Here we go

The Interview starts and get pleasure from (?!?!) the answers given by our ‘thala’


Name: NxgMobster

Friend’s Call as: Mob, Maams, Maps, Machi and All bad words!!!

Gender: Lol!!

Gender: Common!! Male!!

Height: Shorter than Amitabh Bachan, Taller than Thangaar Bachan

Weight: Changes! Current 56kgs

About Me: We shouldn’t blow our own trumpet. Let the world speak about me sooner or later!!

Location: Spencer Plaza, Citi Center, Mall, Beach, Last Bench, occasionally @ House

Relationship Status: Committed

Relationship Status: Single

Children: This is too much!

Face: Attractive!!

Face: Ok! Average

Face: Ok! Ok! Mirror Cracking Material

Eyes: Two

Nose: One

Moustache: May be on my best mood!

Beard: May be on the mood of barber!

Hair Style: Refer above

Ethnicity: Asian

Complexion: Chocolate

Sexual Orientation: Straight (I never mean this in double-meaning)


Dressing: Pant and Shirt in College and Short and Tee-Shirt in house (would be better if they allow it in college too)

Jeans: Shankar- Aishwarya Rai- Top Star (During those times) Prashanth

Jeans: Black, Blue….. All are in shop! But Dad not interested in getting me those!

Smoking: No

Drinking: Yes, Heavily H2O, Socially Soft drinks, occasionally Juices

Washing: Machine! Mummy!

Bathing: May-be

Sleeping: Jolly

Sports: Tennis, Playing in friends’ love life

Activities: Be in-‘active’ when all are active

TV Shows: All my mom watches! No other go!


Education: Funny People!

High School: Good Serial by Walt Disney! Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale are good

College: A good program in SS music

University: A worst Kollywood flick with good humor from Vivek!

Major: Sundarrajan

Occupation: Sleeping, Dreaming, Blogging

Company: Friends when I hang-out

Job: Good-for-Nothing Officer

Job Description: Described above

Career Skills: Refer Occupation

Languages I speak: English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi (Last two wrongly)

Languages I write: C, C#, C++, Java

Languages I write: Ok! C, C++

Languages I write: Ok! English (Am an Engineering student! Stop mocking)


First thing we notice about you: That I’m not really noticeable but you managed to notice me!

Build: By studying like this in engineering, have to go and build houses only

Build: Slim

Turn Ons: Stove to cook, Fan when sweats, Light to read at nite

Turn Offs: All the above after the job is over

Girl Friends: Tan 90*

Girl Friends: One

Girl Friends: Ok! Cos 90* (0)

Crush: Refer above answer

Crush: ok! Tan 90*

Girls who talked with you: Haven’t counted

Girls who talked with you: Ok! Haven’t talked

Idea of Perfect First Date: Dollar percent exponent at hash dollar star

Ergg: $%^@#$*

From my past relationships I learnt: Lol!

Ideal match: Chelsea Vs Man United or Federer Vs Nadal

In My Bedroom we’ll find: Spider web, mosquito, bugs, bed, stinking pillows, bedsheets but never me!!

Ambition in Life: To complete BE

Then: To work in a MNC

Then: Ergg…. To search for a job! Ergg… Pass

What is the genre of the blog??

Ergg…. Do you have options???

Ok! Will it cover Nuclear Deal?

Lol! He He! Even Manmohanji doesn’t know it

Ok! Will it deal with Rajnikanth into politics?

Lol! Even Rajinikanth doesn’t know it

Ok! Will it deal with share market rises and crashes?

Lol! Even God doesn’t know it

Ok! Will it deal with all kind of useless craps?

Lol! It took you so much time to figure out eh?? Ya!! Rite!!

Based on: Real life Incidents

Based on: Ok! Real + Reel incidents

All…. The Best isn’t it!

No!! All are Worst!

Pspp pspp pspp pspp and the clouds have opened, wishing me through the drops of rain (heavily) but with a hoarse voice “Get up you buffalo, time is 9 and still you sleep without any fear of semester exams!” standing there was my mom with a jug in her hand looking full raged. Fearing for my cut-off-break fast, I’m here typing this post hoodwinked her stating “I’m executing a program in JAVA” So this blog with deal with all kind of useless facts with more of my real life incidents along with little imagination. Dunno why I started this blog. Felt like creating a one and now I’m in my 5th post without covering any useful information. Lol!! From now on, you can expect valuable posts(?!?!) and all genre in this blog from technology, sports, education, films and blah blah implying in which I’m good at writing.

And this is the end of my posts in Preamble label (At last you’d the heart to complete it) and from now on the main blogging starts!!

This is the Start!

From now on, Goanna steal your Heart!

Thanks! Keep Visiting!

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preeti said...

welcome to the beautiful blogger world. cheers !!:) happy crap writing :) join the club :) :)

Anonymous said...

Superb Writing style (I've nothing to tell for ur every posts) and am happy that atlast you'll start posting valuable ones from next!!! Lol!! But really kewl interview!!!

rsubras said...

Happy Diwali to you too dude :)

And the most impressive in your blog is your "About me" :)

From this post, you are an "At-It-Dude" guy i must say :)

Aparnaa said...

//Height: Shorter than Amitabh Bachan, Taller than Thangaar Bachan//

//Major: Sundarrajan //

//Will it cover Nuclear Deal? Lol! He He! Even Manmohanji doesn’t know it//

I cudnt control ma laughter da!!! Superb post!! I'm ur fan!! Is tat brain weaved with writing skills??

Ajai said...

Good interview.. U r loyal and justified the truth in U.. ergg. Mr.NxgMobster.. When will u publish t photo of mr.Nxgmobster??

Kartz said...

Ummm... Just realised. The last comment shd ve been here!

Anyways, good day!

Manasa said...

Haha.. Too many stuffs.. looks like you're very confused about yourself.

PS: Thanks for visiting my blog.

Priya Joyce said...

Tat was fun to interview

btw were's ur speciality?

i mean ur foodie

btw I have writen about u on my blog..cum and read it

Anonymous said...

LOL...good light read! ;P and yeah i miss those athirasams like hell!

sai said...

hey I dont think Maams, Maps, Machi and all r bad WORDS.....!!!!!!
and I defenitely can Understand that …ah ya the last para seems that u will LIE a LOT….
Huh….no prob who will hve that much thinking even in a MOKKA blog……hey actually a gud interview!
Waiting for UR next blog!!!....and lets C how far its working on OUR heartZZ…...!!!

Vin said...

nice cool post buddy!
continue blogging..just for ur sake..All the Best for ur exams :)

gils said...

//After persecuting model exams, ill-afflicted assignments //

neenga ethnanclass padichings???

Karthik said...

@ Preti: Thnks my first commenter!!

@ Keke: As usual the same words!!! Thnks

@Rsubras: Thnks!! Wish u the same!! Keep Visiting!!!

@Aparnaa: Major Sundarrajan i typed in a flow

@Ajai: No Potos machi!!! High profil secret!

@Kartz: Nvr mind mate. keep visiting and post ur comments!!

@Manasa: Lol. U found it!! Don say 2 others

@Priya: Thnks PJ for dedicating a column 2 me!!! And foods i hate during Interview.. Lol

@Verbivore: keep visiting sis!!!

@Sai: Sure Sai!! Keep Visiting.. Nt nly t last para ma full posts r lie only... Lol..

@Vin: keep visiting and post cmments! Sure i wont leave blogging!!!

@Gils: Enda classum padhikala thala!! Ella classum thikki thinari pass aanen!!

Praveen said...

you are one of a kind!!! work thr

R-ambam said...

athu yaen exams varappa mattum padikave pidika maatenguthu ? nyways , All the Best ,( blog kku illa )for the exams..

விஜய் said...

HI Karthik,
Really enjoyed this article of yours. Literally ROTFL :-)


Karthik said...

@Praveen: he he! Wat kind buddy?? Thnks!! Keep visiting

@R-ambam: Thnks!! Exam naale sema ghaandhu!!

@Vijay: Thnks ngnaa.. Keep visiting!!